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8 Must-Have Slack Apps for Marketers

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We are huge fans of Slack. We use it for nearly all of our internal communications, and it has completely changed the way we work. Not only is Slack a great messaging app that has helped us work more efficiently and productively, but it also easily integrates with many other platforms and tools we use as marketers on a daily basis.

There are many innovative bots and apps that can help your marketing team stay on top of your efforts — here are some of the best ones to integrate today that will instantly add value and boost your team’s productivity.

Receive easy-to-understand updates from Google Analytics

Arc — Your Google Analytics summarized in Slack. No need to dig around in the Google Analytics platform on a daily basis. Now you can start your day with a short, easy to read message about your website’s traffic and activity.

Pricing: Free.

Proofread your content

Nurtz — A human professional editor will swiftly refine and polish your text without having to leave your messenger window. Anyone on your team can message the Nurtz bot to proofread an email, abstract or any other text piece. As soon as your text is ready, Nurtz will message back an edited copy. In most cases proofreading takes 5–15 minutes.

Pricing: $0.02/word. First 100 words are free.

Receive notification when someone mentions you

Notify — Whenever your brand is mentioned on social media, receive a notification on Slack. You can setup notifications for your company, clients, competitors, events, and even specific topics that you’re interested in. Then, choose from dozens of sources — Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Product Hunt, etc., and receive a notification whenever your topic is mentioned. With Notify, you can stay on top of your competitors, receive real-time notifications when someone is looking for your service, and find press coverage about your brand.

Pricing: Get 50,000 mentions every month, free forever, on selected sources.

Everything Twitter in one place

Twitter — The Twitter app brings tweets directly into Slack. You can use it to automatically update a channel whenever tweets are sent from your company Twitter account, or easily track every mention of your Twitter @username. After set up, your tweets and mentions will also be easily searchable in Slack.

Pricing: Free.

See who’s subscribing to your email list

Mailchimp — Receive updates in Slack when people subscribe or unsubscribe from your Mailchimp lists. You can also see the status of your sent campaigns.

Pricing: Free.

Receive your app’s reviews and share the best ones

Review Monitor — LaunchKit’s Review Monitor checks the App Store for new reviews and posts them to your Slack channel. You can seamlessly connect it to your Twitter account and automatically post a tweet every time you get a 5-star review. Every review also has an easily shareable page so you can share your best (and funniest) reviews.

Pricing: Free. Pro Plan to track more than one app and reviews from every country coming soon.

Brainstorm and vote on content ideas, titles, and more

Simple Poll— Create simple, native polls right in Slack and your entire team can vote within your Slack channel. With Simple Poll, you can add up to ten different, emoji-friendly, options and use it to vote on post ideas, headlines, and more.

Pricing: Free.

Track your content marketing performance

Priceonomics Tracker — If you make content, you might as well track how it’s doing. Priceonomics Tracker syncs with Google Analytics and social APIs to report on the performance of your content. It integrates with Slack, so you can find out when awesome things happen right away, such as — inbound links, traffic, conversions, and social sharing.

Pricing: Free for up to 20 pieces of content.

Does your team use Slack? Which apps or integrations are your favorite?


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