Artificial Intelligence Tools For Bloggers And Marketersby@Janice Wald

Artificial Intelligence Tools For Bloggers And Marketers

by Janice WaldJuly 9th, 2020
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Is blogging fair? 

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Is blogging fair? 

Bloggers have always suffered from competitive jealousy. 

Blogging envy seems to go with the territory.

However, now, in 2020, bloggers have help.

Is it the help of other bloggers? No.

Is it the help of professional ghost writers? No. 

Is it the help of online essayists? No.

In 2020 bloggers get help from artificial intelligence.

Today, there are both free and premium tools that help bloggers get an edge on other bloggers and get ahead in Google’s coveted Search Engine Results Pages.

Is this fair to other bloggers who either don’t know about these tools or can’t afford them? 

Evolution is supposed to be about the survival of the fittest. Is blogging about the success of the financially fittest?

Bloggers aren’t the only ones who benefit from these tools by generating traffic. 

Marketers, whose income depends on sales, need to be at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages to survive. 

Let’s examine the tools with artificial intelligence available for bloggers and marketers. Then, we can see if the term “artificial intelligence” is contradictory. 


Have you heard of Articoolo, the Writing Robot?

For a price, Articoolo will write a 500-word blog post for you. 

In addition, Articoolo will optimize your posts for search engines. 

This means bloggers and marketers who pay for Articoolo to write their content can expect to rank higher in Google’s SERPs since they have Articoolo’s help.


The SendPulse email service offers users the help of artificial intelligence. The email vendor boasts it increases its clients’ email open rates to more than 60%. 

The way it works is along these lines: SendPulse’s machine learning knows when someone doesn’t open an email. The vendor sends the list member the email again at optimal times since timing influences open rates.

SendPulse uses AI in Push Notifications as well as emails to help clients. 


This tool helps content marketers get their web content to the top of Google’s SERPs. 

Here’s how:

After you publish your post, you paste the URL into Text Optimizer.

TextOptimizer shows you the words you need to include in your article to rank well on Google.

What if those words are already in your article? TextOptimizer color codes your words using gray and white boxes. If the word appears in one color, it’s already in your post. If the word appears in another color, you should add it. 

TextOptimizer even gives you before and after scores, the higher the better up to 100% optimized. This way you can see to what degree you improved your chances for ranking on Google. 

SEMrush Content Planner

The SEMrush Content Planner is similar to TextOptimizer. 

However, you can use SEMrush before or after publication. You can even enter your online competitor’s information for your keyword. SEMrush tells you what you need to do to outrank your competitor! 

You can change your post after publication by using SEMrush’s tool as well as before publication.

SEMrush allows one free use of the content planner each month. 


Have you experienced chatbots greeting you on websites? I have. Bots take training and can’t always help. 

While they save webmasters time, would people prefer a human to greet them and help them if needed? I would.

Sometimes bots don’t understand your wording which you need to keep switching until the bot understands your question.

AI is called Artificial Intelligence. Can anything artificial be intelligent?

Effective bloggers should tell stories. They know how to take their readers on a journey from a problem to a solution. Blogging requires creativity and voice in order to lead their readers to the finish line-- the solution to their problems.

Can a robot such as Articoolo use creativity and voice?

Next, not everyone can afford these tools. SEMrush starts at $99.99 a month for example. 

Finally, will Google level the playing field and tell everyone about these tools? I don’t think so. 

There is an expression, “To the victor goes the spoils.” 

What are your thoughts? Should bloggers research in order to discover tools to help themselves? Will that make them victorious and earn them the “spoils,” in this situation, the top spots in Google’s SERPs?

What about the fact that tools that use AI are costly? Even if people knew about the tools, they may not be able to afford them.

Where does that leave this discussion? Are you on the “it takes money to make money” side? On the other hand, do you believe AI should be available for everyone or no one?

In closing, Artificial intelligence has integrated every aspect of our lives. AI is predicted to become an even bigger part of our lives as machine learning evolves. Although I’m sure this prediction of future trends is true, I’m not so sure AI bots like Articoolo competing for spots in Google’s SERPs alongside content marketers like you and me is for the best.