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7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing with AI Tools

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous business use cases and can be applied to customer service, sales, lead generation, and marketing.

According to a recent survey, most businesses use AI in their marketing tool kits in some form or another. And, they plan to increase their use of AI for marketing in the next three years.

The report also found that content personalization and optimization are among the top uses of AI for marketing.

Image Source: The CMO Survey 2019

However, these are not the only use cases of AI to improve content marketing. You can also use it to create content, gather content ideas, do keyword research, and more.

Want to learn more about the different ways you can improve your content marketing with AI?

Here are seven of the most effective ways to use AI for content writers and marketing managers.

1. Understand Content Trends and User Behavior

One popular application of AI in content marketing is to analyze data and gather insights to fuel content marketing strategy.

AI can help you analyze the user behavior on your website and identify which pages are working and which are not. This can help you understand what kind of content your audience generally prefers.

One of the most important content marketing best practices is to create content targeted at your audience. And, AI can help you do that by telling you exactly what your audience wants.

2. Create Good Visual Content

Just like content trends on a website, AI can also help you identify visual content trends. Some AI-based tools can sift through thousands of images and understand the context.

How does this help you?

It can help you optimize your visual content for your target audience.

Visual content is a must-have part of any business’ content plan and needs to be optimized just like any other type of content. 

AI can provide you detailed insights from color correction to shot construction, after analyzing tons of online images. Basically, it can help you tell a story through your visuals.

3. Suggest Keywords and Content Topics

One of the most common ways in which AI can improve content marketing is by providing you with topic ideas and target keywords.

It can quickly search through thousands of web pages in your niche and find the topics and keywords that are most popular. You can also study your competitors’ content and take inspiration from them.

Keyword research is an important part of your content marketing strategy and AI-powered tools can help you do it better and faster than you would otherwise.

4. Conduct a Content Audit

If you run a blog, then this is a good application of AI for you. AI can crawl through your old blog posts and identify the low-performing ones that probably need an update.

If content updates are not a part of your current content marketing strategy, then it’s time that you start doing them. Updating old content takes less time than creating fresh content from scratch and helps you maintain your publishing frequency.

There are many AI-powered tools that can help you conduct a thorough content audit and find areas for improvement. Use them and update your old content regularly to provide useful and relevant content to your audience.

5. Create Content

If you search for ways in which AI can help with content marketing, then this will be one of the most common answers.

Yes, AI can be used for creating content, at least the first draft. There are many AI-powered tools to write content backed by research and with proper Grammar.

In fact, AI can do the job much faster than a human, by going through similar content and compiling the best points to be covered for any topic. 

But, can AI replace writers altogether?

Well, the short answer is NO.

The long answer is not yet.

Tools like these are still in a nascent stage and the content that these tools create needs to be refined further before it can be used. In the future, we can expect this technology to develop further and AI may one day be able to create refined content on any given topic.

As far as AI replacing human writers is concerned, it is not going to happen anytime soon. You can use AI to create the first draft, but you do need humans to finalize the content, check it for context, add structure, etc. It can reduce your guest posting service time and also increase the chances of acceptance of your content on the third-party website.

6. Proofread and Optimize Content

Unlike content writing, using AI technology to find grammatical errors is quite developed. There are numerous AI-based online editing and content optimization solutions available in the market.

AI-based tools, like Text Optimizer, can optimize content for SEO keywords, identify language mistakes, and provide suggestions to improve the quality of writing. This does not just limit to basic punctuation and spelling mistakes, but even advanced mistakes like run-on sentences, parallelism, etc.

If you want to use AI to improve your content marketing, this is a great place to start.

7. Personalize Your Content

One of the more advanced applications of AI for content marketing is for content personalization. Intelligent marketers use AI to deliver personalized content to their audiences across various customer touch points.

Not all users will respond to the same content the same way. This is especially important for landing pages where the aim is to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

AI can help you personalize your CTAs, pop-ups, and other content to target your audience with personalized content. This helps drive more conversions and can directly lead to an increase in sales.

But, how does AI determine which content to show to which user?

Well, it uses parameters like demographics, interests, and past user behavior to target different users with different content. 

Of course, it cannot yet personalize content to the extent that it can refer to each individual by name. 

However, you can still have a few different versions of content tailored to specific audiences or customer personas. AI can simply show the most relevant version to each user.

Ready to Improve Your Content Marketing with AI?

The use of AI in content marketing is still in an early stage, with businesses still exploring better ways to utilize it to their advantage. 

For some use cases like content optimization and topic research, it is quite advanced and widely used. However, for more advanced applications like content creation and personalization, the technology needs to be developed further.

In any case, AI can be really advantageous for your business and can help you get the best out of your content marketing initiatives.

If you have not yet leveraged AI for content marketing, we suggest that you do so now. Start with the most common applications and then move to the more advanced use cases.

All the best!

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by Shane Barker @shane_barker. I'm a digital marketing consultant specialized in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Read my stories


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