An Array of Lists: Software Engineering Wisdom by@slashterisk

An Array of Lists: Software Engineering Wisdom

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  • The 1 Golden Rule of Software Engineering: if it’s broken, fix it or find a way around it, or die trying.
  • The 2 Cardinal Sins of Software Engineering: Giving up too soon; and Not giving up fast enough. (EDIT: Remember, according to the Golden Rule, giving up means you need to find a way around it; this CAN include not doing it for the right reasons)
  • The 3 Great Virtues of a Software Engineer: Persistence, Patience, Humility.
  • The 4 Sources of Suffering in Software Engineering: Pride; Cynicism; Fear; Haste.
  • The Fivefold Path to the End of Suffering in Software Engineering: Google Search; Stack Overflow; Official Documentation; Reading your vendor code; Stepping through the vendor code. Approach them in that order. If nothing works, post a question on Stack Overflow. Else, refer to the 2 Cardinal Sins of Software Engineering.
  • The 6 Necessary Evils of Software Engineering: Refactoring; Making assumptions; Management changing requirements; Crunch time; Sysops being jerks; Isolation.
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