A Single SaaS System of Record Creates Visibility and Increased Efficiency for the SalesLoft… by@echristopher

A Single SaaS System of Record Creates Visibility and Increased Efficiency for the SalesLoft…

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SalesLoft, the Creator of the Modern Sales Engagement Platform, is a 6 year old company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. SalesLoft is growing over 100% YoY in revenue and has doubled its employee base in the last year. With such rapid success and growth, different challenges come up along the way. In the new world of Cloud and SaaS based everything and empowering employees to use the best resources possible to get their jobs done, it is harder than ever for an organization to know exactly what software is purchased and in use across the entire business.

Cynthia Hancock, Revenue Systems Manager at SalesLoft, is responsible for operations across the Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams. Part of her job is to track if the technology purchased is being used, ensure new team members have access to what they need and ultimately, keep track of everything from new software purchased to new challenges that need software to solve them and the ROI from each application.

With Zylo, Cynthia and her team have a single SaaS system of record to solve big challenges at SalesLoft, including: SaaS spend and vendor management, SaaS utilization measurement and SaaS license optimization.

SaaS Spend and Vendor Management

The SalesLoft team no longer uses complex spreadsheets and a shared folder for SaaS contract and renewal management. Zylo discovers all of the Cloud and SaaS applications purchased across the organization via accounts payable and employee expense transactions. Zylo associates each SaaS application to its category and function(s) to enrich the data from a catalog of over 6,000 SaaS applications.

Zylo discovers all of the Cloud and SaaS applications purchased across the organization from a catalog of over 6,000 SaaS applications.

It used to be challenging to track down and manage the SaaS vendor contracts from the various departments and keep track of when new users were added mid-way through a contract term because of the fast growth. Now, Salesloft uses Zylo’s Concierge service to gather important contract detail and store the contract inside Zylo for future reference. Based on this information, alerts are configured for proactive renewal management.

“With a single SaaS system of record that includes all spend, contract and utilization data for our SaaS applications, our team no longer has to search for contracts or manage the details on a static spreadsheet,” Hancock explains.

SaaS Utilization Measurement

SalesLoft uses Okta’s Single Sign On and Identity Management Solution, but the Revenue Operations Team did not have access to this data or the ability to see it in an actionable way. With Zylo, now the utilization data from Okta is paired with the spend and contract data in Zylo to provide a clear picture of the value each SaaS application provides SalesLoft. SalesLoft is expanding the number of applications behind Okta to capture the rich data set for future ROI analysis and decision making.

“SalesLoft is a data driven company, so being able to determine the ROI of our SaaS applications is a huge win for our team,” Hancock comments.

SaaS License Optimization

In a company growing so fast, teams are expanding every quarter and new team members need access to the technology that SalesLoft uses to run its business. Adding more licenses or adjusting contracts happens at the departmental level when needs arise. Zylo alerts the Revenue Operations Team when new expenses occur for SaaS applications, so now it is possible to adjust the subscription terms and maintain an up to date, single SaaS system of record.

Powered by direct integrations into SaaS applications like Salesforce, Zylo provides the intelligence needed to manage and optimize SaaS applications throughout the year.

In addition, if users are not actively logging into their applications, Zylo makes it easy to determine what employees may no longer need a license to certain applications or determine if an application is no longer being used by anyone. Collaborating with the departmental leaders around unused licenses allows the SalesLoft team to right-size their SaaS subscriptions in real-time.

“We’ve already created savings opportunities with data from Zylo. Our Customer Success team came to us with a challenge they wanted to solve via software, but didn’t have budget and we realized we already own three SaaS applications that could do the job needed. We evaluated each solution and one is perfectly suited to do the job and we realized we didn’t need one of three the applications all together,” Hancock explains. The SalesLoft team achieved 100% ROI on their Zylo investment from quick wins identified in the first month with additional larger scale opportunities in the works.

The Future at SalesLoft

As SalesLoft continues the rocket-ship growth it is experiencing, the technology stack it uses will continue to grow, but also be a competitive advantage. Analyzing the SaaS applications that high performing sales reps are using and using that blueprint to train other sales reps is just one of the ways in which Zylo will impact the team’s effectiveness.

“Zylo gives us the data and platform to showcase the value of the SaaS applications to our executive team and justify the budget needed to support our world-class team,” Bush adds.


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