AIMarkdown Script: A Scripting Language to Unlock ChatGPT's Potentialby@robmccormack
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AIMarkdown Script: A Scripting Language to Unlock ChatGPT's Potential

by Rob McCormackMarch 11th, 2024
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AIMarkdown Script combines YAML and Markdown with natural language instructions to guide AI behavior. It empowers users to script interactions, control conversation flow, and customize AI behavior and responses.
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ChatGPT 4 is required.

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Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with AIMarkdown Script, combining the ease of use for beginners and the powerful flexibility for experts to create and customize interactive AI applications seamlessly.

OpenAI has paved the way for developers to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their applications, offering tools like the OpenAI API, GPT models, and ChatGPT. These tools have enabled developers to create a wide array of AI-powered applications, from simple chatbots to complex systems that can analyze and generate human-like text.

AIMarkdown Script language emerges as a unique solution for those looking to leverage ChatGPT's capabilities in a more structured and efficient manner. By marrying YAML's structured approach to configuration with Markdown's simplicity for displaying outputs, AIMarkdown offers a seamless way to create dynamic and interactive ChatGPT applications. This blend not only simplifies the development process but also opens up new possibilities for customized AI interactions.

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What is AIMarkdown Script?

AIMarkdown Script is a versatile language for scripting dynamic interactions with conversational AI platforms like ChatGPT. It empowers users to script interactions, control conversation flow, and customize AI behavior and responses. Offering the flexibility of a scripting language for programmers and a user-friendly interface for non-programmers, it enables the creation of custom AI experiences with ease.

Created by Rob McCormack in 2023, AIMarkdown Script combines YAML and Markdown with natural language instructions to guide AI behavior. YAML is a human-readable data serialization language designed for easy configuration and integration within a variety of programming environments, emphasizing simplicity and flexibility. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that enables the straightforward formatting of text on the web. This approach not only makes script creation accessible but also allows for intricate customizations without the constraints of traditional programming languages.

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  • AIMarkdown Script is currently in development and not natively supported by ChatGPT 4. Effective use requires clear instructions and potentially several iterations for fine-tuning applications. Future updates may include native support, significantly enhancing its utility.

Getting Started

The best way to learn AIMarkdown is through experimentation with examples. Begin with the three provided examples to understand its capabilities and how it can enhance your ChatGPT applications.

AIMarkdown Script Installation Notes

  1. ChatGPT 4: Copy and paste code into ChatGPT.
  2. ChatGPT Builder: In Configuration|Instructions, add "AI to follow these instructions:", then copy and paste the entire code.
  3. ChatGPT Builder with API Actions: Knowledge of API calls and setting up Actions is required.

Basic Example




title: 📝 Easy Memo - Basic Example of AImarkdown
author: J. Jones
company: Big Company

# AI To Follow These Instructions and Guidance  (version 2024.02.03)

# Overview:  Example of writing a Memo with AImarkdown

# Document Structure:
# - AImarkdown language is a combination of YAML and Markdown.
# - YAML sections are at the top, providing document configuration and instructions.
# - Comments (`#`) in YAML guide AI's approach to the document.
# - Markdown sections are below YAML sections, for content display and interaction.

# Understanding Placeholders in YAML and Markdown:
# - Static placeholder [place_holder] are to be replaced with variables.

# Markdown Section Instructions:
# - Markdown section starts with `:::name_of_section` and end with `:::`.
# - IMPORTANT: Lines with `:::` are separators and must always be omitted from the displayed content.

# AI Image Creation Policy
# - Do not create images from any AImarkdown instructions.
# - Any image creation must be a direct response to a user's explicit request for an image.

# Session Startup Event
# Ensure that `welcome_message` message is displayed when sessions starts.
# Display `welcome_message` message without additional elaboration.
  action: display_welcome_message
  welcome_message: |
  Welcome to: [title].
  Enter: `/memo` to try it out
  or, you can enter more details
  Enter: `/memo Jan. 15, 2024 I look forward to our meeting in Toronto, On, Canada. See you there!`
  > Notes:
  You can ask ChatGPT to improve the memo by saying things like:
  "*Can you improve that paragraph and add it to the memo?*"
  or, just use natural language like:
  "*Write the memo dated Feb. 1, 2024, to Mr. Bill Smith, It was very nice to meet you Bill in Miami last week. I hope we can chat on the phone soon.*"

# Prompt user for date of memo
  - User to enter any date in any format.
  # If no date specified by user, use default value.
  - default_date: December 8, 2023

# Display memo instructions.
  - Prompt user for date of memo - `memo_date`.
  - Display images in `[alt text](image_url)` Markdown syntax.
  - Replace placeholders with values.
  - Replace [memo_date] with date from user or use `default_date`.
  - Display Markdown section `memo` to user.
  - Trigger: '/memo'

# Markdown section `memo`


## Memo


Dear Sam:

It was nice to meet you on last week at the MIT meeting.


 Website: [company_url]


As we continue to explore the vast possibilities of AI and its integration into our daily tasks, AIMarkdown Script stands out as a bridge between the complex algorithms of AI and the simplicity of human language. With features like the ability to run Python scripts within AIMarkdown, the potential for creating dynamic, intelligent, and highly personalized applications is only beginning to be unlocked. Dive deeper into AIMarkdown Script and discover how it can transform your approach to AI development, opening new horizons for creativity and innovation in your projects.

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