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Hackernoon logoA Founder’s Prayer for his Protocol by@kk_ncnt

A Founder’s Prayer for his Protocol

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@kk_ncntKK Jain (@kk_ncnt)

“Build me a daughter, O’ Lord; one who will be strong enough to know when she is weak.” — Douglas MacArthur

Build me a protocol, O Satoshi— one that is timeless, yet shows up everyday in the marketplace to compete.

Grant her the wisdom of her forefathers: of Back, of Feller, of Merkle.

May she be inspired by a spirited community like Ethereum,

the gritty determination of Litecoin,

the brains of Stellar,

the modest guile of Zcash,

the whimsical charms of Dogecoin,

And may she have the heart and soul of Bitcoin.

Let her stay true to the dream of the Internet,
And be a beacon that shines the light of market efficiency everywhere,

Make her an enduring force to spread information freely,

and opportunity fairly.

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