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Hackernoon logo[Announcement] Our KickEX Crypto Exchange is Now LIVE by@kick_ecosystem

[Announcement] Our KickEX Crypto Exchange is Now LIVE

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Hooraaay! We are so so happy to finally share this news with the world. Today we have officially launched our KickEX crypto exchange. We want to thank our global Kick Community that believed in us and has supported us from the very beginning.

A big shout out to the team of testers too, who helped us to make KickEX exchange very functional and as perfect as possible for our users.

 [Quote from the CEO Anti Danilevski]
“We created KickEX for traders who are tired of crypto exchanges that fake their liquidity, manipulate asset prices, fail to protect user data, and disappear with user funds. KickEX is the blueprint for the future of digital asset exchange, a safe, trusted, and legitimate platform where every trader gets the tools they need to succeed.”

Now we invite everyone to register and experience the best trading tools that our team has been working on for so long: smart orders (trailing stop and double stop) with a pop-up window helper that makes your trading easier and more efficient.

Trade with smart orders! Make money like a pro, even if you’re a newbie. Automate your trades if you’re a professional trader.

Get huge discounts on trading fees! Reduce your fees by up to 85% with your trading volume, KICK, and KEX balance, and bonus referral tokens.

Choose your interface! Еxchange cryptocurrencies in just 2 clicks or go pro with the full institution-grade software, it’s your call.

You can also try risk-free trading on KickEX Demo before putting your real money on the line! Learn to trade and create complex orders, hone your skills using test funds, and discover all the features you get when you trade for real.

When you join KickEX you’ll also become a part of the whole Kick Ecosystem with access to the best crypto exchange features ever:

  1. - Cashback on every trade24/7
  2. - Customer support
  3. - Unrivalled referral rewards in KickRef
  4. - Licensed & regulated in the EU
  5. - Bank-grade security
  6. - Fast Matcher
  7. - No-reserve orders
  8. - Convenient API

Currently, the following trading pairs are available on the KickEX exchange: ETH/BTC; BTC/USDT; ETH/USDT; KICK/BTC; KICK/ETH; KICK/USDT.

In the near future Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Paxos coins will be added. Also, there soon will be available cryptocurrency sale for fiat, purchases, and easy withdrawals via bank cards.

Join KickEX now and discover the easy way to trade smart!


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