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Account Creation Troubleshoot

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This is part of the how to series from Hacker Noon support.

So I heard you have trouble signing up/logging in? No worries, we are here to help. This document details a few tips & tricks to make your account creation process easier. Keep in mind, our app is constantly evolving based on the feedback of users like you. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at support@hackernoon.com. We are here to help.

If you have ever signed in to community.hackernoon.com or our beta site, thanks to SSO, you can use the same email & password to sign on to Hacker Noon. 

Don’t remember if you do have an account with community or with beta site? No worries, there are 3 ways you can check this:

    • If you are not logged in on either site, but when you enter a new password, it says “invalid password”, that means you should recover your password instead of trying to sign up for a new account using the same email. 

If you do want to test the sign up flow again, we suggest you do it within a 10 minute window from start to finish. Use the same browser, and click on the email verification link provided to you without refreshing any page.

It’s never a bad idea to turn your computer on & off, clear cache & cookies on your browser, or switch browser to test things. 

Now, you might wonder why the hell we make our life more difficult like this? Well, here are the answers:

SSO (or single-sign-on) allows us to connect all your Hacker Noon accounts in one place. We built community.hackernoon.com not just as a place for y’all to hang out, but also as our commenting system. All new stories created on HackerNoon.com 2.0 will have a discussion thread there :) 

With flexibility, comes restriction :) Discourse, the software we use to power community.hackernoon.com is quite particular you see. And one of its main things is the 10 minute window restriction, 

We are still updating our software everyday, and this is just the start. Please bare with us as we’re transitioning from a publishing company to a software company. And software breaks sometime :) Thank you thank you for your patience. 


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