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A Look Ahead at Printer Technology: 2020 Edition by@ankush-mahajan

A Look Ahead at Printer Technology: 2020 Edition

Ankush Mahajan HackerNoon profile picture

Ankush Mahajan

A senior digital marketer and ecommerce marketing. analyst.

A lot of predictions for 2020 have been made. Where’s our world going towards? Technology is ever evolving. We get new smart phones every year, our kitchens become smarter. And don’t forget out home and
office appliances. Printing technology is also evolving. Let’s take a look at
what 2020 will bring for our text on paper needs.

Printer Security Is Getting More Important

What office doesn’t have a network printer? Better even, what home nowadays doesn’t sport a fancy printer that’s connected to the home network? The danger lies in the connection. Everything that is connected to the Internet is possibly at risk. Cyber-attacks are getting more and more common

That’s why printing security is becoming a thing. Companies are popping up that specialize in making sure your printer is secure and by doing that, making sure your information stays private.

Mobile Printing

Wherever we go, our cellphones are with us. That also means that most people like to print something wherever they are. Mobile printers are an example of how easy it is nowadays to print when you want. You just took a picture and want it right away? No problem! Portables like those available from Canon make it possible to print on the go.

Not only portable solutions are a part of the mobile revolution. Apps or software that can be used for mobile print kiosks or zones have a place here too. No more carrying around USB sticks to print your documents.

Managed Printing Services

The technology that printing devices use is getting more complicated with time. That’s why more and more offices have a third-party to manage their tech. Imagine having an employee spending his or her precious time by trying to fix issues every day instead of doing their job. It’s simply not cost-time efficient.

That’s why hiring an expert to solve your printing troubles is the 2020 way to go. These people are trained to manage every glitch you might have and solve it quickly. Less stress for you and more time to focus on what matters.

Smaller Printing Solutions For Home Use

There are a couple of models on the market that have a space-efficient design. Lot’s of printing companies sport a model that is small and gives you the services of a bigger design. So if you’re looking for a printer that’s also a copier and scanner, look into these small household models. They fit in every home desk!

Outsourcing Becomes More Popular

A lot of homes don’t have a printer anymore. Because our economy is less paper based and more online, the need for this technology is slowly declining. Still, there are instances where families would need to print something. That’s why outsourcing press work services is more common these days. Think old-school copy shops. No time to leave your home and
wait on your documents? You can find a lot of online services that can print them for you.

3D Printing

Every year 3D printing technology becomes more popular. There are already 3D printed houses out there and if you need adjusted insoles, you can simply get them 3D printed to perfectly fit your feet!

3D printers are not only very big and bulky models. There are smaller ones available to provide for at home needs. Especially handy for entrepreneurs that sells printable products or want to
make art.

From printing security to portable printing to outsourcing. These are the 2020 trends for printer technology!