97 Stories To Learn About Future Of Nftsby@learn

97 Stories To Learn About Future Of Nfts

by Learn RepoOctober 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Future Of Nfts via these 97 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Future Of Nfts via these 97 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

It will be more than just a bunch of profile pictures of cool looking apes.

1. 1 Year Review: Where Do NBA Top Shots Fit into the Larger NFT Ecosystem Now?

A review of NBA Top Shot 1 year after their release, where they stand in the NFT Economy, and whether or not using Flow was the right choice.

2. Healthcare, NFTs, and the Blockchain

Can blockchain and NFTs solve long-standing problems in our healthcare industry?

3. Moving Beyond The Right-Click Save NFT Culture

This article debunks two critical opposing theories to NFTs: "Right click saving means I own it" and "It is digital who will see it or care about it?"

4. NFT Royalties Take a Halt - What's Next for Creators?

Seeing that royalty fees are one of the unbeatable value propositions of NFTs, the question of what next rings constantly in the hearts of creators and artists.

5. Enable Customized Royalties For NFTs With Multiple Creators, ERC20 Payout, and More, with Tatum

Using our JavaScript SDK and API, you can create royalty NFTs with just a few lines of code. No need to code your own smart contracts, or run blockchain nodes.

6. What You Should Know About NFTs, Gaming, and Innovations in 2023

Learn about the exciting developments in NFTs, gaming, and DeFi protocols, including the overlap between them, and innovations expected in 2023.

7. Becoming an NFT Photographer in 2022? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you a photographer? Consider attaching an NFT to your photographs. You don't want to miss out on the new blockchain platforms and cashing in on royalties.

8. NFTs And the COSMOS Ecosystem: An Overview

See why and how the NFT market is valued at $7 billion. However, experts believe that the market is heading to a trillion-dollar valuation.

9. If You Don’t Know About NFTs then You’re ngmi

What is NFT? Why everyone is mad about the non-fungible tokens? What's the point? Check this article for the answers

10. How Holo-NFT Blurs the Line Between Traditional and Contemporary Art

The contemporary art world is well known for pushing boundaries and getting people to ask, “What is Art?”.

11. Ape Gang: From Coders to Sponsors

Hackernoon hopped at the chance of getting an exclusive interview with Jokong and Rikong, who were kind enough to share with us Ape Gang’s latest initiatives.

12. The Power of NFTs: Art, Function, and Ownership

What is the deal with NFTs anyway?

13. NFTs to Earn: Promising Projects During the Bear Market

With new NFT collections on the way, let’s find out about the passive income model for this type of crypto assets. Is it limited to play-to-earn?

14. NFT Copyright Protection for Beginners

Demystifying ownership and legality of NFTs. What NFTs are--they are representation of ownership. But what does it mean for copyrights?

15. NFTs That Fight for Ukrainian Independence and Freedom

NFT initiatives aim to help Ukraine survive in the fight against the Russian aggressors. Check out to see how digital art helps people in need.

16. NFTs can Become a Cornerstone of DeFi

The $69.3 million paid for the NFT Everydays: The First 5,000 Days by the digital artist Beeple is the third highest amount ever paid for any type of art at auction. March of this year saw the hype surrounding NFT reach an absolute fever pitch and this sale was the pinnacle. What followed was a scramble involving seemingly every celebrity to have ever existed to get a piece of the NFT action. Grimes sold a series of gifs as NFTs for $6 million, Jake Paul minted NFTs of himself as a Pokemon character. There was a frenzy that surrounded every NFT minted that had any kind of notoriety.

17. An Intro to 'Breedable' NFTs and Social Connections in the Metaverse

NFTs can now grow, breed, and evolve to add more value to your original purchase.

18. Project Deep Dive: Is Valhalla Worth the Hype?

Does Valhalla have the merit to back up the hype it has garnished? I completed a full deep dive to find out. These are my findings...

19. How NFTs Can Turn Musicians Into Entrepreneurs and Fans Into Investors

Security NFTs combine the ownership and transparency of NFTs with an innovative investing framework turning musicians into entrepreneurs and fans into investors

20. 5 NFT Trends to Follow in 2022

NFTs are finding new applications in various of industries, from fashion to real estate. Which sectors will profit the most in the coming year?

21. Are NFTs Dead - What Does the Global NFT Market Growth Rate 2022 Tell Us

the current state of nfts in 2022

[22. Guiding to the NFT Marketplace -

A Unique Business Module]( A complete guide in developing an NFT marketplace. Create your own NFT Marketplace easily.

23. Where to Buy NFT Virtual Land in the Metaverse

You can purchase NFT land from a project in a land sale or on the secondary market via an NFT exchange, such as the Binance NFT Marketplace or OpenSea.

24. 5 Less-Known DeFi and NFT Projects Promoting User Protection and Funds Security

There are many concerns when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest concerns is security.

25. NFT Twitter: 16 NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022

In this article, will discuss on Top NFT Influencers in 2022, The Biggest NFT Influencers to follow in 2022 and Best Top NFT Influencers on Twitter and YouTube.

26. New Forms of Entertainment: How NFTs Are Changing the Industry

A new form of entertainment has been on the rise - digital assets known as NFTs. Here, we explore what NFTs are and their use in gaming and music.

27. 4 New NFT Projects With Utility

Let's look at what an NFT Project with Utility is and why it's different from any other NFT.

28. There’s More to NFTs than You Think

Thr utility of NFTs has the potential to go far beyond that single-use case. They can completely redefine customer experience, community engagement, and loyalty

29. NFT Boom 2.0: Is There Any Proof?

The abbreviation NFT is becoming one of the most discussed topics in the world. Read about the impact this is having on the world.

30. How to Airdrop NFTs

Learn how to airdrop your NFT in the easiest and most cost-effective way. Airdropping to thousands of addresses is only a matter of minutes!

31. The Metaverse is Not Real, Yet

Until a true "metaverse platform" publicly launches, the metaverse is not real. Dive into what a metaverse platform is and what the future of Web3 looks like.

32. How to Eliminate NFT Deployment Costs and Smart Contract Hassles

The fastest and easiest way to mint NFTs. No coding or deploying smart contracts, no private keys, no need to hold crypto. 1 API call to mint on 5 blockchains.

33. Top 3 Emerging Metaverse, NFT Trends To Look Out For

Top 3 Emerging Metaverse, NFT Trends To Look Out For

34. What Makes an NFT Valuable? An Interview with Elena Obukhova

NFTs in Ticketing, Real Estate, Gaming, Entertainment, Education. New NFT use cases in supply chain and NFTs for authenticity in wine industry

35. “I Don’t See NFT As a Bubble”, Sebastian Clej on NFT Art And Blockchain Technology

Sebastian Clej on NFT Art And Blockchain Technology

36. Fueling The Creator Economy With A Partnership with Kakao's Klaytn And An Incubator Program

NFTs which you are already familiar with, has a huge range of possibilities for business, influencers, creative artists, freelancers, brands to capitalise on something that wasn't possible before. Seamlessly across borders, anybody can monetise "memberships" and gives "hodlers" incentives for being part of a community.

37. How Big (and Small) Brands Are Cultivating New Use Cases for NFTs

So while on the surface it may seem like the crypto industry has slowed down, it hasn’t stalled development.

38. Watch Out OpenSea! Your Competitors "Sea" You

New NFT Marketplaces for 2022? There are sure to be many, but so far, be on the lookout for LooksRare and Coinbase NFT.

39. What do NFTs Mean for the Movie Industry?

NFTs are making their way into the film and television space. here is how it is reshaping the movie business.

40. 3 Ways to Increase NFT Adoption Among Artists

Let's talk about challenges and opportunities to increase adoption of art NFTs.

41. Decoding the Popularity of NFT Trading Cards in Recent Times

An NFT trading card is a digital trading card that exists on the Blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone can verify the authenticity and ownership o

42. Amazon's Entry Into the NFT Market: Implications and Challenges

Amazon's announcement to launch an NFT marketplace has significant implications for Web3 and ecommerce. What are the challenges and opportunities?

43. What Is the Role of NFTs in the Metaverse?

Get to know about the role of NFTs in the Metaverse, their connection, and how NFT works. The guide will also let you know about the Metaverse types.

44. Bored Ape Yacht Club Set to Transcend Rarity-Based Valuations

NFTs have typically been valued largely on a trait-rarity basis. However, Bored Ape Yacht Club is on the verge of revolutionizing NFT valuations.

45. Sort & Narrow Upcoming NFT Drops with Data: How I Developed NFT Sorter

A story of how I created NFT Sorter, a tool that lists over 150+ projects sorted by Twitter followers, number of tweets, average likes, replies, and retweets.

46. Gamers Say NFTs Are Sucking Away the Gaming Essence

Crypto & Web 3.0 enthusiasts say NFTs are the future of gaming but game players are singing a different tune.

47. Exploring NFT Galleries with Benjamin Agostini

In this NFC interview, we spoke with Benjamin Agostini, Co-Founder of We discussed NFT art and galleries, and the future of NFTs and marketing.

48. Enabling Smart Communication for IoT Devices With Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart Contracts and NFTs can allow IoT devices to negotiate prices and transact with eachother.

49. The Future of NFTs in the World of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 and NFTs come together to create a new world that brings new opportunities because of their ability to help people connect over the internet.

50. The Downside of NFTs: How They Are Impacting The Earth’s Climate

Are you aware of the dark side of NFTs? If not then you are on the right article. It is the environmental impact created by NFTs.

51. What Would the Next Go-to NFT Marketplace Look Like?

The profit-sharing mechanism, reward system, and creator's royalty would probably be the future go-to features NFT marketplace wanna be equipped.

52. How to Develop an NFT Real Estate Marketplace

NFT Real Estate Marketplace development is gaining prominence and taking the crypto space world by storm.

53. A Beginner's Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, have become the craze of internet users. They are unique, provably scarce, digital assets powered by blockchain te

54. CBDCs and Soulbound Token Explained

Will CBDCs replace cryptocurrency? Will Soulbound tokens -  as touted by Vitalik Buterin- help to overcome some of NFTs’ challenges? Let’s take a deep dive in!

55. Bitcoin NFTs are Getting Easier Every Day: Introducing Ordinals

Bitcoin NFTs - technically called "Ordinals" are now available. This article will explain where to find them, how to buy them, and how to make them.

56. What NFT Wallet Are You Sporting?

A review on the pros and cons of the best nft wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, and Trust Wallet.

57. NFTs: How They'll Help Us Move Forward and Rebuild

From underpinning decentralized credit scores to prediction markets, NFTs will play an increasingly pivotal role in reenvisioning Defi's full potential.

58. Want to Buy NFTs!? Here Are 7 Reasons You Should!

Why do I have to invest and buy some NFTs? Let's explore some objective reasons to get an NFT!

59. 4 Reasons Why Artists Should Create Art NFTs

Many artists hesitate to create NFTs, here's why they should.

60. How Blockchain Technology can Change Whisky Investment

Whisky, often also referred to as “Liquid Gold”, has long been a traded commodity. Trading spirits in wooden casks, where the spirits’ value increases as a vintage item, are relatively stable investments but have been limited to smaller elite communities of investors who can afford the costs and have the connection with distilleries or people in the spirits business. This has not only created a huge barrier of entry into whisky investment, but also effectively barred a larger community of collectors and whisky lovers from participating.

61. NFTs Don't Work The Way You Might Think: Misconceptions About NFTs

The thought that NFT is dead to me is a misconception. Let's walk you through 10 misconceptions that I see often.

62. The Crucial Role of the Metaverse in the Long-term Success of NFTs

Increasingly sophisticated NFTs are giving rise to a new information dimension with concrete roots in the physical world.

63. Why Most Metaverses Will Fail

Metaverse has been a bit of a buzzword in 2021 and early 2022 and yet I think that most metaverses will fail. So which ones have the best chances of surviving?

64. How NFTs Will Disrupt These 5 Major Industries

The ticketing industry is ripe for disruption. Tickets will eventually be sold as NFTs through the event directly instead of ticket marketplaces.

65. How NFTs Fuel Innovative Businesses

NFT technology has created innovative businesses. We outline a few successful ones so that you can create your own business opportunities.

66. Queen Elizabeth’s death inundates the crypto world with Innumerable NFTs and Meme Coins

The death of Queen Elizabeth has sparked the invention of innumerable so-called “meme coins” looking to capitalize on this misfortune occasion.

67. A Brief Overview of NFT in 2 Minutes

Let's have a quick look at the overview of what NFT is.

68. How to Build an NFT Marketplace in 2022

The potential of NFT to upend numerous industries has helped it gain ground swiftly in development.

69. How a Warm Beer Defined the Notion for Non-Fungible Tokens in 2015

From the inventors of NFTs and a historian that's been in since inception, here's the real story of how Smart NFTs or Niftys came to be-

70. How Biometrics Can Solve the Issues With NFTs

Are there any NFTs drawbacks or pitfalls that need to be looked at and addressed? Can biometrics be the solution to the main NFTs problems?

71. 2021 is The Year of the NFT

NFTs may look like a passing trend, but they are far from it. Learn what is truly exciting about NFTs and the potential they can unlock.

72. What Dynamic NFTs Can Do

A dynamic NFT can change its properties to fit external conditions such as time, weather and other variables. This ability makes it useful for art and data.

73. How to Create a Roadmap For an NFT Marketplace Development Project

Success with an NFT development project requires a careful, managed approach similar to any modern software development initiative.

74. Top 10 Nifty Blockchains that Create & Manage NFTs

Blockchain provides decentralized consensus to its consumers. Blockchain allows algorithmic contracting & smart contracts check out these top 10 nft blockchains

75. Ownership, Authenticity and Cloning of NFTs for the Greater Good

Let's demonstrate some issues NFTs have by cloning them!

76. 5 Most Popular NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

In this article you will find best Best NFT Marketplaces and Top NFT Marketplaces in 2022 and Top NFT Platforms to Buy and Sell NFTs.

77. The Future of NFTs In The Web3 Economy

The role of NFT in the Web3 economy

78. NFTs, The Next Frontier for Artists

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens open up new possibilities and opportunities for artists to get discovered and commissions. Learn how artists can benefit from NFTs.

79. The Rising Tempo: An Intro to Music NFTs

Find out about the rise of music NFTs, why musicians are minting Music NFTs, and how the music industry could be transformed with platforms like HEN Radio.

80. The Resurgence of Pudgy

Pudgy Penguin has skyrocketed in the last couple of weeks. Where has this come from? Is it here to stay? My personal experience with Pudgy and more.

81. Top Platforms to Tokenize Your Investment Assets

how tokenization is transforming the entire investment ecosystem including traditional venture investment and start up markets

82. How a B2B NFT Platform Can Help Businesses Retain Customers

NIFTYZ is the new NFT for business platform created by female founder & CEO Sara Simeone, based in Manchester UK. Early adopters wanted!

83. SparkWorld* has Launched a "Fair NFT Minting System" That Aims to Replace Whitelists

NFT minting has evolved over time, from first-come, first serve (FCFS), to whitelist spots. Now there is a new protocol based on predictions that avoids it.

84. Why Knights of Degen Belongs on Your 2023 NFT Watchlist

Don't have time to read the full Knights of Degen whitepaper and uncover the crypto-infused sports gambling platform they're creating? I've got you covered.

85. How NFTs and Museums are Creating A Digital Art Revolution

NFTs (and their derivatives) are the future of art, and museums are the perfect place to start. Explore the latest trends in NFTs and how they're changing

86. NFTs Are More Beneficial to Museums than You Think

How are museums using NFTs, and perhaps just as intriguing, why are they using NFTs?

87. Doodles: A Brand Exceeding the NFT Community

A breakdown on how and why Doodles are one of the biggest brands in the NFT space and why they will help bridge the gap from web2 to web3

88. A Guide to NFT Marketing; a Web3 Essential

WEB3 Marketing is an essential for any business aiming to approach the WEB3 space.

89. How NFTs Are Growing Outside of The Ethereum Ecosystem

There is more to NFTs than JPEG art collections and blockchain games, this trending technology is starting to find new and novel applications in the real world.

90. Tracking Brands Moving Into Web3, Developments in NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Tracking brands moving into web3, developments in NFTs, and the metaverse.

91. NFT and Offline Businesses

Today offline businesses can use NFT tokens to increase revenue. NFTs are a powerful tool for attracting crypto enthusiasts. Read to know how to use NFTs.

92. How the NFTs and NFT Marketplaces Are Set to Evolve in 2022

NFTs and NFT Markeplaces had a good 2021, generating massive profits and breaking some records. So how will they evolve in 2022? What will change this year?

93. The Future of NFTs and Metaverse According to Punk 6529

The Future of NFTs and Metaverse according to Punk 6529 is a key to understanding the direction of social evolution and the transition to Web3 and the Metaverse

94. Bored Ape Yacht Club: The New Trend For Digital Collectibles?

Remember the Crypto Punks?

95. Exploring the Metaverse with MultiNFT CEO Guy Goldenberg

In this AMA, we had the pleasure of being joined by Guy Goldenberg, the CEO of MultiNFT.

96. Onboarding Billions of Users into the Metaverse is 'Inevitable' with Web 3.0

In this slogging AMA, we had the pleasure of chatting to the cofounders of Inevitable Media, Tiago Amaral and Kaynã Rodrigues.

97. Decrypt the NFT Market: Connection Drives Economic Demand - A Meta-Analysis and Reflection

The hunger for connection is one of the psychically chthonic forces that can drive demand for NFTs.

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