6 Low Cap Cryptocurrencies (under $200 Million USD) I Have My Eye On by@minadown

6 Low Cap Cryptocurrencies (under $200 Million USD) I Have My Eye On

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With over 2000 cryptocurrencies available, it’s hard to know which have future profit potential. Unfortunately, it is incredibly tricky to figure out which ones might be worth the investment. The highest profits can be made from “low-cap” or “small-cap” cryptocurrencies that are in the early stages of their development. “Low-cap” is shorthand for “low market capitalization.” Market capitalization refers to the total value of the circulating supply of a coin. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the current price of the coin by the total number in the market. In this article, I consider a market capitalization under $200 million USD to be “low.”

While low-cap coins have substantial potential for growth, they are also riskier than large-cap cryptocurrencies. The reason is low-cap cryptos are unproven and often based on vision and promised potential only. This risk, however, is offset by the potential rewards. It’s not unrealistic to see low-cap coins can increase 10x, 20x, and even 100x.

To help narrow the field this article outlines 6 low-cap projects I think have tremendous growth potential over the next two years.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This is an up-and-coming project. The BAT token is a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users. Synonymous with BAT is the Brave browser, which seamlessly integrates with the BAT token. The browser can repel malware and protect the privacy of users while they surf the web. BAT addresses issues that many can relate to, such as the cost of data usage and energy use that mobile device users face because of unwanted ads on their devices. It banks on the fact users will welcome a browser that blocks trackers and ads that sell their personal information. I would tend to agree. The BAT team also has significant experience in the tech industry, which is key to success in the cryptocurrency space.

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Docademic (MTC)

There are a lot of opportunities for blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is expensive and hard to access, especially in isolated regions. Sensitive medical records are stored in conventional databases and are vulnerable to hacks and misuse. Docademic is aiming to address these issues. It is creating an international medical platform where people with smartphones can meet with a doctor through their phone’s camera and receive medical advice. The platform stores its data on a blockchain and requires the MTC token to retrieve data from the blockchain. This token is also notable because John McAfee has touted it on social media.

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SiaCoin (SIA)

Sia takes cloud storage out of the hands of centralized providers and puts it in the hands of individuals. It offers a decentralized peer-to-peer storage service where anyone can rent out their spare hard drive space. Sia’s users consist of both providers (hosts) and clients (users). Through the platform, users commission storage space from hosts and hosts are compensated for their services in Siacoin. Providers can set their prices, advertise their level of reliability, and set standards for penalties should problems arise in storage or files be lost. All services on the network are paid in Siacoin, and all transactions on the Sia platform are secured through filing contracts and storage proofs.

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SONM is effectively a decentralized Amazon Web Service. Through what it calls “fog computing” (fundamentally decentralized cloud computing) anyone can host websites, develop applications, produce machine learning and perform calculations using SONM architecture. With a partnership with HP already signed and the SONM coin being listed on major exchanges, SONM could eat into Amazon’s market.

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SelfKey (KEY)

SelfKey is a self-sovereign identity service. Through the SelfKey Identity Wallet, individuals and companies can securely manage their digital identities. All data is stored locally on a user’s device and not on a SelfKey server or blockchain. The only time data is accessible is when a user chooses to share it. Currently, SelfKey makes the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements easy for users to satisfy through a simple KYC onboarding process. In the future, the SelfKey marketplace has the potential to offer more services in the future, specifically, processing passport applications, citizenship claims, bank account creation, submission of residency applications, and more.

SelfKey has announced partnerships with banks in the Dutch Antilles and Cayman Islands as well as the alpha release of the SelfKey marketplace. A partnership with Polymath was announced in early 2018.

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DragonChain (DRGN)

Dragon Chain has gained a lot of attention recently. It offers blockchain as-a-service, which allows businesses to implement blockchain technology to secure their databases and execute smart contracts without needing technical expertise. Dragon Chain also serves as a platform for ICOs. Over 200 projects are planned to launch an ICO exclusively through Dragon Chain. Dragon Chain ICOs will accept United States investors and only one KYC (know your customer) process is required.

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This concludes the list of low-cap cryptocurrencies I think are worth watching over the next year and a half. Good luck investing, and make sure to never risk funds you can’t afford to lose.

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