AbBank An Advertising Ecosystem Built On Ethereum

AdBank Introduction

With the, almost, global adoption of the Internet, digital marketing has greatly surpassed traditional methods and has now become of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The huge expanse of the worldwide web and sheer number of ad spaces available make the system prone to fraud and abuse.

In order to combat these issues AdBank uses blockchain technology to provide complete transparency for transactions carried out on digital advertising platforms.

In an industry worth an estimated $223.74 dollars, as much as 20%-50% (with some sources even estimating up to 75%) of that money is taken by middlemen, in this case those who operate search engines, ad networks, ad agencies, brokerages, affiliate programs, and media conglomerate.

This system exists because publishers have no direct contact to advertisers, and collectively the two parties have no leverage over the middlemen. With very few concrete ways of validating views claimed by ad networks, the opportunity to commit ad fraud is not only tempting, it’s extremely easy to avoid detection. And because these anti-fraud detection systems are relatively easy to evade, there is little inventive for ad networks to spend valuable resources to tackle this issue.

Most ad fraud occurs when owners of websites, social media channels or a popular public profile purchases views and likes. Bots trick websites into identifying them as a human user so they can manipulate the viewing figures, without being detected.

This practice occurs on a remarkable scale, with companies such Google and Facebook even turning a blind eye to suspicious activity that may indicate bots imitating humans to commit ad-fraud.

The current fraud detection systems must struggle to fight a constant battle against hackers who continually update their code to evade exposure. AdBank, however, utilizes its powerful AI to uncover abnormal behaviour that might indicate fraud, and take the necessary steps to shut down the malicious programs behind these hit inflation attacks.

As technology improves so too does the intricacy of scams developed by fraudsters. New platforms such like the infamous Methbot developed by Russian hackers Ad Fraud Komanda (AFK13), which was created from the ground up to evade detection, can use unique approach to avoid the authorities. AFK13 did this by creating a network of over 250,000 URLs spread across 6,000 fake domains to rack up between 300,000 and 500,000 fake videos views in just one day. The AdBank platform would have easily detected the Methbot, and saved both advertiser and publisher millions of dollars.

AdBank Overview.

How it works…

AdBank is an advertising ecosystem built on Ethereum. The open source technology and publicly available API will allow third parties to build custom modules that will contribute to a secure universal platform designed to manage online advertising services funded by the AdBank token. In addition, the adoption of blockchain technology integrated with intuitive AIs, allows for heightened security protocols that promise to greatly reduce the instances of ad fraud.

Traditional fraud-detection systems are only designed to operate within the network it was developed for. AdBank’s system will utilize the blockchain, together with ad databases, ad images, user logs and even the rendering of web pages, to provide the most advanced supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence with enough data to detect behaviour typically associated with fraudulent advertising activity. Once an anomaly is detected a case is raised and sent for inspection by human analysts to confirm if the transaction/s is fraudulent.

The technology is able to detect a wide range of fraud techniques, below are just a few:

  • Webpages failing to render all expected ads
  • Catch unexpected shifts in traffic
  • Mass selling of tokens, and selling profits quickly
  • Fraudulent app and other digital products

The system logs the necessary meta data of transaction and makes them available to the anti-fraud systems and analytics.

The ecosystem consist of several layers, each powered by the AdBank (ADB) token. The core services will be developed as an interface between the systems to allow the products and solutions to be constructed in transitional ways.

The ADB tokens will each represent an ad, or group of ads. Publishers then sell the ads through real time bidding, charging the highest bidder for their services in ADB tokens. Publishers can then chose to store the tokens, cash out, or use them for the purchase of the analytics package. And because all transactions on the blockchain are accessible by any/all users, the figures presented in the analytics are guaranteed to be genuine.

Tokens can also be purchase outright. Users can also participate in reviewing fraud reports by signing up for the End-User Program through which they will be reimbursed for their time in tokens.

Another useful feature allows users to download and install a browser plugin that suppress ads on their favourite sites for a small fee. In this case, the fee covers the cost an advertiser would have paid them, should an ad have been displayed. By offering a way to suppress ads, something that most people general hate, AdBank believes the public, as well as advertisers and publishers, will be more likely to adopt the technology quickly.,

Due to the tremendous scale of converting all ad networks to use AdBank tokens, the company will execute an innovative roll-up strategy to acquire existing ad networks.

Acquiring the ad networks, creating the analytics package and anti-fraud system will be the first stages of development before the product is rolled out to the public. The team aims to launch the AdBank Network Ad Platform in March 2018, and acquire existing networks in May 2018.

Valuable Information

Coin Name : Adbank (ADB)

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply : 510,000,000

Pre Ico Price : 1 ETH = 7,500 ADB

Ico Price : 1 ETH = 7,500 ADB, 1 ADB = 0.0465 USD (0.00003 ETH)

Who can use and benefit from AdBank technology ?

AdBank digital advertising ecosystem stands to benefit both the advertiser and the publisher by connecting them via the blockchain platform and removing the need for expensive middlemen. As a result anyone using the Internet will also benefit from the system as it gives them some control over the ads displayed on their screen.

The system also serves as a useful tool for companies that are now, after receiving disappointing results from pay large sums to ad networks, cutting digital marketing budgets and creating its own team to bring the process in-house.

Paid likes and views and provide a the quickest and easy way to compete with companies that have a larger digital footprint, and thus the demand for ad networks is high. But despite the demand, venture capitalist are still cautious to invest in the development of ad networks because they too are afraid to compete with Google.

AdBank offers a solution to this problem; publishers get paid in tokens to display ads, advertisers pay in tokens to have an ad displayed, but since the middlemen are removed from the process, the rates are much better. Some companies may also wish to hire the middlemen as an in-house team to manage their ads through AdBank.


Jon Gillham, Founder & CEO

Jon has co-founded a successful digital asset acquisition firm and has over 10 years of digital marketing experience. He has owned over 6,000 advertising websites, and has a depth of knowledge from both the advertisers and publishers sides in the digital media space. Jon previously held the position of Project Manager at Exxon Mobil (Imperial Oil) based on his background in mechanical engineering.

Chiron Bramberger, Co-Founder & CTO

Chiron has had over 17 years of experience deploying tech-focused client solution implementations and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies. Through the creating exclusive portfolios worth over 2 million dollars, and developing software such as creating General Motors’ first fully integrated vertical marketing platform, his previous clients include Toyota, Google, NASA, FBI, and Groupon, among others.

Chiron is highly experienced in technologies such as : Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, SQL, SEO, CVS, SVN, GIT, Mercurial, Electronic Engineering, CNC / CAD / CAM. Development: C, C++, Objective-C, iOS, PHP, Java, .Net, ASP, ActionScript, MySQL, Python, Ruby, HTML/XHTML/CSS/AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, RFC, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, AWS, OpenStack, Visual Basic, Fortran, COBOL, 6502 Assembler, Neural Networks Training, and SR&ED.

Kelsey Cole, Co-Founder & CBO

Kelsey is responsible for the brand’s image and oversees areas such marketing, advertising, design and PR. Prior to co-founding Adbank, Kelsey was named one of the Top 30 Under 30 during her time as head of PR at Revlon. She has also launched and worked with many high profiles brands such as Bill Tai, Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge., L’Oreal, Garnier, Red Bull, Juicy Fruit, Tesla, and TIFF.

Leon Pereira Co-Founder & CCO

Leon provides support to a wide range of stakeholders including employees, shareholders, influencers, the Adbank and crypto communities, and the wider public. He oversees the overall strategy as well as the execution of customer service and community management. Prior to AdBank Leon cofounded the XRP Exchange, Vietnam’s first exchange for buying and selling Ripple, and as a result became known as the ‘God Father of Ripple’.

Angelo Dodaro Co-Founder & CMO

As a successful marketing agency owner (Multivitamin Media) with experience personally running campaigns that earn tens of millions of dollars for his clients, Angelo brings an advertiser’s perspective to the tea, and is responsible for brand management, marketing communcations in advertising and PR, market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing and customer service.

Before joining AdBank he has created digital assests for Tesla Motors’ launch of the Model X in Canda, and as also collaborated with pulishers such as Elle Magazine and Canadian Living.

Himanshu Pandey Lead Developer Senior Blockchain Developer,

A blockchain developer with expertise in ethereum, bitcoin, and smart contracts.

William Carrol UX / UI Designer

Oversees the design for the Adbank platform and user dashboard.

Narcis Bejtic Industry Outreach Coordinator

Handles all token purchase coordination, SAFT agreements, accounts receivable and payable and oversees all administrative duties at Adbank.

Natalie Slaven, CPA,

Office Manager

Brian Park

Director of Business Development

Rahul Singh

Smart Contract Security Expert

Shikhar Srivastava

Smart Contract Developer

Malaya Tripathi

Full Stack Developer & Server Security

Ravi Arya

Full Stack Blockchain Developer / Security

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