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7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning AWS

by Ben CryerAugust 12th, 2019
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Cloud computing is taking the tech world by storm and so is the need to learn cloud computing. AWS generated a $5.44 billion in first quarter of 2018, 49% increase in revenue year-on-year. AWS is the fastest growing cloud computing market in the world. The demand curve for cloud-computing skills will only grow at a rapid pace as cloud becomes critical to IT professionals and businesses at large. This blog will give you the top 7 reasons to learn AWS and help you understand why should you pursue an AWS career.

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Why should I learn AWS?

Cloud computing is taking the tech world by storm and so is the need
to learn cloud computing. The only thing certain in IT today is that
it’s never too late to cash in on the cloud. The demand curve for cloud
skills will only grow at a rapid pace as cloud becomes critical to IT
and businesses at large. According to Forbes, the spending on public
cloud services is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate
of 19.4% from $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019. AWS generated a
revenue of $5.44 billion in first quarter of 2018, 49% increase
year-on-year. With Fortune 500 companies and institutions like NASA,
General Electrics, Netflix, IMDb, AirBnB, to name a few extensively
using AWS cloud computing services- AWS is the leader in the cloud
computing market growing at a breakneck pace.

Still not convinced if AWS is for you? This blog will give you the
top 7 reasons to learn AWS and help you understand why should you pursue
AWS careers.

Reasons to Learn AWS

1) AWS -Fastest Growing Public Cloud in the World

AWS was officially launched in 2006 and there were around 180,000
developers on the platform by 2007. By 2015, AWS revenue was $6Billion
USD per annum and since then revenues have doubled and are growing at an
exponential rate .AWS enjoys the advantage of 7 year head start before
facing like-minded competition, and since then the team has never slowed
down. AWS is continuously boosting its growth every quarter. AWS
expanded by 42% in third quarter of 2017 which increased to 45% in
fourth quarter and then  49% in first quarter of 2018. The fastest
growing AWS products used by customers include data crunching tool
Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) growing at a compound annual growth rate
of 24% , network monitoring offering Amazon CloudWatch growing at a
compound annual growth rate of 23%, and serverless product AWS Lambda
growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18%. Considering AWS’ huge
lead, if the current trends continue, we are likely to witness
remarkable acceleration in AWS growth in future.

Want to pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam? Want to become Amazon Web Services Certified? Check Out this AWS Training!

2) Increased Enterprise Cloud Migration to AWS

It is not only small organizations migrating to the cloud, even
commercial enterprises are migrating to the cloud at a rapid pace.
According to a report from McKinsey’s Silicon Valley group, 77%
companies were dependent on traditional IT infrastructure till 2015 but
with large enterprise migrating to cloud-based infrastructure, the
number is expected to drop down to 43% in 2018. Organizations migrating
their services and applications to the cloud are confronted with
multiple challenges and roadblocks. The cloud platforms like AWS, Azure,
Google offer several automated features but migration is not one of
them. This implies that organizations have to depend on customised,
professional services from providers. There is an increasing demand for
cloud professionals who can oversee migration projects in a secure and
organised manner. This requires professionals to have in-depth knowledge
of any chosen cloud platform like AWS. Becoming a certified AWS
solutions architect will endow you with the entire process of shifting
from an existing on-premise application to AWS cloud.

3) AWS Careers Pay Top Money

AWS Certified Solutions Architects -Associate professionals earn an
average salary of $121,292, over $13,000 higher than the average salary
of top 15 IT certified professionals. The salaries for AWS skills in
premium areas like Austin, San Francisco, Washington, or Boston are 25%
higher than usual. According to PayScale, non-architect related AWS
cloud jobs garner comparatively lower pay checks over architect jobs.
The best-paid positions that can help professionals make the most money
from their cloud jobs is –

AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect –$138,051

AWS Senior Cloud Solutions Architect -$132,092

Top Paying AWS Skills According to

AWS SkillSalary


Elastic MapReduce (EMR)$136,250


Elastic Cache$125,625




Key Management Service$117,297

Elastic Beanstalk$114,219


4. AWS Skills on the list of most in-demand skills since 2015

“The need for cloud and data specialists is unlikely to abate
anytime soon, especially as the software platforms powering businesses
become more powerful (and, in many ways, more complex). For tech
professionals, learning any new cloud-related skills is a reliable way
to advance their careers. On the employer side of the equation,
companies should prepare to continue paying top dollar for specialists
in increasingly ubiquitous technologies.”- said Dice President Bob Melk

Knowing which way the wind blows and then keeping up with the change
in the same direction is the need of the hour. And as of today the wind
seems to be blowing into AWS cloud. As Google trends indicate,
organizations are heading for a serious skills shortage around AWS.
Professionals yearning for a lucrative career should run in this
direction. With more than 350,000 professionals required to fill cloud
job roles there’s clearly a huge opportunity for people who can prove
their skills. AWS skills are sitting high on the list of most in-demand
skills for employers.

Use the search term “Cloud”  for a simple full-time jobs search today
on and you will see that there are more than 70,000 results.
Of these Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills are the most in-demand skills
with 25,361 open jobs. 60% of the cloud computing job postings ask for
skills related to Amazon Web Services.

According to a Indeed report, there has been a significant growth of
37% in the Australian job market for AWS professionals in the past year.
The statistics reveal that the number of open AWS jobs is 6 to 12 times
more than the number of job seekers. There are not sufficient people
who know how work with AWS cloud services and jobs are going unfilled
with salaries sky-rocketing for skilled and certified AWS professionals.
It  is clearly evident that cloud computing skills and , specifically
AWS cloud skills are and will continue to be in great demand over the
years to come. AWS’s dominance as a public cloud platform is a major
catalyst driving demand for AWS skills and certifications to higher
levels in the coming years.

5. Flexibility & Scalability

Now that I have already mentioned scalability let’s discuss that
first. Right from initiation Amazon’s focus has been on scalability.
This flexibility meant businesses could easily scale up or down to meet
the business needs. The same philosphy has been incorporated by AWS
which greatly helps the users.This extremely flexible system is now the
hallmark of AWS, and is one of the main reasons to choose AWS. Hence on
demand scalability and flexibility find their place in the list of top 7
reasons to learn AWS and use it.

6. The AWS Certification is a goal that is achievable

Since AWS certification has been around in some form since 2013, many
resources exist to help prospective exam takers to learn AWS. The best
way to learn AWS  is often by taking some form of AWS Solutions Architect training.
AWS Architect training comes in the form of live instructor-led
training, virtual and digital training in addition to a plethora of
books and forums that exist on the subject.

Oftentimes, the best AWS training is training that offers a
combination of theory with a great deal of hands-on exposure to the core
services on the platform. The wealth of information that exists as well
as the overwhelming amount of sample questions and best practices
available makes achieving your certification a real possibility.

7. AWS community

This opens up greater networking opportunities for certified
candidates. AWS certified candidates gain access to the AWS certified
LinkedIn community, receive invites to regional events and free practice
exams to prepare for other certifications.

Amazon also provides you with official AWS certified logo usage and
digital badges so you can display your credentials to the world.

In closing, AWS has become one of the fastest growing technology
products in information technology. Companies are moving forward with
AWS at astounding rates. Getting your AWS certification now will help
you to gain the necessary knowledge and learn the tools needed to work
within this new landscape of technology.

This brings us to the end of this blog on Top 7 reasons to learn AWS. To learn more about AWS you can refer our Amazon AWS Tutorial blog.
We have also come up with a curriculum which covers exactly what you
would need to crack the Solution Architect Exam! You can have a look at
the course details for AWS Solution Architect training.

Better Jobs

Finally, everyone in this world is learning one or the other for what
purpose? Yes, obviously to get a wonderful and meaningful job to lead a
peaceful life. Are you not ready to get hold of an innovative and
powerful job in this amazing competitive world? If any of you waiting to
enter the world of cloud industry, better go ahead with cloud computing
course which can tremendously benefit you to reach the interview phase.

We are at the end of this blog! There are many courses and training
session on AWS, either online or offline. Be sure that there is no end
for learning and age is not a matter for enhancing the technical skills.
AWS plays a major role in this competitive technology world and none of
us are underestimated to keep away from learning such concepts.

Now you are aware of the top 7 reasons to learn AWS and now what are
you waiting for? Just keep rocking with all your valuable skills to
enter the AWS world.