A CI-friendly visual regression testing tool worth checking out. by@michaeltomara

A CI-friendly visual regression testing tool worth checking out.

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It is high time to automate everything you can. Screenster, a new web-based automation testing platform introduced in 2016, is here to help you with CSS testing.

It does not require coding to start recording. As the tester interacts with the application, Screenster takes a screenshot for each user action and creates a visual baseline of the application. It is stored on the server along with the user input. Further visual regression test runs detect the changes and report them to the tester who can then approve these changes to the baseline or report them as bugs. Differences can be approved to the baseline with one click. Besides, testers can browse page elements offline and update tests through innovative mouse-friendly UX.

With a CI integration plugin published, Screenster can now be run on any of major CI tools including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, and Travis. So why not check if it can be helpful for CSS testing on your web project? Screenster is available for downloading, allows free limited usage (up to 5 tests at a time); besides you can try it in the cloud — just follow the ‘Try Now’ link in the bottom of the Home page.

See also a short video demonstrating how Screenster handles visual regression testing of Gmail UI.

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