An In-depth Guide to Depop Bots by@adels

An In-depth Guide to Depop Bots

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Depop Bots are software tools that automate repetitive tasks involved in running and growing a depop shop. Most depop bots have features such as auto following, unfollowing, refreshing listings and more. They come in different forms but the best depop bot is Chrome extensions. They go through Google’s extensive review process and do not see your password due to using a token based authorization scheme. The security aspect of depop Bots is elaborated on in detail in a later section. The main disadvantage is that you have to use a specific browser in order for them to be compatible.
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Here’s everything you need to know about depop bots.

Depop sellers spend hours a day refreshing your listings, following, preparing shipping packages and much more. This is where depop bots come in:

What are depop bots ?

Depop bots are software tools that automate repetitive tasks involved in running and growing a depop shop. Most depop bots have features such as auto following, unfollowing, refreshing listings and more. They come in different forms but the best depop bots from a usability and security standpoint are chrome extensions (Because they go through google’s extensive review process and do not see your password due to using a token based authorization scheme to interact with depop’s servers). The security aspect of depop bots is elaborated on in detail in a later section. An example of a depop bot is a chrome extension called autodepop. Another example is a desktop application called Botz. They can be seen in the images below:


From a technical perspective: Most depop bots work by interacting with depop’s servers to automate actions. Think of a depop bot as “making a copy of yourself” that effectively does the repetitive stuff you know you have to do to grow (like increasing your engagement and targeted messaging towards potential buyers). However with a bot this “copy” works so that you are free to do other things. Most tasks are handled by making API calls that are the exact same as when you would use the depop app regularly. Here is a simple diagram of how API’s work:


Whenever you do anything on depop, it corresponds to a set of pre-defined instructions on depop’s server (For the uber nerds: an api endpoint). Anything you can do on depop has already been defined. Instead of going to the depop app, and clicking button, a depop bot will typically cut out the middle man and make the request directly to the server. This is what makes Depop Bots far more efficient than….well…you! They automate the boring stuff! (important but boring)

Types of Depop Bots


Okay, so let’s look a bit deeper here. There are several kinds of depop bots available and they mostly differ in the platform and ease of use. The underlying functionality behind a depop bot is the exact same as outlined above.

Chrome Extension Depop Bots — These kind of bots are largely available as browser add-ons (extensions) and usually do not ask you for your password to use them.

It's important to note though that Chrome Extensions don't ask for passwords but this is because they already are running in the browser context. So what you need a password to access is already available to them, but going through the review process by Google helps reduce some risk.

From a user experience standpoint, these depop bots can come with their own user interfaces (some more intuitive than others depending on your preference). All chrome extension bots do have the advantage of allowing you to use any website like you normally would while also using the bot (which is something lacking in the other kind of bots below).

Chrome extension bots have existed for a some time and exist for many different purposes. The main disadvantage they have is that you NEED to use a specific kind of browser in order for them to be compatible + you need to keep whatever browser you are using updated.

Desktop Application Depop Bots — This kind of bot has actually been the most common type specifically for depop until recently. Although, the large downside of these bots is that you have to download software directly to your computer, since they aren't app store backed you need to do your due diligence here in terms of preventing malware/viruses.

These bots also require your depop password in order to work. As mentioned previously this is because unlike chrome extensions they do not run in the browser context and need the password to even initiate any token based communication with the Depop API.

If you have never spoken to, interacted with or trusted the creator this is something that will raise red flags in anyone’s head who is concerned about security (If you earn money on depop, this should be a concern for you).

They also tend to lack the usability (UI/UX) and targeted approach that chrome extensions have. You have to copy and paste names of other users in order to even get them to work (Defeats the point of automation)

Who is using them ?

Many experienced and new sellers on depop use bots in order to automate their workflow and grow their accounts. Even virtual assistants you hire on sites like upwork or fiverr could use them

Why use a depop bot ?


A depop bot is useful for anyone looking to spend time focusing on growing their store, supporting their customers and freeing up their mind to think about the big picture. Contrary to popular opinion bots are not just used by spammers (Although depop bots like Autodepop, Botz & Many others place measures to mitigate spammers and constantly educate users on appropriate use).

Before talking deeper about why you'd use them, the main reason not to use them is that they depend on the depop API (this is not a publicly available API!) and is in a grey area when it comes to TOS, I'll expand on this later. Being dependent on the API of another service means something if that API ever breaks: the Depop Bot will break :(


Major updates or bugs with depop's API will break the bot (It can obviously be fixed but important to note)

There are a few specific reasons to use them:

Depop bots are cost-effective & time effective

A depop bot is a more cost effective tool than getting an assistant or doing it yourself. Most depop bots will pay off in the amount of time they save you even if you develop them for your personal use.

If you don’t and would rather just buy a depop bot but are hesitant, Are you willing to work 24/7 for double digit amount of dollars a month ? no, didn’t think so.

That is around the same amount that some depop bots cost (For example Autodepop is currently the most affordable depop bot chrome extension & Desktop bots like the one by Botz is a onetime payment which is decent for people looking to avoid subscriptions)

Personally, freeing up several hours during the month from manual labour is definitely worth it!

Depop bots accelerate depop shop’s growth.

Depop bots and automation tools can accelerate your growth on depop more than you ever could on your own. Take this from someone who has experience with people (verified sellers and regular) using bots and have personally used/created depop bots, you could gain a lot of followers within MINUTES of using a depop bot.

With a Depop Bot, you are able to send targeted messages to people easily, for example people who like products like yours and people who are following you. I don’t know about you but doing this manually is a pain.

Depop bots are more consistent than any human

Remember, that depop bots use the Depop API as a result it is a lot easier to automate tasks by making web requests.

After doing lots of repetitive work you need to do in order to grow fast on depop it makes sense to get tired and not stick to your important timings for refreshing and messaging people. It’s okay, we are all human but being inconsistent tends to kill most depop shops, which explain the desire to use bots.

Some bots even have specific features that allow you to schedule your depop refreshing. Compared to the alternative of possibly setting a timer on your phone and refreshing.

Will my depop account get banned for using a bot ?

This is the primary concern of many depop users thinking about using a Depop Bot or making one. The Depop API is not a public API. What I mean by this is that the primary way they want you interacting with their site is via the website or mobile app's user interface. While bots are not explicitly mentioned it is still a grey area. What they are expressively clear about is spam:

In short: Unless you are a spammer, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Well made depop bots use decent rate limiting, Rate limiting is key to creating or using any automation tool, because they allow you to stay within human limits so your use doesn't look like a DDOS attack.

Depop’s terms of service is AGAINST SPAMMERS. Refer back to the analogy of making a copy of yourself. Can a copy of yourself send 10000 messages out in one click in only a few seconds ? No, this is spam especially if it untargeted/unsolicited. The best Depop bots simulate human behaviour, when you create or use a depop bot you are getting a copy of yourself that never sleeps, not a spam tool. Like most tools, Depop bots can be used for good and evil.

As long as you are a moderate user that does not spam others and do not open multiple tabs to use an extension based depop bot, you will be able to use them without issues. Moderate use is recommended. Only the most responsible Depop Bot developers/providers have a terms of service that recognize this and encourage moderate/non spammy use of their bots.

One thing that is important to mention is that the terms of Depop’s site may change in the future (and they have every right to change it if they want), it helps to keep an eye out for yourself. Many sites change their terms, which is completely fine.

Are depop bots safe ?


Depop bots are generally safe to use. There is an important thing to note though, the level of security associated with using a depop bot really depends on the kind of platform the depop bots is based on. Some red flags (no authority like an app store to hold the creator responsible for harm, no way to contact the creator, reviews from people that have the exact same type of profile image and sounding name)

When downloading anything, practice good security habits:

  1. Don’t hand over your password to anyone that you do not have some level of trust in and you cannot hold accountable. (This is unfortunately the biggest downside of depop bots like desktop application bots that ask you for your password. Unless you trust the developer or have a way to hold them accountable, you are seriously asking for trouble)
  2. Maintain different passwords for each accounts to mitigate harm and reduce the severity of an attack. Since depop is a non-trivial source of income for many people, you should be using a password manager like lastpass.
  3. Practice good etiquette on Depop by not spamming other users: as we mentioned in the above .

Thanks for reading this article. Now you understand a bit more about depop bots.

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