AWS Primer on Best Practice in Resource Tagging by@kenichishibata

AWS Primer on Best Practice in Resource Tagging

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After creating your first AWS Account; logging in and then understanding the basic uses of the most commonly used AWS resources. The next daunting task is getting an idea of the best practices when doing Operations on the AWS Cloud unlike in the traditional infrastructure, there are many domain specific knowledge you have to understand in order to gain a basic capability on operations.

The problem in organizing each resources and how it can relate to other AWS resource is to make sure that each resource is able to be reused by the next AWS Engineer in your team. A good approach in doing so is creating a naming security and deployment convention that can easily be understood across the development and infrastructure teams.

The three most basic best practices you will need to understand on AWS are,

  1. Naming Conventions
  2. Security Conventions
  3. Deployment Conventions

I have covered these three things very briefly in the presentation with a focus on the Naming Conventions below.

In doing so I made the conventions as generic as possible to fit many use cases.

Now you can begin creating a reusable AWS Environment that can scale. To be able to create a truly enterprise ready cloud environment however, automation is a key element. I will discuss automation in depth the next article.

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