Is Amazon building the Shopping Social Network? by@anshublog
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Is Amazon building the Shopping Social Network?

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Amazon quietly turns the user profile social

Shopping should be social. In the past, companies like Facebook and Twitter have tried to turn their social networks into shopping ‘with friends and family’.

But its harder to turn a social network into a shopping site than to turn a shopping app, already used by 80M households into a social network.

Today, Amazon is rolling out to my account what looks like the next step in its effort to turn our shopping into a social network of reviewers, family members and friends.


Find friends, family and others — sounds like a social network?

In typical Amazon style, there are no major announcements. Just product improvements over the last year or so — that if continued, will turn Amazon into an even more powerful company.

If you have ever written an Amazon product review, you are already a creator on the social network. If you have read or voted on one, you are an active user (DAU/MAU).

Shopping should be social. Looks like, Amazon is making it so.


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