Are you a #womanintech? The official quiz!

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@KikiSchirrKiki Schirr

Ever wondered if you’re a real #womanintech? Maybe you thought you were, but keep having moments of doubt? Take this quiz to find out if you really stack up against the competition!

1. You have a braincrush on: (check all that apply)

a) Kimberly Bryant
b) Ada Lovelace
c) Grace Hopper
d) Brianna Wu
e) Lesley
f) SwiftonSecurity

2. You think guys at work treat you:

a) A-OK
b) meh.
c) Could be better?

3. When you go into work, you wear:

a) Killer heels
b) Comfy sneakers
c) Ultra-SF boots or booties

4. Your drink of choice is:

a) La Croix
b) La Croix
c) La Croix (but not the coconut)
d) What’s La Croix?

5. You have a job in:

a) IT
b) Security
c) Programming
d) Marketing
e) Social media
f) You use a computer at work, at least sometimes

6. You live in:

a) San Francisco
b) Silicon Valley
c) You don’t even live in California!

7. You are:

a) A woman
b) Gender isn’t really your thing
c) A man

8. You like technology.

a) True
b) False


Question 1: Irrelevant, but do check them out!
Question 2: Disregard
Question 3: Not important at all
Question 4: Skip
Question 5: Any answer (even one not given) will do
Question 6: Forgeddaboudit! (more power to the “C”s though!)
Question 7: A or B add 1 point, 0 points for C
Question 8: A add 1 point, 0 points for B

Score of 1 or below: Do you want to be a woman in tech? If so, then see below. If not, stop here.

Score of 2: Congratulations! You are officially a #womanintech, if that’s what you want to be! Don’t let anyone else tell you you’re not technical enough, or that marketing isn’t tech (can they use R? Come on!)

And especially never listen to that critical voice deep inside your head, that one that sounds half like your mom and half like that middle school teacher that just didn’t like you. That’s the voice of Imposter Syndrome, and it can just shut the fuck up. Now.

Because you’re official.

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Thank you! ~Kiki



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