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99 Feedback Questions To Ask Your Customers

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The feedback you gather will only be as good as the questions you ask.

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With the variety of website polls & mini survey tools in the market, it is easy to set up quick feedback sessions on your website. In this blog, I have listed down some set of questions that you can ask your users/customers. And I thought, touching questions in on the different business types will help you at best than splattering them aimlessly.

Here you go…

  • E-commerce websites
  • Blogging portals
  • SaaS and software companies
  • Educational websites
  • Telecommunication websites
E-commerce websites:
  1. Did you find the product you were looking for?
  2. What do you think of our today’s deal?
  3. How easy was our navigation throughout your purchase journey?
  4. Do you think our website matches your search style?
  5. If not us who do you buy this product from?
  6. How efficient are we compared to other e-commerce sites?
  7. One best thing about us?
  8. Is our website appealing?
  9. How did you know we exist (business wise :P)?
  10. What’s so good about us? Our product, design or usability?
  11. Would you refer us to your friends?
  12. Do we have everything that you want?
  13. Would you come back to us for your next purchase?
  14. How effective is our website compared to others?
  15. Was our checkout process easy?
  16. Do you think our payment process is trustworthy?
  17. Which dealer would you rate as the best?
  18. Which of our competitor’s price you want us to match to?
  19. Do you think our support team deserves a champagne?
  20. Do you think our website’s BG and texts get along well for better readability?
Blogging portals:
  1. What is the one thing you would add to this blog?
  2. How easy was this blog to read?
  3. Do you think we could have done this blog even better?
  4. Do you like the way our authors write?
  5. Whose write up interests you the most?
  6. Do you feel our blogs are informative?
  7. How well are our image choices for the blogs?
  8. How often do you read our posts?
  9. Would you want to add any other category to our portal?
  10. Who do you think we should look up to?
  11. What are the other blog portals you like?
  12. What should we concentrate more on? Readability, Information or designs?
  13. Would you subscribe to our new posts?
  14. Our blogs are good, better, the best or not so well?
  15. Would you like to send us some of your writes up?
  16. Where did you hear about us?
  17. Which one will you choose as the best blog?
  18. Who do you think is our competitor?
  19. Do you like the font style we use?
  20. Will you guest blog for us?
SaaS and software companies:
  1. What is the reason for not buying our product today?
  2. Could you tell us what is missing?
  3. What do you like about our product?
  4. Would you refer us to your friends?
  5. Does our tool match the current market standard?
  6. Why do you think you don’t need us?
  7. Are we expensive?
  8. Which car brand you would compare our product with (product smartness wise)?
  9. What do you think we should include?
  10. What made you buy our tool?
  11. Was our overview video helpful?
  12. What were the challenges you faced before using us?
  13. Do you think our tool is easy to use?
  14. Were you using any of our competitors’ product before?
  15. How helpful are our blogs?
  16. How quickly your goal can be achieved with our tool?
  17. Could you send us a detailed review? We like knowing our customers!
  18. Does our content help you understand product quickly?
Educational websites:
  1. How well did the instructor teach?
  2. Could you tell us what you learned from today’s session?
  3. Does the instructor sound knowledgeable?
  4. What do you think we should teach you next?
  5. Would you like to have F2F with our instructor?
  6. Did our instructor teach the course material clearly?
  7. What are the things our instructors missed out on?
  8. Was the instructor well organized in the class?
  9. Did the instructor answer to all the students’ questions?
  10. Do you want us to add anything to our website?
  11. What should our goals be (in terms of teaching)?
  12. Were you able to stick to the instructor’s teaching pace?
  13. Do you feel the assignments would help you in the longer run?
  14. Would you mention — the instructor’s teaching was kick-ass’?
Survey for e-learning websites:
  1. How will you rate our e-learning syllabus on the scale of 0–11?
  2. Does our e-learning video help you?
  3. What are the other topics you want us to include?
  4. Do you look at our recorded sessions?
  5. Where did you find us first?
  6. Will you recommend us to your friends?
  7. What are the other facilities you want us to provide you?
Telecommunication websites:
  1. How well are our accomplishments from the day you knew us?
  2. Are you satisfied with the information you receive from us?
  3. Would you like to recommend us to others?
  4. What will you say as the best you found in us?
  5. How good is our service at the consumer level?
  6. Who do you see as our competitor for (this) new venture?
  7. Do you want to add anything to our timeline?
  8. What are the reasons for not using us?
  9. From which source you came to know about us?
  10. Which of our services are more useful to you?
  11. Do you call to our customer care?
  12. What was the reason you called our customer care last time?
  13. Which of the following source/medium did you find us on? 1. T.V 2. Newspaper 3. Magazines 4. Internet
  14. How many months have you been using our service?
  15. How many different service providers did you use in the past?
  16. How much satisfied are you with our price?
  17. What influences your buying decision?
  18. Which parameter do you look for while selecting a service provider?
  19. What features attract you the most from a telecom industry’s advertisement?
  20. Which of our advertisement did you like the most?

So here we are! Go ahead and have fun building surveys and polls.

Also, I am looking forward to hearing which questions you used from the list. And if you have some interesting questions add them in the comment so we could all benefit.

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