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Augmented Reality Publishing Solution: The Fastest Way From Print to Digital

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Augmented Reality is an emerging technology for a new direction in educational book publishing, which aims to bring interactive learning experience to life. Users can explore a new application in the publication that takes printed images on the book to the next level by applying Augmented Reality technology.


AR Publication solutions

These applications provide a unique fascinating experience to its readers on mobile devices. Augmented Reality (AR) technology club animation with real-time and brings new digital entertainment experience to the reader of books and magazine. AR technology in publication display 3D models, 3D animations, video playing, websites, and web server connectivity for kids to get an education all in a new way.

How publishers can apply Augmented Reality in real life scenarios

Augmented Reality is used with visual object tracking devices to help the users to know and experience more. Augmented Reality in publications allows the user to view the real world, with virtual objects superimposed. It helps user the feel the objects that were never explored in reality. Thus, the virtual objects composite with the real world takes the user experience to another level.


AR technology supplements reality that completely engages readers with the mock environment. By using AR application, readers can view the virtual and real objects coexisted in the same screen on the device.

Augmented Reality (AR) in the publication is a vast field that comprises technological tasks to keep track of video objects with their movement and position accurately. Apart from that, to render a virtual image seamlessly with shadow and color of the real-time background environment.

AR engage the users with innovative application of educational book in publishing that creates digital entertainment for the kids.


Featured list of AR in publications

AR application creates a high-quality experience just in a couple of clicks on user’s device screen. AR features will provide users the full experience that will help them to test, play and deliver totally immersive user experience. Augmented Reality features include video, audio, action buttons (CTA), images, text, 3D models and even additional facts for the publications sector.


Add Virtual elements in static content

· AR is used to attract new users while launching new products or introducing this technology to the existing ones.

· It can be used in billboard increasing brand awareness among consumers, improving brand perception among the target audience.

· AR in the publication can increase usage frequency of a product by advertising the properties of the brand and its products.

· AR is used to build an image of the product by transforming printing advertisement campaigns into truly engaging campaigns.

· With interactive AR experiences, a user can visualize the world beyond the imagination by adding rich and engaging content.

· Advertisement agencies can look for new life into printed ads and paper publications.

· AR feature enables brands (alcohol and tobacco) to send a hidden message to their customers where their direct advertising can be limited.

· Readers can book order or buy different products or services directly from the AR ads, AR signs or AR billboards.

· AR offers an opportunity to unlock online sales and boost marketing campaigns better than earlier.

· High-quality AR experiences can create a viral effect of the product that will make your products more recognizable.


Final word for business prospective

The results show that AR with interactive 3D animation and self-assessment functions significantly support students to improve their learning experience. When it comes about the brand market it AR improve the picture of the company and boost the sale as well.

The key feature of AR technology is that it presents auxiliary information in the same field an object printed on paper without human intervention. From the business perspective, AR creates a new business marketing dimension in digital publishing and increases the selling profits in the publishing business.

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