An Infographic on Things We Despise: Slow iPhones by@tara_48790

An Infographic on Things We Despise: Slow iPhones

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You buy a new iPhone because it has such great features, those that you’ve been wanting all this time. But it’s such a bummer when your iPhone just doesn’t feel like it’s no longer worth the money you’ve paid for. One of the reasons why is because over time, your iPhone becomes significantly slower for various reasons.
iPhones becoming slower may be a result of the batteries that they have, says an iPhone user on a Reddit thread. The batteries iPhones have are lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries decay over time. Basically after five hundred charging cycles, they are able to retain only 80 percent of their original capacity.
On the other hand, this can also be caused by how one uses their iPhone. Downloading heavy games and apps can have a huge effect on how your iPhone will function. This is because too much memory is being used, which in turn causes your iPhone to slow down.
Aside from these, it can also simply be caused by mere psychology. Once people know a newer model of the iPhone is out, they start to think that theirs is becoming slower.
Whatever the reasons are, there are many ways to get the most out of your iPhone’s deteriorating battery. Check out this infographic to learn more.
One of the many things you can do is to update your phone to the latest iOS, update your apps, clear up some memory, avoid exposing the iPhone to extremely high temperatures, download battery-saving apps, and many others. The conservative use of your iPhone is always a good precaution for taking care of its battery life and performance. After all, we can’t just blame everything on Apple and get away with it.
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