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68 Stories To Learn About Dotnet Core

by Learn RepoApril 26th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Dotnet Core via these 68 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Dotnet Core via these 68 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Higher Order Functions in C#: A Practical Example

If you have been programming for any length of time, you may well have come across higher-order functions but may not have fully appreciated them.

2. 5 Tips to Improve Your Productivity in C# 8.0


3. How to Achieve Immutable DTOs With C#

The story is about how to implement immutable DTOs with C#, both with the older method and with the newer 9 record reference type that recently came out

4. How to use Azure Functions Core Tools to create a local.settings.json file and run Functions locally

We use Azure Function Core Tools to create a local.settings.json file and import our Function settings to that file so we can run our Functions locally.

5. C# 8.0 Nullable Reference Types Are Here

C# 8.0 just rolled out with plenty of new features. One of the most important is the support of nullable reference types (NRT). A bunch of words that don't seem to explain what it does. I mean, aren't all types (except value types) already nullable?

6. How to Use Azure Functions to Build a QR Code Generator

How to build a fun QR code project and learn about Azure Functions at the same time. Using the latest .NET technologies.

7. How to Create a Blazor Component Without Lifecycle Methods

In this blog post, I am going to share how I created a Blazor component without life-cycle methods and razor file syntax. We could also say this as class only component approach but without life-cycle methods. Many of them might knew this way of component rendering, but I felt like sharing this would help other folks who doesn’t know. I found this approach after going through various components used in Blazor source code.

8. C# 8.0 Indices and Ranges

Compared to other languages, C# was way behind in capabilities to handle data efficiently. Well, those days are over now. Microsoft just improved the C# syntax, making it easier for developers to manage data in arrays.

9. Building An Electron App with .Net, JS, HTML and CSS

.NET has two big desktop technologies. They are WinForms and WPF. But we live in a WEB world and we have many tools to create great UI using CSS and JavaScript.

10. Who Wins The Battle Between .Net Core and .Net Frameworks in 2022?

Entrepreneurs and startups are always confused about choosing between .Net Core vs .Net Framework due to their high functionalities and popularity.

11. How a .NET Core Migration Saved Us $428/mo and Boosted Performance

We achieved these results through .NET to .NET Core migration. The need emerged while we have been supporting a complex KnockoutJS-based web application.

12. How to Handle Configuration for Multiple Environments in Console App Service?

How I automated the process of service deployment for a console application after issues caused due to multiple configuration environments.

13. Overloading Vs. Overriding in C#

Method overloading and overriding are two common forms of polymorphism ( the ability for a method or class to have multiple forms) in C# that are often confused because of their similar sounding names. In this article, we show the difference between the two with some practical code examples.

14. How to Use the Builder Pattern in C#

According to Gang of Four, a creational pattern “Builder” allows to separate and reuse a specific method to build something.

15. How to Use the Iterator Pattern in C#

According to Gang of Four, the iterator pattern provides a process to obtain the aggregator object without knowing its implementation.

16. Exploring the .NET Core and Python Union

Here's a simple solution for being able to call Python code from your C# applications!

17. How to Add GraphQL Wrapper Over REST API

How to add GraphQL wrapper along with swagger documentation in ASP.Net C# using NSwag tool

18. EF Core Migrations: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that allows developers to interact with databases using .NET objects. One of the

19. What You Need to Know About the Unit in Work in C#

The Unit of Work design pattern is a software design pattern that is widely used in software development. It is a way to group database-related operations

20. What to be Wary of With Iterators and Collections in C#

Which approach is better: an iterator or a materialized collection? In this article we explore common pitfalls with BOTH of these different approaches!

21. How to Create Multi-Container Applications With Docker Compose and C#

Creating a multi-container application can be daunting, but Docker Compose and C# can make it much more straightforward. This article will walk us through the s

22. Converting .NET Framework to .NET Core: Steps and Key Points You Should Know

Wondering how to move the .NET Framework app to .NET Core fast and effectively? This ultimate guide describes all ins and outs of the migration process!

23. How to Fix Error CS0246: "Type or namespace not found" in .NET Core

Diving into error CS0246 - type or namespace could not be found, what it means, why it happens, and how to solve it.

24. How To Write Decoupled Code with MediatR: The Mediator Pattern

I recently wrote a blog post introducing some of my favourite NuGet packages: My Top 4 NuGet Packages for ASP.NET Core. In that post, I briefly introduced a package called MediatR. Today, I will dedicate this post to revisiting MediatR in further detail.

25. Accessing the Record Type in C# for Earlier .NET Versions

Are you stuck on earlier versions of .NET but want to get your hands on the hot new record types? Fear not! Check out this simple solution to simplify things!

26. Understanding Tasks, BackgroundWorkers, and Threads

In C# we have access to Tasks, Threads, or BackgroundWorkers. In this article, we will explore how each one operates at a high level.

27. What You Didn’t Know About Task EventHandlers

If you're writing asynchronous code in C# and using EventHandlers, odds are you've had issues with exceptions. Task EventHandlers might be consideration!

28. How to Build a Web App with ASP NET Core and Vue

In this article, I will teach you the basics of making your own web app, by creating a checklist app. ASP NET Core will be used to create a CRUD API and Vue will be used to create the frontend UI. Using the knowledge gained here, you should be able to apply it to start making your own web apps. You can find the complete solution in the GitHub repository.

29. Pattern Matching in C# for Complex Scenarios: An Extension on Property Patterns

The article describes how pattern matching effectively utilises and processes data in forms not part of the primary system.

30. How to Code a Blog With ASP.NET Core and C#

Learning by doing

31. What's Coming in C# 9.0 [Preview of Features]

In past five years, Microsoft had made a rapid enhancements in C# by introducing a plenty major features with every new version, As planed, C# 9.0 will be officially released with .NET 5 on November 2020. So we will dive into C# 9.0 new features that released on 20 may 2020 as a Preview.

32. The Battle Continues Between Dapper and EF Core

Dapper and EF Core are popular .NET libraries for data access and management. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and the choice will depend on the project's sp

33. How to Tame the “Async Void” in C#

Most intermediate dotnet devs writing async await code in C# will come across async void at some point. Here's a creative solution for avoiding the headaches.

34. Spotting and Preventing Formatting Errors in Your Code

In this post I'll show how to use Roslyn Analyzers with C# to enforce some standards of code quality and code style on your code.

35. Authentication And Authorization In .NET 5: How It Works

In my 11 years as a developer, I have seen so many API's that have major security flaws. They either lack proper authentication or authorisation or both.

36. Visual Studio Code: A Look at Microsoft's Open Source Offering

It seems crazy that Microsoft has a done a complete one-eighty of their position on open-source software. Learn how VS Code works.

37. LINQ Query: Benefits of Deferred Execution

If you've spent much time around C# and .NET, it's likely that you will have come across LINQ (Language-Integrated Query), which allows you to use a range of powerful querying capabilities directly in the C# language.

38. How to Create a Dependency Aggregate Class to Manage DI: Clearly Exemplified

Dependency injection (DI) is a wonderful thing. Simply add your dependency as a parameter to the constructor (most commonly) of your class, register it with you DI container, and away you go - the DI container will manage the rest. Some of the key benefits of DI are: greater testability, greater maintainability, and greater reusability.

39. What's Pattern Matching in C# 8.0?

Is it me or Functional programming (FP) seems to be trending lately? FP languages like Haskell, Elixir, and F# are stronger than ever and large frameworks try to adopt a more functional approach. Even C# tries to include functional constructs in the language.

40. Exercises on Dependency Injection in ASP.NET: Introduction

In this post, we will do some exercises to go over the basics of DI (Dependency Injection) in ASP.NET.

41. How To Optimize Background Tasks Using Hangfire and ASP.NET Core

Hangfire is a .NET library that makes it really easy to adding background tasks to your .NET app. It supports one-off "fire and forget" tasks, as well as scheduling recurring tasks. On top of that it supports persistence, so all of your tasks will continue to exist even after restarting your app.

42. How to Avoid Code Smells - A NDepend Tutorial

.NET developers can evaluate and visualize the codebase using the robust static analysis tool NDepend. It aids programmers in understanding the quality and main

43. How to Query Multiple Results with Dapper ORM Efficiently

Dapper is a powerful and lightweight Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool for C#. It is designed to be simple and fast, allowing developers to execute SQL query

44. How to Set up a Formatting Standard in Your Code Editor (And Why You Should!)

In this post I'll show how to maintain a standard for everyone who works in the code, no matter the editor used.

45. .NET Authentication Security Notes

In this article, we discuss how to protect users' authentication and session in .net, as well as Identity Server configuration.

46. Using GitHub Actions To Publish NuGet Packages [A Step-by-Step Guide]

In the world of DevOps automation, manually creating and uploading packages felt so old-fashioned (don't get me started on Azure Devops).

47. An Easy Guide to Learn EF Core Migrations

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that allows developers to interact with databases using .NET objects. One of the

48. How to Transform Your C# Code With the Command Design Pattern

Command Design Pattern is one of the behavioural design patterns used to encapsulate a request as an object, thus enabling to parameterize clients with differen

49. A Guide to Using Scoped Services Inside Singletons


50. Don't Let Your .NET Applications Fail: Resiliency with Polly

One aspect of application development that is often overlooked, especially by beginner developers is application resilience.

51. Top 25 C# Programming Tips

Hi everyone! There is a lot of information about different C# features. About various life hacks and best practices in this language. I want to tell you about equally useful, but less popular tips for working with this language.

52. How to Build The Flames Love Calculator Game in C#

Discover the true spark of your love with this fun and romantic game! Enter your name and the name of your partner, and let Flame Game do the rest.

53. Don't Get Bitten by Hidden Bugs: Test Driven Development (TDD) and AAA Testing via xUnit

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development cycle that focusses on describing the behaviour of your code first using tests

54. Exploring the Potential of Bioinformatics with C#

In this article, we'll examine how to apply bioinformatics and C# coding to effectively deal with biological information.

55. How to Call a Stored Procedure Using Dapper in C#

Dapper is a popular and easy-to-use object-relational mapping (ORM) tool for .NET developers. It is lightweight, fast, and provides a simple way to execute SQL

56. An Introduction to F# as Microsoft's / .NET's Answer to a Functional-First Programming Language

Recently I've been learning how to write code in F#. For those who haven't heard of it, F# is Microsoft's/.NET's answer to a functional-first programming language. My motivation was to learn a functional programming language that would make coding for scientific computing and data analysis more expressive, concise, and maintainable, all while fitting seamlessly into the .NET ecosystem that I already know and love. F# fits that bill perfectly.

57. Writing Multithread Code with Task Parallel Library (TPL)

I am a big fan of executing multi-threads in an application, and it is interesting to see how quickly parallelism can solve a complex query.

58. What is a Façade Design Pattern?

Use the facade design pattern to simplify the interaction between subsystems. It provides a single entry point to a subsystem,

59. Should i Build An Analyzer for C# or .NET?

edit: Unlike the conclusion of the post below, I based the analyzer on C# CaaS and not .NET IL. Its now available to use The latter doesn't preserve the order of members of a class either in the dll or pdb. Although, after looking at some open source C# projects, this capability wasn't used by default.

60. A Guide to Running ASP.NET Core & SQL Server from Docker

I've recently gotten into using Docker in my development cycle and I'm really enjoying how much of a wonderful tool it is. One thing that always used to be a pain was setting up a development server to run SQL Server. Now with Docker, I can just spin up a Docker container and I instantly have a SQL Server ready to go.

61. How Lazy Loading Works in EF 8 Preview Release

Entity Framework (EF) is an object-relational mapper (ORM) that provides a set of tools to work with databases in an object-oriented way.

62. A Guide to Using MongoDB Database in a ASP NET Core Web API Application

When you think about database providers for ASP NET Core apps, you probably think about Entity Framework Core (EF Core), which handles interacting with SQL databases. But what about the NoSQL options? A popular option for NoSQL is MongoDB. So in this article we're going to learn how to create a simple ASP NET Core CRUD API using MongoDB as the database provider.

63. Authentication in Web Apps: Connecting Auth0, ASP.NET Core and Nuxt.js

User authentication and authorization can be difficult and time consuming. Getting it wrong can also have disastrous consequences, such as malicious users accessing and stealing personal or sensitive information from your app.

64. Using Codeship to Deploy a Dotnet app on Oracle Kubernetes

So, I was looking at an alternative to Azure DevOps and Jenkins to build a CI CD pipeline for a new project. A friend had asked me for a recommendation. His wanted to host microservices in Oracle Kubernetes Service.

65. What is New in .NET 5

.NET 5.0 was officially released this week, bringing with it a range of improvements to the .NET ecosystem. Like many .NET developers, I was quick to download it and give it a test run. This article discusses some of the most exciting new features in .NET 5.

66. Build and Deploy a Blazor App Without Touching a Windows Machine

Do you want to try out Blazor, but you're not a Windows person? Strictly a Linux developer? You're in luck. One of the goals of .NET Core is to be cross-platform, so today we'll see just how "cross-platform" it really is with Blazor, Microsoft's hot new front end development project.

67. Essential Guide to Running Nuxt from an ASP.NET Core Web Application

It is becoming a common pattern to see websites and web apps written as a front end single page application (SPA) connected to a backend API. For this reason, the Visual Studio provides a several project templates for getting up and going with a Web API + SPA project.

68. Implement a Singleton DBManager in ASP.NET Core and C#

This article talks about the singleton Design Pattern, why it is important and then demonstrates how to build a singleton DBManager.

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