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77 Stories To Learn About Laravel

by Learn RepoMay 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Laravel via these 77 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Laravel via these 77 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. The Simple & Efficient Way to Enable JWT auth in Laravel By Using PHP-JWT Module

I encounter this issue while working on an application for a client recently. Instead of using a JWT library build for Laravel, I used firebase/php-jwt to generate and authenticate users. Don’t ask why as there were many reasons behind this decision. If you are using any Laravel library for JWT like tymondesigns/jwt-auth then you don’t need this anyway, use the library if you want.

2. A Quick Guide to Upgrading Laravel to Version 9 🚀

How you can upgrade your laravel application to version 9

3. PHP Laravel VS Symfony: A Detailed Comparison of Web Development Frameworks

When PHP developers need to prepare any enterprise-grade web application, they often prefer to use a framework.

4. How To Install Bash On Windows 10

Microsoft recently joined hands with Canonical (the parent company of Ubuntu) to bring the entire userland into Windows, minus the Linux Kernel. So as a result, you, as a developer, get access to the whole range of Ubuntu command-line tools and utilities with bash shell integrated with Windows. Let’s look at how we can install Bash on Windows 10 and take full advantage of the new feature.

5. My Laravel Repository Pattern Solution (in only 30 lines of code)

A 30 line piece of script can finally provide a good solution for a repository pattern in Laravel apps.

6. 7 Laravel Tips You Should Know

Hello, my name is Adrian. After writing an article about 6 Eloquent Tricks Every Laravel Developer Should Know and receiving a better than expected feedback from the readers, I decided to show some more Laravel tips that are used at Weap.

7. Error Messages Vs Validation Messages in Laravel Blade

I like to show error messages on top of the page and it’s pretty easy to do that with Laravel and Blade:

8. Laravel Nova Dashboard with Customizable Chart

Most of the time in the part of development in software application, users need to have an admin page to show multiple data and information such as sales performance, operation performance, etc. As one of PHP framework, laravel built an administrative panel called laravel nova. Nova is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel. By using this tool, you can easily create and manage your admin panel of your website without having create it from scratch. The cool thing about Nova is it developed using PHP or Vue.js because of Laravel compatibility. Hence it makes your admin panel can be flawless and writing custom components is a cinch.

9. Laravel & Vuejs: A Miraculous Combination for Perfect Web Applications

With 72% of the market share, PHP is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Laravel is a powerful Model-View-Controller based PHP framework for all of the web artisans. This open-source PHP framework was created for creating full-featured websites. It is the best choice for web app developers who seeks expressive, simple and elegant toolkit in order to create elegant applications with a good speed. The founders of Laravel value elegance, simplicity, and readability more than anything and designed this PHP framework upholding these values. It is PHP’s fastest-growing framework owing to its scalability, ease of use, and flexibility.

10. Running Multiple Docker Containers With Custom Config Files

Many of us using Docker to make our lives easier have ran into the issue of conflicting ports due to running more than 1 docker container. It’s easy to get bogged down into changing config files and squander an entire afternoon. I intend to write this article as a reminder to my future self whenever I need to set up multiple instances of docker container on a single machine.

11. Implement Live Video Streaming in a Laravel PHP Web Application Using LiveKit

The Auction Events Platform for Creators is a Laravel PHP web application streaming live video from an auction event, using the LiveKit.

12. An SPA GUI Session as a Non-HttpOnly Cookie

Are you writing a single page application or SPA? If so, you'd probably want to store some session data in the user's browser in order to keep track of the GUI's state.

13. How to set up your local projects to contribute to Laravel (or any PHP library) : a practical guide

Let’s imagine this scenario: You are working on a Laravel application, and you found a bug either in the framework itself or in one of the third party libraries you are using. You edit the code inside your project, or maybe you installed a fresh copy of Laravel and library that has the issue, and you edited the code there. You saved the changes, but when you went to your terminal to commit the changes, GIT just ignored what you did. You start wondering “What’s happening here?”.

14. How to Setup a Powerful PhpStorm Configuration to Improve Laravel Development

By just having the right IDE setup — you can learn and grow, meanwhile producing quality code and software.

15. How to Secure Your Laravel Application

Nowadays, the tools we use to browse the internet require us to follow security standards. Otherwise, they tend to flag our web applications/sites as insecure.

16. Writing CASL React Abilities in a JSON File With a Laravel Artisan Command

When writing a single page application or SPA you might inadvertently end up duplicating code because at the early stage of any project it is quite common to ask yourself so many questions.

17. Choosing Between Ruby on Rails and Laravel for App Development [A How To Guide]

When you are looking for a software development partner for your app idea you obviously want to make sure, that your product will be developed in the best technology possible.

18. Laravel Real-Time Monitoring Using Inspector

Hi, I'm Valerio, software engineer from Italy.

19. 14 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework!

The choice of which framework to use while developing an application depends on many factors, but just like any other application framework, Laravel does have its pros and cons. Leaving inside the hate, I would like to focus on the advantages of using the Laravel framework. Before I jump into the magic of Laravel, I would like to discuss why you would use a framework for developing an application in the first place. What are the potential pitfalls of not using a framework and developing everything on your own?

20. Evaluating Swoft — A PHP Microservices Framework

Swoft is a PHP high performance microservice co-routine framework.

21. 10 Use Cases for Using Laravel to Build Web App Development Projects

It’s no secret that PHP is sometimes considered a “low-barrier-to-entry” programming language. Laravel is a phenomenal framework and it scores better than most.

22. Make your Product Ready to Scale Using Laravel Queues

This guide is for all PHP developers that need a deeper understanding of how to introduce background Jobs in a Laravel application.

23. Validate Your PHP API Tests Against OpenAPI Definitions – A Laravel Example

Am I proud of this montage? You bet I am (by the author)

24. How to Write Raw SQL Query Migration in Laravel

We have created a laravel package to keep the track of raw SQL migration using package Laravel raw sql query migration

25. How to Build Resumable File Uploads into Your Web Apps With Tus, Laravel and Uppy

A guide on how to implement resumable uploads in PHP with TUS, TUS-PHP and Uppy

26. A Better Way to Monitor Your Laravel Services

Kubernetes or auto scaling can create a bit of mess in your monitoring data. Learn how to monitor your Laravel application by services instead of hostnames.

27. How to Add React.js to Laravel

How to add ReactJS to your Laravel project

28. "Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes" Error in Laravel

One of these issues you might stumble across using the PHP framework Laravel is this one:

29. Laravel Homestead: Why, How, and When to Use It In Developement

How to replicate your production environment in your local machine with a few configuration.

30. Building an Inventory Management App Using Vue.js and Laravel

This article originally appeared on the Cosmic JS Blog.

31. How to Setup a Local Environment for Laravel Development With PHP, Node.Js, MySQL And Redis

In this part of my series, we will install a minimum viable local environment for Laravel development.

32. Turn Your IDE Into a Powerhouse for Laravel Development With These Plugins for PhpStorm

I will cover plugins that I use and recommend for your PhpStorm installation.

33. Explore the Value of Custom Rules and Data Validation (With Laravel) in Inspector

The value a software provides to users is often a function of the quality of data it is able to manage.

34. Dockerize Your Laravel Project in a Jiffy

The easiest way to dockerize your Laravel project. you can set up Laravel in just 10 minutes...

35. A Complete Guide to Laravel Sail

This post is about what to expect from Laravel Sail, how it works and how to make the most of it; it is also a plea to developers to break away from it.

36. Django vs. Laravel: A Beginners Guide

Django is a straightforward option to pick up and offers a backend customized according to the users' needs.

37. Scaling Laravel Applications with Octane

Laravel Octane is a great way to scale your Laravel application. It's easy to use and can improve performance without needing to make changes to your codebase.

38. The Pure Laravel Playbook

It used to be the case that when you program a Laravel project, you program in PHP within the Laravel framework, and then have Vue.js or some other front-end framework at the front-end.

39. What's New in Laravel 10: A Peek at New and Upcoming Features

 What to expect in laravel 10: An overview of upcoming features and changes. Laravel v10 is the next major version of Laravel after Laravel v9 and laravel v8

40. Why You Should Use Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Comprehensive guide to web development using laravel framework.

41. What You Need to Know About Ruby on Rails to Start Developing Your First Application

Ruby on Rails is a framework based on Ruby programming language, it is mainly used for web development. what do you need to know about it?

42. How Deemples CEO David Wong built the largest golf app in Malaysia

Deemples was nominated as one of the best startups in Kuala Lumpur in Startups of the Year hosted by HackerNoon. Here's an interview with its CEO.

43. The 10+ Best Tools For Laravel Developers🛠

Check out the best tools for Laravel developers to boost the workflow.

44. Django Vs Laravel: The Ultimate Comparison Guide (2022)

Are you looking for a comparison and an ultimate guide for Django vs laravel? You got the final destinations with features and benchmarks.

45. Find out Whether Model Observers in Laravel are a Bad Practice

Keep your Model Observers in Laravel under control.

46. Configuring Developer Tools and Packages Within PhpStorm For Laravel

In this article, we will also go over and configure anything exclusive to PhpStorm. We start by setting some good defaults, that help with automated code format

47. Laravel Vs Symfony: Answering All The Questions To Make a Better Choice

PHP is highly popular, and needs no introduction. But, so are the frameworks, Laravel, and Symfony. This blog shares detailed insights on the two.

48. An Auction System Needs a Central Clock

An Auction Runs by A Clock

49. How to Generate Sitemaps Using Laravel on the Fly

First things first: What is a sitemap?

50. A Complete Guide to Laravel Sail

Laravel Sail is a powerful tool for managing Laravel development environments, making it a great choice for both solo developers and teams. Get more details.

51. How to Handle All PHP Errors

Sometimes your PHP application might produce many different types of earnings.

52. How to Spot N+1 SQL Query Problems Early for Laravel Projects

My top favorite tools for spotting N+1 problems in database queries for Laravel projects.

53. Replace Comments With Better Code

Hi, I’m Valerio, software engineer from Italy.

54. Adapter Design Pattern: Adapt Everything With Your Codes

When we start building software, we can see many code's incompatibilities. This is because of many codes have been written based on different contracts.

55. Dirty Jobs: Debugging Till the Last Minute

Debugging in practice means getting lost on tangents, trying to look good in front of your subordinates and doing just a little bit of debugging on the side.

56. Using ReactPHP to Stream Media

A design for a streaming media server using ReactPHP and Laravel.

57. Using Components in Laravel: A Gentle Introduction

In recent Laravel projects that I have been working on, I noticed that I reuse a lot of UI components on the same project but also on other coding projects.

58. Make Your Application Scalable Optimizing the ORM Performance

In this article I would share a set of ORMs optimization strategies that I'm using in almost every backend service I'm working on.

59. Extending Laravel Artisan Commands

60. Laravel Real-Time Controllers Monitoring with Inspector-Laravel Package

Hi, I'm Valerio, software engineer from Italy and CTO at Inspector.

61. Composer Packages that Every Laravel Developer Must Have

I believe developers of middle and senior levels should always use these must-haves processes with at least one external data store.

62. Laravel Background Processes Analytics with Inspector

In this article I would show you how to turn on analytics in the dark side of your application: "background Jobs and scheduled Artisan commands execution".

63. Development-Friendly Laravel Tools & Resources

You can improve your productivity in Laravel by using these developer-friendly tools and resources to cut down on time spent on tedious, avoidable tasks.

64. Laravel Application Development: Introduction, Capabilities, and Websites

If there is a framework that offers an exceptional platform for building robust web applications in PHP, it’s Laravel. Launched in 2011, the app development framework quickly started gaining ardent followers and became the most starred PHP framework on GitHub in 2015.

65. Step by Step Guide to Build the Laravel Web App

Step by Step Guide to Build the Laravel Web App

66. Setting Up Laravel Unit and Security Tests

This article provides a detailed explanation of Laravel Unit and Security Tests for web applications built using the Laravel framework. It explains the process

67. Rails and Laravel Explained With Basic MVC Structure

Ok, first of all, this isn’t an article about which framework is better since they have different base languages.

68. An Introduction to Docker for Web Development

This is the introduction to a series that was originally published on Only the introduction was brought to Hacker Noon — links to other parts will take you to that other website.

69. How to Monitor a Bagisto e-commerce in Real-Time using Inspector

Hi I'm Valerio, software engineer from Italy and CTO at Inspector.

70. Laravel 8 Features That You Should Know

This blog talks about why Laravel 8 deserves another look because of several features that makes it perfect for web development.

71. A Guide to Setting up Laravel in Ubuntu

Laravel is a very popular open-source PHP framework aimed at easy development of applications. If you are looking for a new PHP framework, you should give Laravel a try.

72. Set Up Laravel 6 on Google Cloud Run with Continuous Integration [Step-by-Step Guide]

Laravel has soared in popularity in the last few years. The Laravel community even says that Laravel has made writing PHP enjoyable than a pain. Laravel 6 has some interesting new features. Getting a super scaleable working URL for your application take hours if not days. Setting up something like Kubernetes is a huge task. This is where Google Cloud Run shines, you can get a working HTTPs URL for any of your containerized app in minutes.

73. Paypal Integration Package Built With PHP

I have built a component PayPal integration package using PHP Laravel framework.

74. How Laravel Web Development Can Grow Your Business in 2020 and 2021

PHP web frameworks are the most popular sources for web application development. Laravel web development is one of the most important technologies for web application because of the MVC architecture.

75. Explaining Laravel Package Ecosystem

Packages play a big role in the Laravel scene. How big and which packages? To find it out we took the data from the API and filtered out the Laravel packages.

76. 40 Must-Known Laravel Tools and Resources

Laravel learning resources

77. [A How To Guide] Planning the Technology Stack for an Event Sourcing Project

The most common question I encounter when training or consulting with developers, Engineers and Software development laboratories about a new Event Sourcing project is how and where do we start.

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