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91 Stories To Learn About Azure

by Learn RepoApril 10th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Azure via these 91 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Azure via these 91 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Setting up a Debugging Environment for Azure Functions 2.x using VS Code


2. Cloud Orchestration Vs. Cloud Automation Explained

Nowadays, the public cloud has become the tech solution of choice for many companies, including Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. Why? The reason is simple - due to flexible nature, public cloud solutions allow businesses to save money on unused resources. Moreover, cloud hosting is a perfect way to save time on managing and maintaining the data centers in which your data is stored since these are the responsibilities of your cloud service provider.

3. The AWS Outage Downed Slack, Zoom, and Notion, Among Others. A Multi-Cloud Approach Could've Helped

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a second in a row-major outage a few days ago. Most likely Slack, Zoom and Notion were affected by this.

4. 10 Microsoft Azure Courses for Beginners to Learn Azure Cloud Computing

If you want to learn Microsoft Azure or prepare for AZ-900 or Microsoft Azure fundamentals exam and need the best resources, you have come to the right place.

5. SASS Processing in Azure Devops Pipeline

Compile SASS in a well developed Azure DevOps pipeline to streamline processes for your web infrastructure by using an existing DevOps extension already around.

6. Microsoft's DAPR (Distributed Application Runtime): An Overview

Discover the powerful capabilities of Dapr by implementing a sample application with microservices leveraging the actor model to foster its strengths.

7. Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs Need to Die

Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs need to die

8. AWS, Azure and GCP Pricing: The True Cost of DevOps

To make the choice between 3 market giants (Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud) clearer, we've conducted research on the pricing plans for DevOps services.

9. How to Integrate ServiceNow and Azure DevOps

Integrate ServiceNow and Azure DevOps in a few clicks. Utilize smart automation to improve cross-team communication and resolve critical issues much faster.

10. How to use Azure Functions Core Tools to create a local.settings.json file and run Functions locally

We use Azure Function Core Tools to create a local.settings.json file and import our Function settings to that file so we can run our Functions locally.

11. Site Reliability Engineering with Azure

Tools for SRE: Azure Monitor, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Policy, Azure Automation, Azure Advisor, Azure Automanage, Azure Blueprint

12. How to Create Release Pipelines in Azure Devops in 7 Simple Steps

This article will explain how to create release pipelines in Azure Devops in seven simple steps.

13. Serverless Functions with C#, Azure and AWS

This article will explain how to build serverless functions on the primary cloud providers services: Azure and AWS.

14. Static Code Analysis  for Infrastructure as Code Using Azure DevOps Pipelines

This article explains how to set up static code analysis for infrastructure as code using Azure DevOps pipelines.

15. How to Publish NuGet Packages to a Private Feed Using Azure Artifacts

We can publish NuGet packages to internal feeds hosted in Azure Artifacts easily via pipelines defined in YAML files.

16. Beginner's Guide to Deploying a Spring Boot App to Azure App Service

If you are building a Java-based spring boot app, but struggling to deploy app to Azure Cloud, this blog post is for you. It will provide a brief introduction of Azure App Service and App service Plans and a step-by-step guide to deploy Java based Spring boot app to Azure App service.

17. Migration On-Premises Application to Serverless

Note: This article covers everything that I present in Viet Nam Web Summit 2019 (VNWS2019) — the biggest event of Viet Nam IT Community.

Nowadays, “Serverless” keyword becomes very popular. Serverless is changing how developers and companies alike approach delivering business value using the public cloud. You can easily find a dozen of articles regarding this keyword. However, I’m pretty sure that, there are not too many articles show you step-by-step to migrate an On-Premises application to Serverless, but in this article, I will do!

18. How Bindings in Azure Functions Work

What Bindings are in Azure Functions, How they currently work with in-process Functions, and how they work a little differently for isolated functions.

19. Fixing Logging Issues In ASP.NET: TelemetryClient Vs. ILogger

TelemetryClient vs ILogger or how to improve logging experience in C# ASP.NET for Application Insights

20. How to Use C# Azure.Data.Tables SDK with Azure Cosmos DB

In this article, I’ll show you how we can perform simple operations against a Azure Cosmos DB Table API account using the new Azure.Data.Table C# SDK.

21. AWS Vs. Azure: Key Differences and Business Benefits

The Big Three, Amazon, Azure, and Google, are driving the cloud computing market. The variety of opportunities they offer to businesses is endless which makes the decision even more difficult — which cloud will benefit my business the most?

22. How to Use Azure Functions to Build a QR Code Generator

How to build a fun QR code project and learn about Azure Functions at the same time. Using the latest .NET technologies.

23. Why Azure Arc is a Game Changer?

The sky is the limit with Azure ARC. Networking for your business can mean more than just getting servers and connecting them together. It can mean creating, developing, and evolving solutions to address your business' IT infrastructure needs.

24. Serverless Can Help You To Focus

Time is crucial in startups. We are experiencing a constant race against time. Your market might be time sensitive, and you need to grow fast. Most startups fail because they run out of cash and time. Serverless helps you spend time only on things that matter instead of stuff that seems shiny but isn’t essential.

25. Simple Steps To Connect SQL Azure To SSMS

Find out easy and sequential process on how to connect to Azure SQL Server and create a database using SQL Server Management Studio.

26. How to Create a Serverless API Using Azure Cosmos DB

In this tutorial, we’ll build a Web API using Azure Functions that stores data in Azure Cosmos DB with MongoDB API in C#

27. Implementing Blue/Green Deployments with Azure Web Apps for Containers

Using Deployment slots, we can perform Blue/Green deployments in Azure App Service to achieve zero-downtime deployments for our containerized workloads.

28. How to Run a Flask application with free GPU acceleration for students with PyCharm

Many Deep learning or Machine Learning projects require GPU acceleration, and getting access to external GPUs or using GPU services by different cloud services can be costly, especially for students.

29. How to Run C# Azure Functions in an Isolated Process

We can run our C# Azure Functions in an isolated process, decoupling the version of .NET that we use in our functions from the runtime version.

30. Active storage with Azure [A How-To Guide]

Before I start rambling about my adventures with Rails, I want to do something I'd appreciate more people doing, and hey, be the change you want in the world, so the actual step by step is gonna be under the title THE ACTUAL TUTORIAL (in this same article, don't go D:), you can skip there if you're in a rush, but I think there's some value in the process of finding the answer, other than the answer itself, and I don't know, this is my way to communicate things. We all good? Ok, here we go.

31. An Invitation to Hack Microsoft’s Azure Security Lab.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by anyway from Microsoft's Azure Team.

32. Deploying CakePHP Project To The Cloud

Follow these steps to understand how to deploy a CakePHP application to the cloud. While some cloud providers offer simple solutions, you will notice that others require a bit more technical know-how for you to deploy an app.

33. How to Create an Azure API Management Instance using Bicep Lang via Azure DevOps

The more I use Bicep, the more I love it. This is what ARM Templates should have been.

34. The Convergence of AI + IOT is Imminent & Your Competitor is Already Preparing for It

With the emergence of ever-cheaper and robust hardware, 5G connectivity around the corner, and most importantly, a growing list of real world use cases, we can all agree that IOT projects are here to stay. But is that where it ends ?

35. Is There a Future for Cloud-in-a-Box?

Cloud-in-a-box originally seemed like the perfect compromise, letting enterprises reinvent their aging data centers for today’s IT, built around a cloud-based model. It offered some of the important advantages of public cloud, like better optimization of computer resources and self-service.

36. Top Cloud Platform Comparison: 2021 Edition

This is a comprehensive research of the top cloud service providers, as well as some second-tier market players.

37. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which One Delivers Most Value for the Price

How to choose the right cloud provider for your business? Read this updated 2021 pricing comparison for AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud.

38. Fast Prototyping With Azure Functions and TDD

I Had an Idea

39. SQL Server container in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

So recently I got involved with an ASP.NET project which was build over 10 years ago and over the years Developers and Change Requests came and went. And over the period the Application became quite cumbersome and quite hard to understand and manage, the Application became quite large in terms of functionality, codebase and data.

40. Cloud Migration: Automated Discovery Tools And Their Benefits

With the advent of new tools, automation and orchestration are having an immense impact on easing the burden of moving to the cloud.

41. 10 AI Development Companies Leading AI Innovation in 2023

Artificial intelligence is a technology that surprised the world by evolving from a fictional tale in movies to now having a ubiquitous influence in every sphere of human life.

42. Deploying a Java Spring Boot app on AKS with Azure Database for PostgreSQL

In this post, learn how to run a Java Spring Boot application on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and connects to Azure PostgreSQL using Azure AD Pod identity.

43. Azure Hack: Use AzCopy on Azure Cloud Shell to Upload Large Files to Storage Accounts

A little backstory, I ran into an interesting problem today I needed to get a 40GB Virtual Machine Image to a storage account in Azure so i could create a Virtual Machine from it.

44. Issues With Setting up Azure Functions with a Service Bus Trigger

So recently we had a problem. We’ve started building a micro-service based e-commerce platform that communicates using azure service bus. Unfortunately, we found that setting up azure functions with a service bus trigger either ended up with a lot of code to maintain or a lot of deployment pipelines. It was getting to be a pain, so we looked for an alternative which we found with logic apps and a bootstrapper function which I’ll take you through how to implement.

45. Implement Dynamics REST API using Node.js [Tutorial]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools, although currently Dynamics is more popular for its CRM capabilities.

46. Golang: A Short History of My Tech Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That's how everything in our tech journey begins. We all got here with a single step, that slowly became multiple steps. Before we know it, we are a thousand miles in. When I first started my career, I was in helpdesk. Now, I’m a developer advocate. The way that happened was with thousands of steps.

47. A Quick Guide to Using Deployment Slots with Azure Functions

And how do they differ from non-serverless plans?

48. How To Set Up Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines for Android

Learn how to enable CI CD Pipelines to automatically deploy your Android App Bundle (.aab) build to the Google Play Console.

49. How to Install Tekton Pipelines in the Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster

CI\CD with Tekton Pipelines in AKS serverless Virtual Nodes

50. Automated Data Replication From AWS S3 To Microsoft Azure Storage Made Easy

It may be a requirement of your business to move a good amount of data periodically from one public cloud to another. More specifically, you may face mandates requiring a multi-cloud solution. This article covers one approach to automate data replication from AWS S3 Bucket to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage container using Amazon S3 Inventory, Amazon S3 Batch Operations, Fargate, and AzCopy.

51. In-Depth Guide to Connecting your AWS and Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Let’s say that you have spent the last 2 years developing your enterprise services in either of the two cloud providers and now you decide to start using the other one. A possible scenario that would bring about such a requirement could be a migration from one cloud service provided to the other.

52. Managing Active Directory Objects with Azure AD Provider for Terraform

Learn how to manage Active Directory Objects with Azure AD Provider for Terraform. See examples of how to authenticate and grant the correct permissions.

53. A Complete Inventory of Your AWS Footprint in 5 Minutes

Multi-cloud asset inventory for AWS, Azure, GCP.

54. How To Use Ballerina in Azure Functions

Ballerina since v1.2.5 has built-in support for Azure Functions. In this way, you can take a Ballerina function and expose it as a serverless function in Azure Functions. Azure Functions take on a unique approach in defining serverless functions with the function trigger and bindings concept. In this way, we can access other cloud services such as storage services (queue, blob, etc.), CosmosDB, Twillio, and timers right from the function itself without any additional connectors or authentication processes. We map our parameters and return types with these bindings, which provides us direct access to the resources.

55. How to Build Token Refresh Service for the Fitbit API in Azure

We can generate a refresh and access token required to call the Fitbit API programmatically with a simple Timer trigger function in Azure.

56. CAST AI vs. Two Approaches to Automated Cloud Cost Optimization

Explore two automation solutions that use automation to optimize cloud costs: CAST AI vs and see which one is a better pick for you.

57. Microsoft Azure Certifications: What is the difference between AZ-303 and AZ-304?

Cloud computing has become one of the most important features of the modern IT industry. Every client needs to have their application highly scalable.

58. Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Move Away from Cloud Services

Humans possess a remarkable ability to nostalgically reminisce about dark times as if they were the best of times.

59. The DevOps Tools to Optimize your Workflow

Want to take a laugh at yet another boring list, right? I’ll try to surprise you with a list of unique tools that you probably still don’t know!

60. 2023 Will Be the Year of Kubernetes (and Other Predictions in the Cloud and Infrastructure Industry)

Dive into the new year’s top cloud and infra-tech trends, straight from a cloud and infrastructure technology fanatic.

61. Understanding Azure AZ-500 Certification Exam

Thinking about what is this AZ-500 test and on the off chance that you need to take it? Allow us to illuminate the subtleties to you!

62. Getting Started with Microsoft's PowerShell

Powershell forms an important part of automation in the azure and windows world. This article covers various considerations for powershell scripting.

63. IoT Performance Load Testing with Locust and Azure

Test the performance of an IoT system using Locust and Azure.

64. 6 Simple Steps to Import a Project to Azure Repos from Git

This article will explain how to import a project from Git to Azure Repos in 6 easy steps.

65. Cloud Wars: AWS Vs. Azure Vs. Google Cloud

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are three cloud services that are the creations of three large worldwide corporations with a global customer base and a constant commitment to improving their services andproducts.

66. Features to Leverage While Implementing Azure DevOps in Your Organization

Do you know what's Azure DevOps and how can your business leverage its features while implementing them in your organization? Let's take a read at this blog.

67. Configuring SQL Server for High Availability in the Cloud

Every big Cloud service provider offers you guaranteed SLAs availability about 99.95 %, and this percentage of availability can make you think that cloud is perfect for a SQL Server deployment which requires High Availability. Azure and AWS are the two giants of cloud services, and their geographical distribution of data centers can leverage you to think of cloud for a SQL server development configured with disaster recovery.

68. The State of Cloud Automation and the Promise of Infrastructure Automation

The Cloud has become a familiar feature of the tech stacks at most organizations and is becoming much more than a place for server resources. At present, almost everything in our digital landscape is connected to a Cloud in one way or another.

69. A Look at Use of API Gateways When Creating Complex Systems

API Gateways can help you create microservices and micro frontends, and expose rich APIs to your customers while keeping things simple on your company.

70. Get a Free Week on Cloud Academy To Kickstart Your Tech Training

Are you looking to make a jump in your technical career? Want to get trained or certified on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DevOps, Kubernetes, Python, or another in-demand skill?

71. Building a Custom Solution for Financial Analytics

The success of financial services is highly dependent on data accuracy and analytics. Creating a custom solution helps to overcome this challenge.

72. Using Azure SignalR Service In DotNetify

How dotNetify implemented horizontal scaling of SignalR apps with proxy instead of a backplane.

73. AWS Auto Scaling Groups: Have Fun Learning AWS Through Comics

This is a comic conversation tutorial between two guys that will explain the Auto Scaling concept easily.

74. CAST AI Extends Support to AWS, Azure, and GCP After Raising $10M

CAST AI platform that optimizes cloud spend now supports all three major cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

75. How to Build and Deploy C# Azure Functions using Multi-Stage Pipelines in Azure DevOps

Using YAML Build pipelines, we can define our entire build and release pipeline in a single file!

76. How to Set Up Azure CDN For Lower Latency and Bandwidth Consumption

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps you deliver your content more quickly. Read more on how you can achieve that.

77. How to Backup Your Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts

Azure Storage Account is one of the foundation services of Azure. Pretty much all other services use it under the cover in a way or another. This service is simple, works great, and has crazy SLA and redundancy capabilities. However, it doesn't provide a point in time restore. Meaning that if you corrupt or delete some data, there's no way to recover it. There are some solutions that you can find over the internet, but unfortunately, none of them is a silver bullet. Let's explore and compare some of them.

78. Cloud Cost Management Vs. Cloud Cost Optimization: Which is Better?

Cloud cost management doesn’t guarantee savings, automated optimization does.

79. Ethics, AI, and Responsible ML: Design Principles and Potential Dangers

As we enter the 2020s, it is interesting to look back at how life has changed over the last decade. Compared to your life in 2010, most of you reading this probably use a lot more social media, watch more streaming video, do more shopping online and, in general, are “more digital”. Of course, this is as a result of the continued development in connectivity (4G becoming prominent, with 5G on the horizon), the capability of mobile devices, and lastly, the quiet and transparent adoption of machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, in the services that you consume.

80. The Way to Building Integrated Data Platforms with IoT Edge Devices and AI Algorithms "At the Edge"

There is growing demand in various industries, such as energy, agriculture, transportation, and also in scientific research fields, particularly environmental studies, for not only more intelligent and efficient data collection, but also for distributed and localised manipulation of the data being collected, in real-time.

81. Cloud Me a River: Is Multi-Cloud a Poor Practice?

What if you could just migrate between cloud providers in seconds while achieving the best cost and performance combination? CAST AI connects them

82. Creating and Provisioning Azure Container Apps with Bicep

Using Bicep, we can deploy Azure Container Apps quickly and easily!

83. Automating SwaggerHub User Management with Azure AD, Microsoft Graph, and Azure Functions

How to automate SwaggerHub user management with a mixture of Microsoft services including Azure and Graph with an API to keep things simple for developers.

84. How to Reduce the Chances of an Outage

An outage (also known as downtime) is a period of time when a given service or system is unavailable, failing to provide and perform its primary functionality.

85. Securing Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory is an integrated directory By Microsoft. Security is one of the major reasons why many companies have failed to invest in Active Directory.

86. Integrating An SAP ABAP System With The Ethereum Mainnet [A Step-by-Step Guide]

You’ve likely heard of Ethereum in the context of cryptocurrency, but perhaps not so much in the context of enterprise software.

87. Using Jupyter/TensorBoard In Any Cloud With One Command

Using Terraform Provider Iterative for bespoke Machine Learning & Data Science on AWS, Azure, GCP and K8s

88. Running Azure IoT Edge for Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04

Azure IoT Edge is a relatively new addition to the Azure IoT cloud solution. It is used to analyze data on devices "at the edge" instead of in the cloud.

89. 6 Tips on How to Choose a Proper VM and Save on Your Cloud Costs

Did you know that 90% of applications have 5x more resources than they actually need?

90. Sharing My Experience Attending MS Build 2020

This year was a special edition of MS Build; for obvious reasons, it was 100% virtual. I must say that I had my doubts at first, but I'm forced to admit that Microsoft nailed it. The experience was fantastic. I liked the personal schedule builder and the rebroadcast in 3 different timezones, to only name a few things. Microsoft even took the time to ship the conference's gear to all attendees, DIRECTLY to their doorstep, what a nice touch.

91. Cheapskate's Journey to On-Demand Load Tests with Locust

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