Adding Clarity, Simplicity and Cohesion with, Object-Oriented UX (OOUX) by@hackernoon-archives

Adding Clarity, Simplicity and Cohesion with, Object-Oriented UX (OOUX)

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Object-Oriented User Experience helps with the defining of the object that imitates the real model of your users, providing an arena for team communication.

OOUX is all about defining certain objects in the problem domain you are solving for, before any sort of sketching, wireframing and most importantly and definitely before interaction design. Giving you a shared language, and with team cohesion, designing object-oriented can also be a help with

- Matching your user’s natural model, giving a better experience

- Ensuring simplicity, reducing any accidental complexity because of irrelevant design elements.

- The growth and maintenance of your product: Objects can be iterated on with no interference or effects on the rest of the system. New objects can be folded gracefully.

- Build better APIs with portable, independent objects.

- Get positive remarks with SEO from a structured content and appropriate

valuable cross-linkings.

Why is OOUX important?

Not only does it make a difference in delivering on spot work, but as well helps you get more crucial than before contextual navigation. A simpler way, helps users get definite and clear content. It is now a new end-to-end process, a new ingredient with the dishes for web-design-company adding current process. It helps you get a clear understanding and a clear vision of how things need to design, to release the product into the world.

How does the process work?

- Mapping is the first step that the developers start with. Mapping the objects, consisting of the problem and then interpreting the objects by reverse engineering the design, it happens after examining the wireframes or prototypes.

- Keeping in mind about each object communicating with the other, will one object be able to develop similar ones.

- But talking about web designing, there comes a slight difference. The design process is procedure oriented because it starts with the drill-down pyramid or maybe taking a linear task flow approach.

Ways of connecting content modelling and objects

Content is not really the part where designers play the role in, but the involvement of the same lies right there. implementation of templates and modules can be reused, but they become of no use until the users real-time model is not matched.

Making it a necessity for designing real-world objects and then getting a hold on strategies for the system, to make a huge difference.

How does it work?

- Gather your prompts or user stories

- Identify your objects

- Fill in the details — the properties of each object

- Prioritize those properties

- Add your call-to-action at the end

Ways to use OOUX

- Easy scope out the entirety of the product and easily introduce or remove features.

- It’s a helpful tool to validate, that it meets user needs.

- Automatic mobile approach

- Note down the features that need to get built

- More attention to content, without letting an error on design details

- Early validation of the user’s mental model

- Shared language and mindset, between designs.

OOUX gives a whole new meaning to creative work as well as the ability to approach products in an organized manner. It’s just a method to supplement your process. Speeding up your design process it helps acquire clear and easy.

How is it powerful?

1. The mindset and idea of the developers go hand in hand with OOUX. Saving the time and benefitting the developers component.

2. Can help in the improvement and betterment of your work, giving a good experience.

3. A great starting point, easy to maintain and grow a product with a greater amount of objects.

New objects can also be added without causing any harm to the system and object, improving it based on the user feedback.


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