10 Teams Enter. 1 Team Leaves… Let the Games Begin!

nCent Announces Endgame of Revolutionary Hackathon

There can only be one winner at hackCent. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire © 2013 Lions Gate Films Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On August 18th, 2018, nCent sponsored the first ever global hackathon event focused on hacking incentives on a blockchain. 27 participants gathered at our Silicon Valley headquarters to fight tooth and nail at their keyboards. They hailed from places like Utah and Montana to Mexico City and Cambridge.

Their goal? To build the best application using the nCent SDK and sandbox to demonstrate the power of incentive markets. After meeting one another, 10 teams formed, and 3 finalists emerged. The finalists were selected by a panel that included special judge Narendran Thiagarajan from FloydHub and by the votes of our entire telegram community, nCent Nation. These 3 finalist teams are advancing to the endgame, which will end in one week from today (Monday, August 20th).

The winning team will be announced next Monday, August 27th at 5pm PST. The criterion will be most Github contributors — so YOU can help choose by voting with which project YOU want to develop!
Hackathon participants grinding out incentive hacks

Since exiting stealth mode a month ago, we have put a lot of effort into development at nCent. Events like hackCent remind us that we have made progress — so much so that our hackathon participants built applications on our protocol within a few hours. The proof of concept exists, and the technology is getting noticed.

Still, these events also remind us that there is also room to improve. Despite the growing pains we observed, when all was said and done, we pulled off a successful hackathon. We learned a lot in the process, especially from the teams that worked through our repositories on GitHub and helped us fix bugs along the way.

We would like to thank all of the participants that made hackCent possible. What we value most is the knowledge we gained by hacking together. There will be more events like hackCent in the near future, and we hope that you will join our mission to unlock the untapped potential of our networks through incentive hacking.

Our 3 Finalists

1. learnCent

Congratulations to learnCent for becoming finalists! Click here to watch their Demo Pitch.

Dustin Pearson, Cody Rose, Daniel Edwards, Chris Morehouse and Mohit Jain
“I’m fascinated by the innovative idea of using personal networks to solve search problems. nCent is truly on the frontier of technology.” — Dustin Pearson

learnCent is a peer-to-peer tutoring platform connecting students and tutors on university campuses

learnCent’s application UI

Click here to contribute to learnCent’s GitHub!

2. NomNomCent

Congratulations to finalist Jovan Jester, creator of nomNomCent! Click here to watch his Demo Pitch!

Co-founders of nomNomCent: Jovan Jester and Teddy Bear
“Now that I’ve poked around the code a bit, participated in the hackathon, and seen others’ ideas, the full potential of what incentive markets powered by nCent could unleash has dawned on me.” — Jovan Jester

nomNomCent is a social platform for sharing food and discovering restaurants driving engagement through recursive incentives.

nomNomCent‘s landingpage

Click here to contribute to nomNomCent’s GitHub!

3. challengeCent

Congratulations to challengeCent for being our last finalists! Click here to watch their Demo Pitch!

Khalid Imam, Klarence OuYang and Michael Vavro

ChallengeCent is an application that incentivizes social activity and events to “get people off their asses!”

challengeCent’s application UI

Click here to contribute to challengeGitHub’s logic!

Let the Endgames Begin!

Our three finalists now have until Monday, August 27th at 5pm PST to continue working on their projects before submitting a final demo video for evaluation. As of right now, each of the finalists has been awarded one ETH. Like all of our contests, however, there is always a twist involving recursive incentives!

We are allowing the finalists to recruit collaborators to help with their codes, which can be found on the projects’ repositories on our public Github. Contributors must provide a logic improvement to the project’s code, as determined by the team at nCent. Rewards will be allocated as follows:

  • The team with the most contributors gets double earnings (2 ETH).
  • When all three projects together get more than 50 contributors, all the rewards are doubled (4 ETH, 2 ETH, 2 ETH).
  • When all three projects together get more than 100 contributors, all the rewards are multiplied by 6 (12 ETH, 6 ETH, 6 ETH).
  • When all three projects together get more than 200 contributors, all the rewards are multiplied by 20 (40 ETH, 20 ETH, 20 ETH).

Let the games begin!

Videos of hackCent

Each of the 10 teams demoed and pitched their applications.
The event was livestreamed and lasted about 12 hours (before the afterparty).

More hackCent Projects

4. ButtonTeam

Alexandr Safonov and Kirill Kuznetsov

ButtonTeam joined us remotely from New York City and developed a telegram wallet for NCNT.

nCoin Wallet by ButtonTeam
“We are developing a wallet for nCent based on telegram. Telegram users could use this wallet inside of telegram and transfer nCent’s tokens. Also, we are trying to make it all with QR code.” — ButtonTeam

5. sportCent

Tim Ryan and Don Kim

SportCent created a sports merchandising application for professional teams.

sportCent’s application UI

6. EventCent

Timmy Jing, Ryan Myer, Drew Stukey and Stephan Kang

Team 50centive built eventCent, an application that allows fans to vote on their favorite artists’ future venue locations.

EventCent’s user portal

7. TaskCent

Felix Alvarado, Shashank Racherla and Nathaniel Cunha

TaskCent is an application that allows people to find other users to complete their task using nCent’s API.

TaskCent’s splash page

8. QCoin

Andzu Schaefer, Matt Wojick and Qi Huang

QCoin is an application that helps gamers find the right teammates through a recursively incentivized referral program.

9. jobCent

Dan Luo and Alex Gonzalez worked on their own implementation of jobCent, one of our launch applications that helps employers hire the ideal candidates.

Thanks Dan and Alex for your jobCent contributions!

10. Liquid Democracy

Arya Soltanieh created LiquidDemocracy, an application that would allow governments, companies, and organizations to hold special votes. On the liquid democracy model, anyone can vote directly or delegate their vote to another individual.

To keep informed about our latest events and to help us build the future of incentive markets, join our project at nCent Labs. Feel free to email me anytime: kk@ncnt.io.

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