8 iOS Courses That Will Take You From Newbie to Pro: 2020 Edition by@shiva-skanthan

8 iOS Courses That Will Take You From Newbie to Pro: 2020 Edition

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Is learning to code on your bucket list for this year? Well here are all the courses you need to get started on your journey to the App Store!

iOS 13 & Swift 5-The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp - $9.99


This is where I started my journey two years ago and I’ve never looked back. Angela Yu (instructor) does an amazing job breaking down the most basic and advanced topics of app development into bite-sized videos that will encourage even the most novice of coders to master core concepts early. As a bonus, this course also includes comprehensive sections on App Store submissions, app design and marketing as well. Plus, you will be given access to a Discord channel to learn and discuss with thousands of fellow app developers. All this for a course that is usually priced under $15.

iOS 12: Learn to Code & Build Real iOS 12 Apps in Swift 4.2 -$9.99


Jonny B and Caleb Stulz have moved on from their Devslopes days and created a very unique course. I say unique only because they have one very valuable section that guides you to integrate Stripe. I’ve not been able to find any other courses that offers a similar advanced section that is easy to consume. So for this reason alone, I would encourage anyone to enrol in this course. Access to a private Slack group where Jonny is an active member is also an added bonus.

iOS 12 & Swift 5 — App Design, UI/UX plus Development -$9.99


An excellent course that is focused around design while covering various iOS topics that will make you a more well-rounded developer. Gwinyai adds further value by including topics to help you work with design tools like Sketch and Figma, something that is not covered in most iOS courses. My pick from this course is learning how to add animations into your app. With more than 80 hours of content for just $9.99, this course is a must have and an absolute steal!

Instagram Firebase and more by Lets Build That App -$60-$90


Now that you are done with the basics of iOS development, its time to kick it up a notch and there is no better place than at Lets Build That App. Brian Voong’s courses might be pricey but they are the best ones out there. He has an array of courses that cover many topics but the Instagram Firebase course is the best one to start with as you will learn the building blocks building great UI programmatically.

No storyboards, just pure code. He has other well crafted courses like Tinder Firestore Swipe and MatchAppStore JSON API’s and his latest one Maps UIKit SwiftUI which are all worth having a go at. He also has an excellent YouTube channel worth checking out.

GitHub Followers by Sean Allen -$89 for a limited time only


Next up, we have a relatively new course instructor but by no means any less experienced. Sean has been a standout favourite in YouTube and recently released his first iOS course. He has touted this course as a great guide to getting your first iOS job as it mimics your everyday take home interview project. While I’ve not had the opportunity to try out the course, I do believe that there’s a lot of great content in there (judging from the previews).

Programmatic Uber Clone | Swift + Firebase | No Storyboards! -$9.99


Don’t get fooled by the low enrolment in the image above, this course will take off and I’m 100% sure of it. Released during the time of writing, it covers a topic that is a personal favourite for most developers, “How to build an Uber app?”. I’ve yet to try this course but its definitely on my to do list for this year so expect an update to this section in the near future. I first started following Stephan via his YouTube channel while trying to learn how to create a Settings page.

Design+Code -$9/month billed annually


Curious about SwiftUI? Apple’s new declarative framework. Well this is probably the best place to start (after Angela Yu’s course that is). Course instructor Meng To is an avid designer and will talk you through the basics of SwiftUI while you build out a full functioning app with animations, navigations, list and so much more. A recent email has confirmed that a new and updated course should be out soon. You will also have full access to more than 25 courses at your disposal.

SwiftUI — Declarative Interfaces for any Apple Device -$9.99


One of the earliest to release content related to SwiftUI, Mohammad Azam’s Best Seller covers all you need to know about building UI with SwiftUI. This course also covers other important topics like consuming JSON web API’s and implementing the MVVM design pattern. All of which makes this course a must try for anyone keen on going deeper into SwiftUI.

Final thoughts

Special thanks for reading through the list and I certainly hope that it drives your app development ambitions. The road is long and tiring but the destination is certainly a rewarding one as you will have the opportunity to develop and monetise your own app.

Please drop a comment if there are any courses that I’ve missed out. I do plan on releasing more iOS content to help the community of budding app developers so I appreciate any feedback from the community as well.


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