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Access API Running on Localhost From The Internet without Tunneling

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If you have done any sort of web development you have probably run into a very common problem: you need to expose a locally running endpoint to an external service or application.


You need to:

  1. Demo an app without deploying
  2. Test a chatbot
  3. Build a webhook
  4. Test mobile apps connected to your locally running backend

There are a couple of things you can do to accomplish this, but the most common method is to use a service that provides a public URL to you like ngrok, Localtunnel, Serveo, etc. These services are great! We know, we’ve used them!

However, there is a one major drawback… Each of their services use tunnels to accomplish this functionality.

Why is that a problem?

Tunnels bypass NAT and firewall restrictions. This may create a major security concern, which is why your network security team at your organization probably prohibits them (if they don’t, they probably should). Anything behind your firewall is exposed to the internet and can pass through the tunnel without being detected.

So, what do you do?

Well, you could modify your firewall and port forward the port to a developer machine. You could have someone VPN into your network and access your server. You could deploy your site to another location.

Or… You could use Vortex!

Vortex provides you with an instant public URL without tunneling.

By using a store-and-forward methodology, Vortex then is a little more IT friendly and conducive for business than those other solutions (by not allowing a user to expose more than the site).

Now you have a way to expose your local web server, build webhook integrations, test mobile devices, etc. without the tunnel risk! Whether you are in the office, working from home, or from your favorite coffee shop, you have a way to get the work done that you need to without any network or firewall changes.

Not only that, but Vortex provides you with full visibility and control. See any payload running over your network and replay any request with a simple click.

Why Vortex is differrent?

  • Stateless — Vortex does not use long-lived connections like a tunnel. It is stateless and works entirely over http like any other web traffic. This means your existing web filtering and security tools all work with our traffic.
  • Selective — Vortex can be enabled to selectively redirect traffic you choose with custom rules. It is dynamic too, change as you like, while the system is running, with no restart required.
  • Independent — Vortex does not require any client app to be running to journal and record your traffic. if you do not want to forward that is ok. we will store only — for later analysis and review of data.
  • Universal — At the network layer, Vortex can record data to any client be it a PC or a phone. No agent software is needed on the hosting server or the client computer.

Implementation for Vortex is less than 5 minutes and it can be switched on and off with a command.

Learn more at APIVortex.com

Jonathan Wesley is the Founder and Co-creator of Vortex


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