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Basic Tips for Developing An Ecommerce Portal


Web portal development has provided a big market for the advancement of companies and growing business across the globe. With the online business trend and use of internet, the ecommerce websites have become a vital part for B2B and B2C businesses.

The main objective of ecommerce solutions is to boost online sales and presence by giving a simple platform that allows the online visitors to shop easily.

The ecommerce portal development plays an vital role in hitting the potential of the advancing economy and substituting as storefronts for businesses.

Planning to set up an ecommerce portal? There are some basic guidelines you should keep in mind while developing an ecommerce portal. Let’s take a look.

Describe Your Ecommerce Platform

Before you start developing and designing your ecommerce portal, get a detailed idea about what exactly you want to sell on your ecommerce platform.

Think about the theme of the website and who are going to be your target audience. A clear idea of all these factors will help you to determine the kind of website layout and design to go for.

There are various online store available today, how will be your portal different from the rest? Concentrate on the USP of your ecommerce platform and ensure that your concept is translated into a good design, image, and product descriptions on the site.

Take a look at other sites and observe what you like and what you don’t like before you start developing your ecommerce portal.

Keep it Simple

A portal with clean lines, easy navigation and user-friendly interface will help garner more visitors. Complicated navigation routes will turn your potential customers away.

Your portal should be simple to use, sophisticated and should reflect your company’s values. Moreover, it should not distract the customer from the main purpose i.e shopping.

Focus on the Features and the Functionalities

The main purpose of your ecommerce portal is to sell your products to the customers. The clear and crisp product description with images should tempt the reader to buy the product immediately.

This will happen only if the features and functionalities of your site is outstanding. Your ecommerce store design should include order form, payment gateway, shipping details, contact details etc.

Also, you can integrate social media links to encourage more customer participation. You can also upload some interesting videos, audios or slideshows about the company, product or any related information to attract attention of maximum visitors.

Content is King

Content is another very important factor that you should pay attention to. Well-written content not only creates a good impression but also attracts prospective customer and helps build customer loyalty, trust and credibility.

To sum up, the above points are some few important pointers that you should keep in mind while developing your ecommerce portal.


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