A quick tip on how to stop sending emails you are not done writing yet by@FatosMorina

A quick tip on how to stop sending emails you are not done writing yet

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Fatos Morina

Probably most of us have been in a situation in which we have sent an email that we did not want to send. We might have not finished formatting, or double checking it before the actual sending process, but we hit the Send button. Most of the times, it can be unintentionally, and as a result, we may write one or two PS follow-ups as replies to that email, adding or sending clarifications about certain things that have been mentioned in that email. During this week, I learned a small trick from a friend of mine that can help you in such occasions.

As I was replying to an email, this friend told me to delete the email of the recipient, as this way, you will not be able to send this email. You may not be ready to send that email, but may accidentally press the Send button. When you have not mentioned a client for your email, your email client will not know where to send it. As a result, you may save up a lot of time and keep yourself away from getting embarrassed for sending an email half finished.

This may sound as something really simple and that may not be that much of a husle, but I believe it can be very helpful to you.

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