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8 Information Technology Industry Trends for 2021

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The IT industry is quite attractive from different sides: for those who choose IT as a profession, and for businessmen, as one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy. The situation is not surprising, because IT is a fairly promising area, whose fruits greatly simplify our life, especially in the unpredictable 2020.

No one knows exactly what awaits us in 2021 in the IT sector, but I am ready to share forecasts from experts that can significantly affect businesses.

8 IT Trends Predicted for 2021

  • By 2021, 40% of IT staff will simultaneously possess multiple skills and perform multiple professional tasks. At the same time, most of the activity will be related not to technology, but to business. In this case, each employee can be helped by a cloud environment that includes the most essential tools. In addition, cloud platforms will also be responsible for a high level of security.
  • Advanced retailers will begin introducing visual and voice product search services on their sites. Companies will learn to better understand consumers' wishes, interests, and intentions. In short, the main focus for businesses will be “user intent”.
  • Global spending on IT infrastructure based on virtualization and the use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which includes virtual desktop infrastructure, will double, and more than 90% of all companies will use many services and platforms at once.
  • Proactive IT support will replace reactive support services. It will prevent issues from occurring in the first place by consistently monitoring systems, servers, and networks to identify and solve potential issues before they’ve even occurred. Proactive IT support will reduce the amount of time spent on rectifying IT issues and give the team more time to work on important tasks.
  • By the end of 2021, at least 50% of the total market value of all finished goods and services (GDP - gross domestic product) will be associated with digital technologies, and further growth of the indicator will be facilitated by-products improved by digital means - production processes.
  • Mobile applications will replace full-fledged PC versions in the B2C segment! The most significant investments will still have to be left not for expanding the service, but for ensuring digital security. An equally important trend in mobile development will be the integration of cloud platforms. I expect confident steps towards the development of the outlined trends in mobile development already in 2021.
  • According to experts, after the pandemic, about 25% of employees will be transferred to permanent remote work, which will radically change the segment and entail the organization of a remote desktop focused on serving the business. Several solutions will allow and help employees to fully participate in the company's business processes from a distance: these are solutions for ensuring the availability of VPN and VDI services, as well as remote access to e-mail.
  • IT technologies will also help preserve health. Soon, applications for mobile clinics and laboratories, telemedicine, and patient consultation via the Internet will be in high demand.

Of course, we have given far from all the trends and arguments in the field of information technology and the immediate prospects in this business. This topic is endless, as is the process itself.

The only recommendation: we should not forget that we live in a constantly changing world and it is important to remain open to everything new and keep up with the times. Only this attitude can guarantee business success in the coming new year.

Julie Stephan Hacker Noon profile picture
by Julie Stephan @julie99. Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, and design. Part time researcher.Read my stories


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