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Android with Huawei Mobile Services: Will it Work Out?

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I have been tech support sector more than ten years. I learnt mac os,windows and android platform.

As announced earlier this year: "Future Huawei phones will come without Google services. The alternative is Huawei Mobile Services and Huawei's own application store AppGallery.

What is Huawei Mobile Services?
With Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Huawei offers its own alternative to Google Play Services. On Android smartphones, the latter ensures that apps can be updated, scanned for viruses and can work together with other apps, if necessary."


iOS was the only mobile platform once upon a time. Apple tried to use a software-hardware combination to get the costumer's attention. Before Steve Jobs presented the iPhone G3S model, Nokia and Blackberry got their notice already.

Steve jobs took advantage of every aspect. iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Macbook products were the summit of the innovation at that time. MacBook Air's presentation could be impressive for the product. However, there'll be an opponent like Google's Android platform.

Apple tried to make it better with every update. iOS updates sent to all the available smart devices. Furthermore, the company lets the developer consumers test the up to date version. Testers shares comments and iOS reviewed by those opinions. While we're watching WWDC, it's the last touch of all the processes.

Google found with good intentions like:'' do not be evil'' motto. Anyone who had used the product would remember those good times. The company initiated an alternative operating system by acquiring Android Inc. Andy Rubin and teammates were trying to create an operating system with Linux kernel support.

Android Alpha version announced in 2007. in 2008, HTC Dream Smartphone announced for the first time. Google added extra services like Gmail, the camera application, Youtube video player, calendar, and the web browser after renamed chrome.

Google shares a pure Android version to the Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. Every manufacturer is adding it's particular applications. However, an android smartwatches' app may not work out with the X brand.

After versions on versions, these applications became vital for the consumers. All of them called Google mobile services. There had been a critical cold war between China and America. GMS and other necessary, sufficient chipset support ceased until further notice because of the cold technology war.

Android consumers accustomed to those services. Moreover, brand names could have changed; the services should be available anytime. Huawei revealed the truth.

Huawei mobile services work like GMS and App gallery is similar to google play store. It's the third one after the opponents. What's the difference between google play store to App gallery? The company didn't cooperate with developers before Trump administration.

Moreover, ıf you live in China, you can pay the purchase or do anything you want in the App gallery or similar payment methods. There won't be a wallet; it's a routine activity. After 2019, Huawei let the developers create it's apps' version. They create a budget to pay the developers; it's approximately fifty million dollars, and it's just the beginning.

What ıf I'm not up to wait for the progress? You can use the phone clone application to transfer google play store apps. The other option is to use the Moreapps application. It's not an official Huawei supported version. However, there wouldn't be an issue until now.

I had tried the App gallery installed device, and I liked the way they use it. I'm not using most of the social media apps, but you can install them from websites as a .apk method. Whatsapp, Facebook, İnstagram works like a typical device. Corporate applications might be an issue for now. As the developers cooperate, it'll work out as planned as possible.

Have you seen Mate 30 Pro or P40 model?

It's almost perfect with design and camera features.

Google mobile services don't work out with these products.

If you're a big corporate with up-to-date smart devices, would you choose them?


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