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Assure Superb Quality of Ruby On Rails App Through Code Auditing

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Let’s admit that most companies and enterprises have a common nightmare- a website/application with lethargic code! When it is about checking an issue under the hood, it is usually a glitch related to the code.

Every web application, mobile application, and website has a code that sets up the wireframe of the final product.

The slightest loophole in the code, or a bug, makes an application or website frail and undermines the capability to perform efficiently. Hence, to keep the codebase healthy, it is vital to perform a code audit for a smooth software development cycle.

Software code auditing is a process that lets you stay ahead of the curve and curb the glitches that may emerge shortly. By running a code audit, the complete analysis of the project architecture, technologies, and tools used is done effortlessly!

With a healthy codebase, it becomes easier for a business to catch up with the pace of new trends in the market. Since your curiosity about ruby on rails code audit has brought you here, let’s read & understand how rails code audit helps in refining application code.

The Vitality of Ruby on Rails Code Auditing

Code auditing is a vital part of the software development procedure because it helps in detecting flaws in an app/software in the early stages. It conducts a deeper analysis of the codebase, structure of the database, and infrastructure of the application server.

By analyzing these pillars, gaining insights related to the entire product system along with the following becomes easy:

  • The complexity of the code
  • Stability of the code
  • Prospective security vulnerabilities

But how to know when is the apt time for running software code audit? Here’s the solution. You should always a source code audit under the following cases:

  • When a product is expected to be outdated
  • Spotting and fixing loopholes in the code
  • Setting up scalability estimation
  • Periodic review for checking the quality of software/application

Every company or enterprise in the I.T realm emphasizes utilizing source code for ruby on rails application development. There are 5 different types of code reviews. Continue reading to know more about them.

5 Types of Software Code Review

The following is a list of five code review types:

Manual code review

The manual code review sums up the introductory expression of the code structure. Through manual code auditing, one can determine if the code is written as per industry standards. This kind of code review is beneficial for MVPs and final products.

Front-end code review

The front-end code review aids in figuring out all issues/loopholes in the areas accountable for providing a friendly UX. Throughout the front-end code review, the entire focus remains on features like responsiveness and the design of the application.

Backend code review

To understand the complexity level of a code, no other method than backend code auditing is considered as best! This type of auditing helps to examine the stability of the code & potential threats. All outdated audit tools and technologies are thoroughly checked.

Infrastructure code review

As the name suggests, the infrastructure code review is all about determining the overall functionality of the server. Performing the infrastructural audit improves the speed of the site by optimizing the server and improving the speed of the site.

The greatest advantage of performing infrastructure code review is that you not only save time but cut surplus expenses as well!

Security code review

To prevent security breaches & potential threats in the code, rail developers perform security code reviews. The prime aim for security code review serves the following functions:

  • Detecting security vulnerabilities
  • Eliminating surplus costs for bug fixation
  • Creating code audit recommendation list

Ruby Rails Code Auditing Core Steps

Ruby rails source code auditing can be done on point by following these four core steps.

#1 Manual analysis

The manual analysis or the manual code study is about examining the functionality of the project, potential obstacles, and how to fix the issues in the codebase.

It involves checking the website codebase for bugs, how the styles are connected, and if there are any code duplications. The manual analysis of a website or software is concluded by detecting and fixing internal errors.

#2 Automated code analysis

The purpose of automated code analysis is equivalent to its manual counterpart. The sole difference is the testing module. Through automated code analysis, the business logic of the code can be checked effortlessly! Not just this, but the automated analysis is worthy to fix programming glitches.

#3 Version inspection

Focusing on the versions of a language, framework, and library is a must because they often get outdated as new versions/upgrades are rolled out. Outdated versions invite security breach and to avoid it, a thorough inspection of the code becomes vital.

For example, outdated code can restrict the functionality of libraries. Hence, inspecting the version and upgrading it becomes mandatory.

#4 Issue prioritization

The fourth step of prioritization is about listing all issues & suggestions to fix them. This stage comprises six steps listed below.

  • Description of the issue
  • Cause of the issue
  • Impact of the issue
  • Resolution of the issue
  • Customer assurance
  • Customer benefits

Top Reasons To Perform A Code Audit

Now, it’s time to answer the question of why do I need source code base auditing.


hese are 4 reasons to perform a software code audit:

Figuring out loopholes

Regardless of the age of the project/software, there’s always a possibility of finding loopholes that eventually make the codebase fragile. By performing a codebase audit, one can easily:

  • Repair existing bugs
  • Find & highlight potential bugs
  • Determine outdated technologies

By performing static analysis of code and using analysis tools, like Raxis, SonarQube, PVS-Studio, etc., detecting gridlocks in the code base gets simplified.

Future scalability estimations

While planning for the long run, an enterprise should ensure that no roadblocks emanate in the path of the product. At this point, code auditing can help in gaining insights related to the successful run of the software.

Enhanced security

Data security is crucial for all of us. However, there are several companies and enterprises that cannot shield sensitive credentials from unauthorized access. With a weak codebase, you cannot compromise the security of the project.

By checking the code on time, not only the loopholes are detected but they’re fixed on time as well! This will make the software safer to use for everyone!

Higher maintainability

Blending the modern open-source software development guidelines with the codebase helps in reducing and eliminating additional costs for integrating obsolete technology. Keeping outdated tools at bay would aid in the growth of the product.

Ruby on Rails Code Audit- Over To You

For every software that’s willing to enter the market or is in the market already- the potential cyber threats are always lurking around to depreciate the performance. Hence, playing safe is the wise move.

Acquiring code auditing services from professional companies can help your project/software sustain itself in the market efficiently. It will undergo various checks related to its security vulnerabilities, core performance, wireframe inspection, code quality, etc.

Ultimately, timely code auditing would help in subtracting additional expenses and upgrading the project/application to the latest practices in the market.


  1. Why is code audit vital for my business?

A code audit is vital for the business because it ensures the smooth performance of the software. Code auditing detects technical flaws related to the codebase, wireframe, and outdated technology.

  1. How many code reviews will be performed on my software?

A code review is determined and performed after analyzing the requirement of the project/software.

  1. What will I get from a code audit?

A code audit gives a detailed report related to the technical flaws and their solutions. It helps in gaining an understanding of the project/software’s current condition and suggests the apt up-gradation based on the report.


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