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139 Stories To Learn About Ai Trends

by Learn RepoJanuary 27th, 2024
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Learn everything you need to know about Ai Trends via these 139 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Ai Trends via these 139 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Top 12 Twitter Feeds to Learn About AI

For those interested in AI, make sure these twelve AI Twitter accounts are on your daily feed.

2. Will AI Steal Your Marketing Jobs?

Last week, there was a conversation in a copywriting group about how AI was wiping out the need for copywriters.Some expressed fear, and others remained positive that AI was a friend, not a foe.

3. Ditching Google: the 3 Search Engines That Use AI to Give Results That are Meaningful

If you’re the type that wants straight answers to every query without going through several blog posts, then you should consider AI-chat search engines.

4. Alan Turing Was Right—a Machine Could Think

The idea that machines could think occurred to the very first computer builders and programmers.

5. Top Chatbot Trends That Will Dominate Businesses in 2023

Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence that is programmed to simulate human communication. They are able to understand the context of a conversation and provide answers in a natural-sounding way.

6. The Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

In 1955, only 15 years after the development of an electronic computer, scientists introduced the world to the concept of artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. In the decades that followed, we saw unprecedented advancement in this space.

7. Fixing the Cold Start Problem in Recommender Systems

A cold start problem is when the system cannot draw any inferences for users or items about which it has not yet gathered sufficient information. Simply put, if you have no or less initial data, what recommendation is the system supposed to give to the user?

While recommender systems are useful for users who have some previous interaction history, the same might not be the case for a new user or a newly added item. The problem is that in both cases we don’t have any history to base the recommendations on.

8. 7 Game-Changing AI Tools in 2023

Discover 7 AI tools that will save you so many hours.

9. 3 Futuristic AI Trends in Finance Sector: 2020 Edition

From the fraud prevention to driverless cars that navigate busy streets with ease, 2019 brought a dazzling array of artificial intelligence (AI) innovations. In 2020, AI is set to move towards collaboration in different sectors.

10. 3 Ways You Can Build and Update Websites Using Data Pushes

Data is getting more and more accessible and is increasingly being used to inform the way businesses operate.

11. 99.9% of Content Will Be AI-Generated by 2025: Does Anyone Care?

Soon AI bots will create 99.9% of all content on the internet. This creates serious problems for free thinking and creativity. Can we solve these problems?

12. 3 New Startups That Are Innovating DeFi Data Analysis Technology

Data analysis as a whole is one of the most important industries. Now that DeFi is a full-fledged industry, there is a growing need for valuable data analytics.

13. Real GANs in AI

Current AI trends will determine how companies can make projections of the AI future and successfully mitigate risks.

14. Will Machine Become a God?

Looking at the rapid development of technology, we are increasingly wondering, is there any limit? In my opinion - no. At least in our universe. But why?

15. Why AI + Blockchain Make Sense?

In today’s world, it is impossible not to acknowledge the impact of technology on development and organizational growth. The use of technology is practically indispensable; it is present in every sector and industry, in small, medium, or large enterprises.

16. Top 5 AI-Enabled Content Generation Tools

Be it healthcare, travel, fitness, finance, or any other industry, the advent of artificial intelligence has revolutionized almost all of them by enabling machines to act and behave like human beings.

17. Why I Want AI Singularity

What if we could create something that could take over and do a better job of protecting our planet than we ever could?

18. Keep Your Plants Alive Using AI

AI transforms you from a novice plant owner into a professional who knows all the ins and outs of plant care.

19. How AI is Revolutionizing Bodybuilding: The Latest Fitness Technologies

Build Muscle faster with AI in bodybuilding. Recent innovations have led to an easier and more efficient workout for the average gym goer. Here we will discuss

20. My Top 4 ChatGPT/AI Chatbot Tools

This tool has replaced Google for me...

21. What are the Biggest AI Trends in 2022?

Knowing the trends in AI will help any business take more advantage of technology in 2022.

22. Artificial Intelligence: How AI is Transforming Traditional Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has been unfolding for decades, but we're now seeing the technology enter into more traditional industries.

23. The People and Tech Behind Data Science

What is a data scientist? The job has been around for hundreds of years, though as you may suspect things have changed significantly, especially over the last century. In the 1740s Bayes’ Theorem posited that when new data was added to an existing belief, the result was a new and improved belief. This is the basis for the scientific method, by which scientists discover better and better explanations for things. When applied to data, the scientific method creates data science, in which data scientists can use the piles of data people are generating to discover new and better predictions about the future.

24. Using ChatGPT to Recover Amounts Owed by Your Client

Read how a CEO used ChatGPT to generate a scary email to get $109,500 owed to his company.

25. Meet Aiko and Aiden: The World’s First AI Interns

Aiko and Aiden are the world's first AI Interns to be hired.

26. "Do what you love and love doing it": Colby Tunick, ReFocus AI Co-Founder

"I don't believe it’s possible for someone to ‘just do a startup.’ It's a mission you fall in love with, again and again."

27. Why Crypto Degens Are Pumped about AI

The convergence of AI and blockchain can create a wide range of exciting new applications and services that could significantly improve our lives.

28. AI Apocalypse: What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Goes Rogue?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming an integral part of modern society. This article addresses growing concerns about what happens when AI malfunctions.

29. Debunking The Top Myths Surrounding AI

Myths about artificial intelligence range from fearful reports of robots to outlandish expectations of the technology. Today, consumers encounter artificial intelligence continuously through smartphones, customer service centers, websites, and appliances. Surveys show that nearly nine in 10 Americans use some form of artificial intelligence device, and 79% of people report AI having a perceived positive impact on their lives. Despite the overwhelmingly positive uptake of the technology, films, art, and literature have long warned about the potential dangers of AI in science fiction storytelling. So, how much of this is based on reality?

30. Focus on These Skills If You're Worried About AI Taking Your Job

Three types of skills for software developers and designers worried about the mass adoption of AI

31. Coming Workforce Changes in An AI, Automated Future

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are innovating ways business is done. This is seen in every industry across the board. AI and automation make several contributions to productivity, reshaping how businesses see the core of their business in relationship to growth.

32. A.I. Art is Not Real Art, Sorry

Tech people making A.I. art and arguing their art is "just as good" is disrespectful and detached from the art world.

33. What the Future Holds for AI

The applications of weak AI have been closely integrated into our lives, such as autonomous vehicles, intelligent monitoring, or chat robots. Yet, there is another field of Artificial Intelligence that is absent in our lives but fancy by us — Strong AI.

34. The Great Resignation is Happening Fast. How can AI help?

The Great Resignation is already fast-forwarding mass adaption of AI, both to support current employees and to compensate for the ongoing labor shortage.

35. AI's Impact on Cybersecurity in 2023

AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity in 2023 by detecting and responding to threats in real-time, identifying vulnerabilities, and enhancing defense.

36. Why Hardware Will Be Sexy to Mainstream VC (in 5 Slides)

If you're a software engineer looking to become a founder, consider hardware. There's a shift coming.

37. The Power of Intersection: How AI Is Enhancing Quantum Computing

Unlock the Full Potential of Computing with AI and Quantum: Discover the Power of Their Intersection Today!

38. AI Video Translation is Connecting the World & Preserving Language Diversity

AI is being used to translate and dub videos in 70 languages, reaching viewers which constitute 65% of online traffic in their own languages.

39. The Media Bias Problem: How AI Is Here to Help

Bias has always been a factor in the way we interpret the world. Let’s look at how various AI techniques can help weed out media bias

40. With Rise of ChatGPT, Is Now the Correct Time to Ask Whether AI Should Have Rights?

To understand whether AI should have rights, we may have to dig into our own past to understand how we behave.

41. There is Gulf between Science and Technology But AI Could Bridge the Gap

How to understand Nobel Laureate PW Anderson's 1972 Essay "More is different" in the context of AI

42. If an Article is Generated Entirely by ChatGPT or a Comparable Service, Who’s the Writer?

Cate Lawrence, Senior Writer at Tech EU, talks about how ChatGPT affects writers in multiple industries.

43. Top Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Find out the mobile app marketing trends that will be rising in popularity all around 2022 and beyond.

44. Linguix's Co-Founder Alex Lashkov on Empowering Writers Through AI

How an AI-based writing assistant can boost your communication and improve your writing skills.

45. Software Will Mostly Write Itself in the Future

Copilot can autocomplete any kind of code – including unit tests. The future of AI and coding itself is about to change drastically. Here's what to expect:

46. AI Could Help NBA Referees?

47. Nvidia Puts AI Focus on Overdrive as Data Centers Drive Sales

The expansion of Nvidia's data center earnings coincides with the meteoric rise of chatbots like Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT.

48. AI's Dark Underbelly

Every great thing has its downside, and that’s not just a Hollywood cliche.

49. Why Institutional Investors Need Advanced AI

While we are experiencing a great deal of AI disruptions in several industries, the movement is facing a bit of resistance in the investment landscape.

50. Traditional vs. Enhanced eCommerce Search: Unlocking New Text Features

What is the difference between enhanced and traditional eCommerce search? We explore the different features, and break down how to improve text search using AI

51. The Simple Way To Empower Data Science Teams With Data

How can you empower your data scientists to help your product strategy teams? Give them a lot of high-quality product data.

52. Dating Apps Will Be Better Matchmakers Thanks to AI, but will They Be Safer?

As technology advances, we continue to use these innovations to make our lives better, and that includes how we find love. Today, around 50.2 percent of the U.S. population is single — that's over 124 million people. This higher rate of singles has many people pointing the finger at online dating for making love obsolete. But online dating apps empower singles to find what they're looking for, whether that be a relationship, a casual hookup, or marriage.

53. How to Build the Perfect AI Project Team

Avoid the negative outcomes that are typical with software projects by building the perfect AI team.

54. Developing an AI mobile App: Our Experience, Mistakes, and Achievements

The story of CountThis started with a great marketing creative. I'll tell you how we managed to go from idea to realization of a really cool product.

55. AI-Powered Predictive Merchandising is Shaping the Future of Shopping

As long as consumers choose a hybrid shopping model, merchandising will keep driving sales.

56. Going Beyond the Prize: From Hackathon Judge to Impact Driver

I got a chance to visit Tree Hacks 2 weekends ago at Stanford University. Here are some of the lessons I learned.

57. How OpenAI Transitioned from a Nonprofit to a $29B For-Profit Company

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...just kidding, it was in Silicon Valley, OpenAI was founded as a nonprofit research lab with a mission to save the

58. 8 Best Human Behaviour Datasets for Machine Learning

Human behaviour describes how people interact and in this article, we will look at the 8 Best Human Behaviour Datasets for Machine Learning.

59. How Chatgpt Could Disrupt Google’s Monopoly in the Search Market

ChatGPT allows users to have conversation-style interactions with a computer system. Although it is in its early stage, it is set to disrupt Google's dominance.

60. How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Will Go Hand in Hand?

The emergence of technology is playing an inevitable role in business. It’s drastically transforming the way people work together in an organization. Both these technologies are revolutionizing every aspect of our life.  These technologies are creating a culture where the collaboration of IT leaders and businesses results in realizing values from all generated data.

61. Zoey The AI: A Friend to “Corona Brides”

We experienced digital transformation on an unprecedented scale in 2020. Here’s how artificial intelligence is transforming online shopping.

62. Will AI Make Digital Marketers' Jobs Obsolete?

Learn how AI is going to transform the future of digital marketing in customer research, personalization, email marketing, social media, and more.

63. ChatGPT for Office Politics: When is it Ethical?

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of language models like ChatGPT and how they can impact our beliefs and opinions?

64. The Tech Jobs that Cannot Be Replaced by AI

Which jobs will remain human-centric even as AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

65. The Problems with Big Data and How AI Can Help, an Interview with Andrew Gryaznov, CTO at HyperC

What is wrong with Big Data, how can classical AI solve these problems, and why is it possible now?

66. Why AI Unified Analytics is Good for Your Business

AI unified analytics can help businesses collect and analyze the data that AI tools require. Learn more about how AI unified analytics is good for business!

67. How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses

68. 10 Best AI Content Generation Tools for All Your Content Needs in 2022

There are a number of different AI writing software on the market, here is a look at ten of the top AI content generation tools for 2022.

69. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Managing a Remote Software Development Team

This post analyzes the role of specialized AI, particularly product management and team productivity tools, in facilitating remote software development.

70. Capturing Trends in HealthCare at 1mg (E-pharmacy Unicorn)

Recommendation in Healthcare with simple analytics to show most trending products on the platform.

71. 4 Challenges Of Implementing AI In The Insurance Industry and How To Overcome Them

AI in insurance comes with its set of challenges that can be pivoted into opportunities. Read all about it here.

72. Meet NASA's 'Mars Dog' - Au Spot

Au-Spot, along with several other robots will join NASA's Mars mission to explore caves anonymously while communicating a 3D map back to the base station.

73. The Power of AI in Recruiting: How The Business World is Changing for Good

AI drastically improved the world around us in many different ways. However, there are still many notable concerns with regard to overall impact on employment.

74. A.I. For Online Content Creation: How Far Have They Come?

It's now possible to let A.I. write your online content and boost your success. How to use Sudowrite to be your writing coach and motivator to create content.

75. Emotion AI Discussion with Rana Gujral via Hacker Noon AMA

Rana Gujral is the CEO of Behavioral Signals, speaker, investor and dedicated voice for conversational AI and emotion AI and Noonies nominee.

76. AI-Powered Solutions Empowering the Banking Sector

Modern technology is revolutionizing different sectors of the world. The banking sector is enjoying remarkable benefits too. Enhanced software for all the processes is encouraging employees to work efficiently and allowing the sector to improve customer experience too.

77. How the Use of AI and Machine Learning Benefits Law Firms

The job of attorneys and law firms is already changing in many ways thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

78. How A.I. Can Be An Integral Part Of The Future

Why Do We Need Technology?

79. AI/ML in 2022: More Real-World Deployments, Focus On AI Ethics and Blockchain Hopes

An interview with Pujaa Rajan and Gautam Kedia from Stripe, Ali Chaudhry from University College London and AI researcher Jonas Kubilius about the future of AI

80. Technology Impact on the CBD Business and Healthcare

Consumer CBD sales are expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022, an amazing increase from their 2018 total of $500,000, according to Statista. More than a decade from now, the market for CBD products is expected to be worth an incredible $75 billion, according to other studies.CBD farming, in contrast to conventional farming, necessitates the use of sophisticated machinery and equipment capable of doing numerous functions at once, such as plowing, seeding, and excavating. They also have devices that assist in collecting hemp flowers since CBD growing requires precise measurements in water and air quality as well as soil moisture and temperature. In this article, we will explore the role that technology is playing in promoting CBD and Healthcare businesses around the world.

81. How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Construction Industry?

How can contractors apply AI in their construction work?

82. Making Sales More Efficient: Lead Qualification Using AI

AI has helped transform lead qualifications. AI has become easier to use and implement than ever before, and many businesses are applying AI solutions.

83. AI In Healthcare: 7 Benefits That Can Advance Medical Facility Operations

Science is progressing in this digitally advanced world. This includes computer science, medical facilities and many other fields.

[84. Generative AI is Coming for Publishing, But It's Not as

Clear-Cut as It Looks]( A look at the future of generative AI.

85. AI Will Drive The Market By 2030

By 2030, AI will change global industries through outstanding predictive analytics, hyper-automation, Internet-of-Behaviour, and ever-lasting AI chipsets.

86. Is AI a Trick or a Treat? - 5 Fears About Artificial Intelligence

In the best Halloween tradition, we look at a few popular fears about AI that are actually coming true.

87. AI-Driven DevOps: Everything you Need to Know

I'll list a few platforms and tools to keep an eye on in the AI/ML-driven space for DevOps, software development, and SRE.

88. The Rise of Mobile Gaming with AI

Mobile gaming has seen major growth since the days of Snake on Nokia. Today, graphics take priority in gaming, and technology like artificial intelligence and augmented reality lend a helping hand. Don’t be confused- AI & AR have had long involvements with the mobile gaming industry; however, developers will need more advanced technology as mobile gaming grows. Nonetheless, mobile gaming is continuing to rise.

89. From Data to Dollars: Exploring the Role of AI and ML in Sales

This blog will discuss what role artificial intelligence and machine learning play in sales.

90. Here's Why You Need A Chatbot (With A Shortlist Of Recommended Bots)

Chatbots make it easier for clients and customers to find information about your products or services. Here's why you need a chatbot with 6 recommended bots.

91. AI in Human Resources: 5 Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Many new and emerging technologies are adding value to human resources. This explains their high adoption rate. One of these technological marvels is artificial intelligence or AI.

92. Is The Third AI Winter Coming?

People have countless fantasies about Artificial Intelligence. It has become the most popular theme in novels and movies. When we dream about AI, we often fancy a world with Iron Man and his intelligent assistant J.A.R.V.I.S (or it’s replacement FRIDAY); Baymax from Big Hero 6; or the high-tech adult theme park from Westworld.

93. How AI and Big Data Are Changing Customer's Experience

Technology is altering the lives of people and thus changing all business practices and operations. As a result, every industry is now focusing on adopting new and innovative technologies in their business ventures. The customer service industry is no exception in this case as it has turned into a unique turning point for businesses.

94. Design a Real-time Player Matching Algorithm For Chess Games

Building a Player Matching Algorithm for Multi-Player Gaming World.

95. AI Is Making Our Concrete Buildings And Bridges Safer

AIs application to civil engineering and concrete construction is the future of structural safety. There have been various successful & innovative applications.

96. AI for Eyes: Eradicating Preventable Blindness Through Technology

Imagine a world gone dark. Spending the majority of your life seeing and then, one day, going blind - and it was entirely preventable. Think of the frustration, trying to work, raise a family and navigate your environment, with one of your senses suddenly cut off.

97. Why do Modern Networks Require AIOps?

With AIOps, you can start optimizing and managing your networks now and prepare for the future like never before. Read on.

98. Behaviors Trees in AI: Why you Should Ditch Your Event Framework

In this article, I look into some of the shortages of event-driven programming and suggest behavior trees as an effective alternative, suitable for back/front-end application development.

99. 4 of the Best Ways to Use AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created a lot of disruption in the business world.

100. A Quick Introduction to Federated Learning of Cohorts [FloC]

Federated Learning is a relatively new machine learning technique that decentralizes the training of data from one central machine to multiple devices.

101. Top 5 Business AI Innovations and Trends to Watch in 2022

To weather the COVID-19 storm and navigate the rapidly changing digital world, businesses are adopting artificial intelligence at a faster pace. To help our clients sail through digital transformation and create artificial intelligence solutions that deliver on their promise, we took up the challenge to identify AI trends and innovations that will define 2022. Here’s what we have found.

102. 186.9 Million Visits to Unbounce Landing Pages Converted at 3.57%

Imagine you’re an ecommerce business using landing pages to sell sweaters for miniature pigs. Recently, you’ve done a round of A/B testing—adding a little more oink to your calls to action, let’s say—and tweaked your social ad targeting to reach the hardcore piggy people on Instagram.

103. The Rise of the Planet of the AI

Humans never got chill and will never get. Constantly striving to reach the future faster, we made AI.

104. AI Dungeon: An AI-Generated Adventure Game by Nick Walton

The original AI Dungeon was made just over a year ago, the result of a curious gamer, a hackathon, and the GPT-2 text transformer. Fast forward to the present day, and AI Dungeon has expanded into a unique example of creative AI technology. The game now boasts 1.5 million players, multiple genres for stories, and even multiplayer adventures.

105. TextStyleBrush Translates Text in Images While Emulating the Font

This new Facebook AI model can translate or edit the text in an image, while maintaining the same font and design as the original.

106. Interview with a Head of AI: Pawel Godula

A few weeks ago I had a chance to interview an amazing person and total rockstar when it comes to modeling and understanding customer data.

107. 12 Use Cases of AI and Machine Learning In Finance

Here are a few use cases where machine learning algorithms can have been used to great effect in the financial sector, both saving and making money for users.

108. Five AI Use Cases That You Thought Were Only Science Fiction

Artificial intelligence is one of those technologies that has been becoming less science fiction and more science, especially in these five use cases.

109. RE: "Automation, AI, and the Future of Jobs"

Innovation in artificial intelligence influences the labour market.

110. Machine Learning: Technical Overview And Future Trends


111. When Will Self-Driving Cars Become Safe Enough?

UK's government is still preparing for the widespread arrival of self-driving cars, but how safe are self-driving vehicles right now?

112. This AI by Intel Makes Grand Theft Auto 5 Look Photorealistic

This AI can be applied live to the video game and transform every frame to look much more natural.

113. The Cosmetics and Beauty Industry Could Use An AI FaceLift

The size of the beauty and corrective industry is monstrous, with its valuation ascending as high as USD 532 billion. Notwithstanding, it actually hasn't seen the entrance of cutting edge innovations, even subsequent to having a particularly huge market cap. Probably, what we have for the sake of innovation are items like wax radiators that give notices when they are prepared to use with the assistance of temperature sensors. Considering the advantages trend setting innovations like artificial intelligence, has brought to other significant enterprises, it seems like the correct choice to fuse advancements, for example, AI, enormous information, and AI in the beauty industry, as well. When discussing AI, the innovation can possibly bring a change in perspective in the industry by assisting organizations with understanding their clients' inclinations.

114. AI and Chill: 7 Growth Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

7 powerful AI tools that can help you streamline your workflow and achieve better results with less effort.

115. Can AI Tools Help the Book Publishing Industry Evolve

Publishing is in desperate need of new tools. Can AI help? Maybe, but there's a catch...

116. AI Bottlenecks You Can Clear in 2021

It’s obvious that AI offers the potential to radically reshape the business landscape, helping organizations of all sizes and industries find more efficiencies and make smarter data-driven decisions.

117. How AI Is Catapulting Cannabis into the Future

Breaking down how Ai can benefit enhanced cultivation capabilities of cannabis, as well as its impact on consumer recommendations and better experience.

118. 7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing with AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous business use cases and can be applied to customer service, sales, lead generation, and marketing.

119. How AI and Machine Learning Changes Modern-day Industries

It’s important to know exactly how AI and Machine Learning are transforming the industries and their role in our technological advancements.

120. Top Books About AI You Should Read in 2021

Read these top 10 books on artificial intelligence to find your way forward in AI. Select the best book from the list given in this blog to get started with AI.

121. 8 Enterprise Software Companies Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Workspace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the forefront of conversations from employers across the globe. AI is helping organizations make incredible strides in efficiently handling mundane and repetitive tasks and freeing up valuable time and thought space that employees can use to exercise more creativity, solve complex problems, and otherwise focus on the bigger picture.

122. Reach Your 2021 Business Goals with AI Solutions

AI is not just a techy buzzword anymore. We regularly come across AI/ML technology in both personal and business use applications. Businesses are looking at AI for ways to increase revenue, improve operations, and to enhance productivity. If you are looking for readily available AI solutions that could accelerate your business, then dive straight in.

123. Chatbots in 2021: What You Need To Know

Top trends that in the chatbot industry for 2021.

124. Robotics is Aimed to Help and Assist Humans by Taking on the Dirty, Dangerous, and Dull Chores

This article discusses robotics and the impact of robots and AI on humanity.

125. AI and Data: Balancing Progress, Privacy, and Security

With ChatGPT dominating the tech and other news, the concernabout data security might have momentarily taken a back seat. Yet, the expansion of AI/ML technologies' potential impact on Data privacy and security should sound the alarm for organizations and individuals alike.

126. Three Best Practices for Tackling AI Bias in Recruitment

The use of AI-powered recruitment software is an exciting trend, but then what steps have been placed to curb the emergence of bias? This article shares some.


Global personalities like Elon Musk announcing a $1 billion donation to Open AI, makes the iron hot to seize the opportunities in the field of AI. Careers in AI are booming every year. COVID has accelerated AI adoption across sectors in the world economy.

128. Future Technology: AI-enabled Blockchain

Blockchain technology is also making the progress at its own pace and now, we are having some highly scalable blockchain networks with larger TPS

129. AI in Warfare: Progress, Ethical Concerns, and The Future of Military Technology

Artificial intelligence technology will drastically increase military power, and these will likely shape the nature and dynamics of conflict in the coming years

130. Ten Trending Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, we all experienced a dramatic emergence of the tools, platforms and applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technology tools not only transformed the internet and software industry, but it also had a massive impact on a wide range of verticals, including manufacturing, health, agriculture and automobile.

131. How AI is Transforming Various Industries

Artificial intelligence was long associated with robots taking over and the end of human existence. Nowadays even those who once believed that the AI would be the beginning of the end for humankind are now using it every day and are benefitting immensely from the innovative services. While some of the concerns are still valid and remain active within the less tech-savvy, AI has elevated and completely transformed entire industries. It has become less of a separate technology used exclusively for high-authority purposes or secret-government projects and is now a necessity for most companies who mostly provide services online.

132. How Companies Are Actually Using AI in Everyday Practices

When thinking of AI (artificial intelligence), mixed emotions often come to mind. For movie buffs, we might immediately see images of Will Smith battling it out with humanoid AI creatures in IRobot or the even more realistic looking depiction of artificial intelligence in the movie aptly called AI. In our human minds, AI is something that could potentially lead to a catastrophic apocalypse as machines take over the world.

133. AI Trends in 2020: The Comprehensive Guide

“AI can be our friend.”

134. AI and SEO: A Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell?

Since their inception, search engines have gone from basic search agents to sophisticated algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These innovative technologies affect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space from two completely opposite perspectives.

135. Fifty Shades of SexTech: How Sexuality Meets Technology

All you need to know about the SexTech industry: from Teledildonics and interactive robotic sex partners to AI-based oral sex devices and much more.

136. Global Economic Impact of AI: Facts and Figures

Summarization of Research Insights from Emerj, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan, and Mckinsey

137. My Thoughts on the AI Revolution: Hype, Scams, and Big Brother

Artificial intelligence can be defined as a science that models intelligent human behavior. This definition may have one significant drawback —

138. Fight Fire with Fire: Using Good AI to Combat Bad AI

Real-world cases and expert opinions about the present and future of audio deepfakes and AI fraud and how to use AI to build a strong defense against bad AI.

139. How AI is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality AI is commanding higher customer loyalty with machine learning and NLP. Let's check out more about how AI is transforming the hospitality industry.

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