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Anonymity will become a social powerhouse

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The Power of your Voice

We sadly live in a world where: A woman for example, that fights for equality will get subjected to office harassment or social bullying because she expressed herself and may have offended some people. (some religions would even kill you for speaking out like this) these types of scenarios are endless in our society,(racial, political, sexual beliefs..etc) they reach globally and they touch every single person on this planet, the real problem is we have no place to seriously chat about it safely.

Now, imagine a world where you can say things you feel deeply passionate about, and get a feeling of protection which empowers you to express yourself knowing it wouldn’t destroy your life, no matter how controversial, or extreme your opinions/ beliefs might be? I can’t even imagine how interesting and real social networking could become, this is something FB, Instagram or Snapchat could never do.

Say Hello to DUSK

DUSK is an anonymous live streaming video platform. We give people the strength to speak up, and express their honest self (something we don’t do). People can create real, open dialogs and discuss topics without being socially convicted, and attached to what others might find offensive or not aligned with their agenda.

Sign up> Choose a @username, 4 digit pin (choose from 30 cool avatars to use) and you’re all set, no mobile number verification, no emails, nothing that tracks you.

Q: How do you protect my identity while using the app?

A: We’ll quickly onboard you to get your voice pitch disguised using our cool voice pitching technology, Then we permanently pixelate the screen when you’re recording live in our app, once in the app you can adjust your voice settings and screen pixelation settings if you want more or less anonymity, all this creates a closed loop of identity protection.

Q: Wait, what? Is my identity truly safe?

A:YES! We didn’t collect any personal info about you, so how would people know who you are on DUSK?. We use all the best encryption too (https, Whatapps end-to-end..etc), even though we don’t store or collect any of your data, it’s important to keep everything secure for our users. We don’t know where you are, who you are, or anything else about you, and we don’t want to know.

Q: Can the videos and voice distortion be reversed or disabled?

A: NO! this is because no “original” state exists with your identity exposed, You're always protected when you use DUSK, all video and voice distortion happens locally on your device and not on our servers, we can not turn off the distortion ever, and no live video can leave your local device (phone) without being distorted, it’s technically impossible for this to happen.

Q: So this is a social networking app then?

A:YES, you can build up your followers by creating good content on DUSK, you create alter egos (Startup.L.Jackson) you can follow other interesting people too. We will notify you when someone you are following is broadcasting live. Like Periscope or FB live you can comment on live videos, but again you’re anonymous at all times on DUSK.

Q: Why did you build this app?

A: Why not? people are so worried about saying the wrong things all the time, I’ve been a part of this culture too (I’ve deleted tweets because I was worried about backlash) it’s a shitty world to live in and it needs to be exposed. Look at all the people that get in hot water all the time over tweets, or things they publicly say. Maybe we can make a change, or help people, this is a great way to seek help or get advice, the possibilities are endless. I would love to hear an honest discussion from an anonymous user (e.g. Marc Andreessen talk about India’s colonialism) how raw and honest would that discussion be? it would be amazingly refreshing to our technology driven culture, and our world full of agenda driven fluff.

Remember the point of protecting your identity is not to say mean things and hide, it’s designed to give you the strength to speak up, and express your honest self (something we don’t do) create real, open dialogs people can discuss without being social convicted, and attached to what others might find offensive or not aligned with popular agendas.

Your welcome world!


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