Battle Of Olympus: A Tekken Inspired Blockchain Fighting Gameby@revenantgg
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Battle Of Olympus: A Tekken Inspired Blockchain Fighting Game

by Revenant.ggNovember 24th, 2022
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Battle of Olympus is an arcade-style fighting game, with rogue like elements that is placed in a futuristic cyberpunk city called Olympus. On top of that, you get to experience fight your enemies as a greek god. The game’s foundation is built on a play-and-earn model, so that you can earn $GAMEFI while you play. Online PvP and all platform controllers are supported giving you the comfort to play how you want.
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Battle of Olympus is an arcade-style fighting game, with roguelike elements that is placed in the futuristic cyberpunk city of Olympus. Conquer your rivals and upgrade your character to become the next leader of the gods or you can join a team and take over the city to compete against other players. Rise to the top of Olympus and test your mettle!

In this Tekken-inspired blockchain fighting game, you will be able to show off your 1v1 fighting skills with lightning fast moves and by playing as legendary characters. As you improve your skills in Battle of Olympus you’ll have access to much more powerful equipment for your god. You can earn this gear by completing missions, killing bosses and helping your team win seasons to maximize your potential winnings.

Each piece of gear influences your god’s fighting style. Your combos will change as well as your move set, allowing you to strategically plan your next move and defeat your opponents in ways they will never see coming. They might not see it, but they will surely feel it.

In Battle Of Olympus, you can experience randomly generated missions, season-based competitions, and seasonal rewards! If this sounds like something that tickles your fancy, check out our roadmap so you can follow along with the development process of our game below.

How Players Earn

As a play-and-earn game, Battle of Olympus allows players to get compensated while they play without sacrificing quality game play. There are two main ways players can make money with Battle of Olympus:

  • NFT minting and trading: Players will have the option to mint their characters and gear, and trade them on the marketplace. The more you play, the higher your chances of earning top-tier gear to improve your god.
  • Seasons: Join forces with other players in Battle of Olympus for a season to conquer the different boroughs of Olympus. At the end, the winner gets the spoils.


PvP & Story Mode

Want to let off some steam with your friends and knock each other out (virtually please)? Look no further than Battle Of Olympus. Or maybe you want to find your own way through the engaging storyline? Pick your poison, as we have implemented both of gameplay styles into Battle Of Olympus.

Online PvP & Controller Support

Battle other warriors all over the world with your favorite controller! Whether you game on a Playstation, Xbox, mouse and keyboard or even this thing. You can always use your weapon of choice to bring the pain.

The Mechanics

Three buttons. That's all you need to bring down the hammer in Battle of Olympus and execute deadly combos with lightning fast precision. Punch, kick and use special moves to bring down your opponents and taste victory.

Follow us!

Keep an eye on the official Battle of Olympus website to keep up with the latest content on our blog every week. On the website, you can find key information, like our roadmap with dates you’ll want to take note of. You will also see some of our next projects (which we can’t share much about yet), but keep your eyes peeled and follow us on all of our socials.

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