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7 Reasons to Use Video Marketing For Business Growth

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Indeed, the video has revolutionized the marketing world and is becoming one of the most profitable and trendy digital marketing approaches available till date. Well! It's not too hard to understand why 63% of the businesses started using video marketing, and out of those, 82% of businesses believe that videos are one of the vital parts of marketing strategy. 

Due to the high acceptance of appealing and short videos, Facebook and Instagram are leveraging the power of videos and taking over the news feed. Videos are not only easily accessible and versatile but also give a huge ROI by catching the visitor's eye and promoting the business.

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Why Businesses Should Use Video Marketing 

Here are some reasons why businesses should invest more in video marketing: 

1. Boost Conversions and Sales

Just think for a moment, what is the primary objective of organizations? Yes, making money and increasing business revenue is what every organization aims for. Seriously, adding videos in the business marketing strategy improves ROI by increasing the number of sales. According to statistics, 90% of the customers agree that attractive and informative videos help them make the best purchasing decision. 

Indeed, engaging potential customers online is not a cakewalk. But, adding videos on the landing page will not boost the website conversion rate upto 80% but also increase business productivity. 

Also, it is researched that 74% of the people who watch explainer videos are likely to purchase a specific product/service. So, it's better to craft appealing and informative product videos that hit the viewer's eye and produce powerful results.

2. More Appealing to Mobile Users

There are no two opinions that mobile phones are taking over the world. Also, we cannot imagine a world without personalized devices as well as the internet. And the good news is that videos and mobile phones go hand in hand.

Almost 90% of people prefer watching videos on their mobile devices. Even the youtube videos are mostly viewed by the people through their smart devices. It is also evaluated that the number of viewers watching videos will be increased by 100% every year. 

Annoyed by those intrusive ads of YouTube? Ever thought about YouTube without Ads? If yes, then we have an amazing solution for that and It is called ‘YouTube Vanced’.

Also, as per Google, the number of people using mobile phones is twice than TV viewers and 1.4 times the desktop viewers. As the number of smartphone users is growing; therefore, creating mobile-friendly videos in a deliberate way can ensure success.

3. Gives a Better Ranking on Google

Most of the marketers invest their huge time in implementing new strategies to increase the traffic and see the business in the top searches. Well! This is where video marketing comes into play. 

Incorporating videos in the marketing strategy not only boost website SEO but also increases the number of click-through-rates. According to the Moovly statistics, if our website is embedded with videos, then it will be shown 53 times more on google. 

Getting in the top searches and promoting business organically, is not a cup of tea for the marketers. But yes, attractive and informative videos on websites can help marketers make that dream a reality. 

So, make sure each video we create is fully optimized, including its script, title and meta description as it will encourage customers to take the next step without any second thought.

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4. Build Trust with Audience

Well! Trust is the foundation of every business and the backbone of sales and conversions. This is why each marketer aims to build strong relationships with the customers in the first go. Well! The entire concept of video content marketing is based on establishing an emotional connection and trust. 

Yes! It's time to let people choose your product instead of selling it. To make it possible, we need to execute our thoughts and useful information in an impressive way. Well! Videos do it all. 

Videos have the power to influence the viewers, ignite their emotions, build trust and inspire them to make a purchase. Although building a customer's trust by explaining products online is quite challenging, creating an effective marketing video gives viewers more confidence to purchase online. This is why youtube is becoming the most powerful platform to promote the brand.

5. Increases Social Shareable 

Videos are more likely to be shared on social media, which further improves brand awareness. Always remember, "the more the brand awareness, the more the business productivity." 

According to the statistics, 92% of the people share videos after watching it, which is highly beneficial for marketers. Probability of the videos uploaded on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube is high. However, video marketers should always remember that people share emotions instead of facts. 

Well! Generating emotions will not increase the ROI but increase the number of social shares, which further increase the website traffic. Thus, to be competitive and get excellent results, we need to create short, engaging and educational videos that actually convert.

6. Explains Everything 

Explaining complex things online, especially in this fast-paced lifestyle where people look for more in a short time, is quite difficult. But video marketing makes it possible. Creating appealing explainer videos helps in clarifying the complex idea in a much simpler and engaging way. 

According to the research, 98% of the people say that after watching an explainer video, they are able to understand the product better and make an informed decision. That is why 45% of the organizations incorporate videos on their homepage. 

Animated videos not only help in bringing concepts into life with such ease but also engage even the laziest buyers effortlessly. Thus, animated videos are a perfect combination of simplicity, amusement, and satisfaction. So, let's create perfect videos to generate powerful results by following each step appropriately.

source: Slides

7. Easy and Cost-effective

Last but not the least reason is cost and ease. Most likely, marketers aim to generate higher revenue by investing less amount of money. Well! Videos fulfil the desire of marketers and help them target a huge audience at one time. 

For creating fascinating videos, all we need is a smartphone and excellent video editing software. There are both free and paid editing softwares that helps in creating professional videos and reaching the business targets. 

So, let's evaluate the business needs, understand our target audience and create real miracles through videos without investing much time and effort. 

The Last Say

Well! There are no second thoughts that videos are becoming the most effective way for business to make strong relations with the customers and generate revenue. But to do this possible business requires knowledge and creativity. 

Hopefully, the points mentioned above helps in understanding why 90% of the businesses are relying on videos. So, let's pull up the socks and get ready to boost sales and productivity.

It's time to experiment video marketing strategy and make it work through research, creativity and a nice plan. Definitely! It will work really well. 

Also, don't forget to share your experience in the comments.

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