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About The Python Code Picture Book

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Founder of Sundae Electronics LLC, a consumer electronics startup.

This picture book tells a story with Python programs.

A Day in Code: Python is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Programming books are usually in the form of textbooks or instructional manuals. A Day in Code: Python breaks from tradition by teaching the basics of Python programming in a picture book!

The story of an epic day is told through Python programs that represent real-life situations. There is a high level description of the situation above each program and a code explanation underneath it. A full-page illustration next to each program shows the situation being described in code.


Example code page (click image for full screen):


In this way, the book presents Python code examples in a fun and colorful manner. I wanted to show that the logic of computer programs can describe events in a story. My aim is to promote logical thinking and a solid understanding of programming concepts by relating the Python programs to everyday life.

I also thought it was important to have high quality full-page illustrations. Of course, this makes the book more enjoyable to read. These illustrations make the code come to life by showing what the programs are describing. Additionally, picture books are often flipped through for enjoyment of the illustrations, especially for younger readers. By looking through the book repeatedly like a normal picture book, these readers will increase their exposure to the Python programs and can gain a greater understanding of the code over time.

Each program introduces a new Python programming concept. The following topics will be included:

  • Syntax
  • Keywords
  • Strings and data types
  • Operators
  • Input/Output
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Lists, dictionaries, and tuples
  • Functions and methods
  • Classes and objects
  • Modules

A Day in Code: Python will be in the same format as my first book, A Day in Code, which is written in the C programming language and is now available on Amazon. My goal for these books is to provide a new, fun way for kids and beginners of all ages to be introduced to programming. I also want the books to be convenient references to look back on for code examples.


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