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Ultimate QR Code Guide for All Google Services

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QR Code Guide for All Google Services

In 1994, QR codes were invented as a product identification tool to save the time and efforts of cashiers at billing counters in the Japanese retail stores. In 2019, QR codes are making life easier for innumerable consumers and businesses all over the world. QR codes are penetrating into the business world irrespective of their size and category. While QR codes have become a marketer’s favorite tool for bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, on the other hand, we have a company that was started in 1998 and has become synonymous with the word internet today: Google. Needless to say, the impact of Google on today’s era is tremendous. Although Google Search Engine is by far the most well-known product by Google, there are other popular products by Google that are used by millions on a daily basis.

Now that we have established how QR codes, as well as Google services, have made their mark in our day-to-day activities, a question that naturally follows would be: “What happens when QR codes are combined with Google services?” The answer is quite simple, with a combination of QR codes and Google services you would never have to find another way of file sharing ever again! Through the course of this article, you will discover how to get the best out of Google products through the use of QR codes.

9 Commonly used Google products that bring your projects to life- How QR codes make them more efficient

1. Google Docs — QR Codes

Google docs with QR codes is the combination you need for real-time co-editing of all your documents. View and edit your documents from anywhere anytime with just a scan of the QR code, no searching and downloading required. Google Docs is quite a versatile product that allows you to share and export as a word document, a PDF or just as plain text.

Linking Google Docs with QR codes makes the sharing process a lot easier!

How to create a QR Code for a Google Doc

2. Google sheets — QR Codes

Make your meetings more efficient by using QR codes that lead to a Google sheet when scanned. Save the precious initial moments of your meeting that is spent in sharing and downloading the relevant reports by cultivating a habit of creating and sharing a QR code beforehand. The QR code, which can be scanned to view the updated data from your report without having to wait for the next meeting helps you track and monitor your profits constantly.

How to create a QR Code for a Google Sheet

3. Google Slides — QR Codes

Create visually stunning presentations with Google slides and add a touch of creativity to your presentation by enabling your audience to view the slideshow by scanning a QR code.

How to create a QR Code for a Google Slides

4. Google forms — QR Codes

Integrate QR codes with Google forms for an innovative take on lead generation and email list building. Allow potential customers to download useful guides & subscribe to your newsletter, get valuable feedback and inputs from existing customers by filling up a Google form. Accomplish all of the mentioned use-cases without losing the customer’s interest by using customized QR codes.

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How to create a QR Code for a Google Forms

5. Google calendar — QR Codes

Create intrigue among your employees and clients about having meetings with you by sending them meeting invites through personalized QR codes. Ensure that the QR codes assist in adding the meeting/event to the user’s Google calendar when scanned. Google Calendar QR codes are also helpful for event management firms in delivering event-related information and reminders to the attendees.

6. Google maps — QR Codes

Location QR codes linked to Google maps are a favorite among the restaurant and retail business owners due to their ability to help users quickly and effortlessly navigate to the nearest outlet.

Here’s how Google maps QR codes are used to drive footfalls –

1. Increase footfalls to your newly opened store outlet by deploying Google map QR codes on billboards, banners, and posters designed to announce the opening of the new outlet. The Google map QR codes would then enable customers to quickly navigate to the store location.

2. Offer discounts and flash sales to initiate users to navigate to the nearest store/outlet

How to create location QR codes for sharing your location on Google maps

7. Google photos — QR Codes

Google photos are popular among millennials for their ability to share the entire image gallery among peers without losing the quality of images. How about taking the image gallery sharing one-step ahead by bringing in QR codes that lead to your image gallery when scanned? Users can personalize the QR codes by adding their photo on the QR code that you can share with your friends and even on your social media profile.

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8. Google Drive — QR Codes

Google drive is known for the cloud storage space it provides which allows users to access their files from any of their devices. Google Drive is used to store PDFs, documents, images, notes and more. QR codes that connect to Google drive can help the team members share a common space to access all the required data by creating a common email id for the team.

Google Drive QR codes are especially beneficial for small businesses and individual professionals who use Drive as their storage space. It’s helpful in sharing an entire folder, such as marketing resources, free templates; or individual files. All they need to do is grab a share link and convert it to a QR code.

How to create a Google Drive QR code

9. Google business reviews — QR Codes

Share the customer reviews on your business with potential clients via QR codes. Maintaining transparency about business reviews is known to build credibility for business and will help you build stronger client relations.

Google Business reviews are extremely popular among small businesses. A study on Google local reviews shows that 74% of businesses have at least one review. Reviews from customers add value to the credibility of the business. Using QR codes to link to Google business reviews helps businesses in compelling customers to give their valuable feedback on their purchasing experience. The Google review QR codes can be deployed on invoice & purchase receipts, newsletters, and even on the webpages.

Ways to integrate QR codes with Google services

#1 For one time use:

A simple static QR code would suffice if you are looking at one-time sharing of QR codes. Create a static QR code for each file you want to share. For example, sharing an image gallery QR code for Google photos or sharing storage space on Google drive. The mentioned use-cases would require you to create and share the QR code one-time. While you can keep adding more images to the Google photos in the backend, the URL and therefore the QR code leading to it would remain the same.

#2 For real-time sharing of updated files:

Create a dynamic QR code and update the URL each time you update the data. A dynamic QR code would be more efficient way of sharing Google docs, sheets and slides as it helps you updated the file attached with the latest version without requiring you to create new a QR code for each file and sharing it repeatedly which eventually leads to confusion and differ from the purpose of using QR codes for sharing files on Google services.

How to create QR codes linked to Google services

1. Choose the Google service (docs, sheets, photos, etc.) that you wish to share based on your use-case

2. Select the share option and get a shareable link



3. Go to a QR code generator to create a QR code for your Google services and select the URL QR code option

4. Paste the copied URL from the Google service into the QR code generator

5. Customize the QR codes with logos and pictures to make it look more appealing

6. Generate and download your QR code

7. Test the QR code before exiting the QR code generator to verify that it links to the right google service URL

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Designing a Google service QR Code — Let’s make it fancy!

Designing a Google service QR code does not require any extensive knowledge or skills in designing. All you need is the right QR code generator that lets you customize your QR codes with suitable colors and images.

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