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Affiliate Programs In Technology and Software You Can Join

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Do you love testing and talking about all sorts of softwares and gadgets? Then you might want to join these affiliate programs and earn some money from it.

There are thousands of affiliate programs you can participate in to earn money, but I collected a few best ones for you. And by best I mean the ones who have high commission rates and overall are popular products with high conversion rates.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is an award winning VPN that is trusted by many users worldwide. Overall VPN topic is growing rapidly every year, so right now it is really beneficial to spread the idea about this software and gain money from it.

As you become an affiliate for Surfshark they promise you generous commission (40%), fast payouts, top VPN service with high conversion rates, sales tips and conversion rate optimization support. You can register for their affiliate program here.


Shopify is a well known e-commerce platform, which makes it easy for anyone to build their online store. By being an affiliate for Shopify you can earn an average of $58 euros for each paid user you bring. Shopify also supports their affiliates with information, tools and just helps their affiliates to reach their goals. Register for Shopify affiliate program here.


Hostinger is a well known web hosting platform that offers their affiliates at least 60% from every sale they make. Like other brands offering affiliate programs they provide their affiliates with banners and promotional tools to help them. Register for their affiliate program here.


Wix is a world leading web publishing platform with approximately 100 million users and you can easily increase this number by becoming an affiliate. The commission you can earn with Wix is $100 per sale. You can register to Wix affiliate platform here.


Everybody knows Microsoft and the softwares and hardwares they sell. You can also be a part of their community and earn commission of 10% from every sale you bring. For affiliates they also offer tools for creating, promoting and tracking campaigns. Join their affiliate program here.


Fitness watches are a huge thing right now and the industry is growing every year, so it will be quite easy to earn from being an affiliate for one of the biggest fit watches producers. Fitbit offers 12% commission from every sale and support for affiliates all the way with tools, tips and tricks and everything you might need. Register here.

Amazon Associates

On Amazon you can find anything from clothes to technology. So if you do have a technology or software dedicated blog or just love to talk about it being an Amazon Affiliate could bring you a lot of money. Overall Amazon is a very popular e-commerce platform. They offer 10% commission from every sale. Become an affiliate here.


Since you can learn anything online such platforms as Udemy are very popular right now and Udemy is one of the biggest and most used ones. Udemy offers 20% from every purchase. You can find more information and register here.


Traveling and finding cheaper plane tickets was and will be an activity that everybody loves and one of the best platforms to do so is momondo. Momondo offers affiliates $0.65 per lead. Which is actually one of the highest rates in the industry. Learn more and register here.


Twitch platform is a big thing right now and streamers here can earn a lot of money, just like Youtube content creators. So if you are a content creator on Twitch, participating in their affiliate or partners program could bring you lots of cash. I won’t go deeply into how many you can earn from Twitch since there are a lot of different ways you can monetize this channel, but you can find all the information on their website or just read this article about Twitch monetization which will tell you everything in detail.

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