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50 Stories To Learn About Product Marketing

by Learn RepoJuly 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Product Marketing via these 50 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Product Marketing via these 50 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Social Media Strategy: How to Increase LTV by Turning Your Customers Into Your Followers

If you want to increase Lifetime Value (LTV), consider these social media tips that will help you turn your customers into long-term social media followers.

2. Exploring Emerging Marketing Channels: How to Venture Into Uncharted Territory

Emerging marketing channels can help your product reach a wider, more engaged audience. These tips can help you decide which channels are worth an investment.

3. What Makes a Successful Product Launch: 6 Lessons for First Time Founders

Launch is neither the beginning nor the end. It is a series of overlapping sequences. A typical one may include pre-build, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.

4. MVP(Minimum Viable Product): What It Is and How It Is Built

Ever wondered what is an MVP and why do you need it? Here's a detailed overview of what you need to know about MVP in 2023.

5. What Impact Can a Product Information Management System Have?

Product marketers today are striving continuously to strike a balance between maintaining relevancy when entering new markets while stepping-up resiliency to increase profit potential. To address the ever-increasing customer demands across multiple touchpoints, they need a central hub to manage product information like attributes, and specifications. That is because they need real-time visibility into product data and rule out discrepancies by demolishing multiple data silos, so that Customer Experience (CX) does not suffer.

6. Metrics to Help You Measure and Improve Your Products

Here, I will introduce you to different categories of success metrics and how are they used in a broader sense.

7. Top 5 Effective Product Positioning Strategies

Product positioning is one of the most discussed topics in product marketing, and it could either make or mar the performance of any product that you developed.

8. Community-led Marketing for Product Growth

Community-led marketing refers to the use of communities, often centred around a particular product or brand, to drive growth, insight gathering and impactful e

9. Animated Videos Are So Darned Cool in Content Marketing

In this article, you'll find 7 great reasons to start using animated explainer videos in your product marketing or content marketing strategy.

10. How to Tell a Product Story (and Get an Enthusiastic Response)

Product storytelling is the buzzword most marketers are chasing, as a good product story has the potential to bring more sales and users and never fade away.

11. Every GTM Should Be A Phased Launch and Here's Why

The “big splash” rollout is often a big mistake. Methodical phased launches lead to higher success rates and lower churn rates

12. The Complete Guide to Growth Marketing

Every year, over 500,000 new businesses start in the US, and over 200 billion dollars are spent on marketing, as reported by Statista.

13. Retain More Customers With these A/B Testing Tools

Here we have listed Best A/B testing tools to help you improve your digital marketing strategy, find solutions, and engage with your ideal customers.

14. How Zevi Reinitz is Trying to do Things Differently as head of PMM at Livecycle

How Zevi Reinitz is questioning assumptions and testing limits in his career and with the GTM strategy as head of Product Marketing @ Livecycle

15. What Is Product Marketing, and What Do PMMs Do?

Product marketing function varies significantly from company to company and it sometimes even means different things at the same organization.

16. How To Solve the Problem With Key Metrics In a B2B Product

To learn how B2B companies solve the problem with key metrics in a product, I caught up with Yuri Brankovsky who has worked in multiple digital products.

17. SaaS Pricing Localization: How to Do It the Right Way

One way your pricing can change as your company evolves is by using multi-currency pricing. Here’s what you need to know about SaaS pricing localization.

18. The 2020 State of Marketing

Marketing trends and actionable insights on what works today

19. How Technological Amalgamation With Business Pays Off in Direct Sales Industry

Technology is impacting all major industries, both positively and negatively. Understand how beneficially the technology recasts the direct selling industry.

20. What was the Product Masterclass by Product School all about?

One of the things, I had decided, was that during the lockdown I would sharpen my skills around Product Management. For this, I have been religiously attending many webinars and doing some online courses. One of the courses that hit the chord was this course

21. How to Find X When Your Product + X = Success

Have product? Want to not fail at product management? Quick, here are some tips!

22. Fundamentals of User Onboarding in Product Marketing

User onboarding is the process of introducing new users to a product and helping them understand how to use it effectively.

23. How to Launch a Product Successfully

The phone balanced high-end quality with a mid-range price tag, offering a top of the range smartphone on the level of a flagship Samsung Galaxy for half the price. When word got out — through social media and tech sites who marvelled at the quality to price ratio — consumer interest spiked.

24. 8 Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs

Matt Gray goes over 8 Steve Jobs marketing lessons.

25. 10 Things To Do Right Away Before Starting Your Product Journey

We all have different roles to fulfill during a product’s journey. Some of us are heavily invested on the sales and marketing side while others consider the technical decisions as their day to day job. While segregation of work is important as well as useful for founders, there are  a lot of things that all founders need to learn to make sure they are ahead on the curve as they take continuous decisions for the product and its growth. Here are 10 things to do right away as you start your product journey.

26. Every Good Marketer is a Growth Marketer

With this article, I convey my perspective on growth marketing and dispel the myth that it is unique.

27. How We Increased User Retention in the LoopMessage App Using Free Messaging

The LoopMessage app helped increase user retention several times. This was reached by sending free personalized messages via popular instant messengers.

28. Email Marketing: How To Tell Stories that Get People To Buy

Your email marketing strategy can either be a win or a miss. This article shows you how to tell stories through emails to increase conversions & inspire trust.

29. How Growth Marketing Helped 7 Companies Amid Crises

Growth marketing is a powerful tool that can change the company in several months. Here are 7 companies that gained success during crises thanks to growth marke

30. 8 Steps to Successfully Marketing Your App

Marketing is a simple strategic technique to win over people, this can sometimes be the hardest thing to decide on. With the power to click on personal interests and desires, marketing can provide good respect for the product.

31. How to Choose the Right Copywriter for Your Project

Copywriting is a unique and beneficial talent that can add enormous value to your business, but finding the right person for your copywriting project is seldom an easy task.

32. So you want to do marketing for a tech company… (Part 2)

Facebook campus during a hackathon 2013

33. How Product Reviews Encourage Customer Conversations

Learn Why analyzing customer insights from product review data can help companies make better strategic decisions

34. Interview with Google Product Marketing Manager Vincent Xu

Product Marketing is the art and science of bringing a product to the right market and establishing a sustainable positioning for the product.

35. The Biggest Startup Lie Ever Told

Putting effort into marketing before you have a product may seem counterintuitive. But in reality, it makes total sense. And this is the reasoning behind it.

36. Marketing 403 for Engineers: Answering Founder FAQs

Programming notes: this post is n in a series of indeterminate length on GTM topics mainly for startup people, mainly leadership, mainly coming from non-GTM backgrounds. There’s a list at the end.

37. What 156 Billion Options of Shoes Teaches Us About Product Marketing and Customer Service

We are living in a time of radical transformation as the traditional retail ecosystem continues to change at an accelerated pace (no surprise here). Retail is changing. Retail is actually expanding, consumers are shopping and sales are up. It’s just a matter of where, when and how consumers buy goods that are shifting. If brands want to succeed, they need to seek creative ways to “engage” consumers into a brand rather than “pushing” the brand at them.

38. Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Product Managers

Top Chrome extensions for Product Managers – 2021

39. How Did Pocket Create a Habit Forming Product?

A simple analyses of Pocket app using the infamous Hook Framework

40. How to Optimize Your Product Copy for Search Engines

No one will buy your product if they can’t find it. Making your products visible to people who need your offering is a key aspect of selling to online buyers.

41. 6 Most Common Product Marketing Mistakes Founders Make

At this point, my co-founder and I have helped over a dozen software companies with their product marketing (both as an agency, and freelancers).

42. How The North Face Thrived Throughout the Pandemic: An Interview with Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard joined the Product Talk Podcast to discuss how The North Face not only survived the pandemic but managed to thrive during it.

43. CeFi vs DeFi: Main Features and Differences in Marketing

This article is about differences and features in CeFi and DeFi product marketing. I give examples of the marketing instruments you can use in GTM Strategy.

44. The First Week of YourStack

2,281 days ago Product Hunt launched as a tiny newsletter. The early days were especially chaotic. I didn’t get much sleep, skipped the gym, and buried my head into work. While unsustainable (I'm not advocating overworking yourself!), it was sooo fun and energizing to build something brand new. It was also scary. New products – especially those driven by community – are incredibly fragile.

7 days ago we launched a beta of YourStack (with a grammatically incorrect, non-editable tweet – lol). Instantly those same nostalgic feelings from the early days of Product Hunt re-emerged. The response has been very encouraging. Alex was kind enough to write about it on BuzzFeed. Lucas followed with a story on TechCrunch. And a bunch of folks shared support on Twitter and Product Hunt.

But the product is very early and our roadmap is deep. So far we've onboarded only ~4% of those that have signed up as we build tooling to scale (thanks for all your patience!). I wake up each morning nervous but excited to read your feedback and wild ideas as the team and I continue building.

If you get a chance, create your account and start stacking. We're whitelisting new friendly folks each day.

Feedback? I'd love to hear it at [email protected].

Cheers, Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover)

45. Product Marketing Tech Stack Options Under $100/Month

User acquisition is one of the biggest struggles growing SaaS and app companies face. The right product marketing tech stack will push the number of new and active users up and decrease customer acquisition costs at the same time – the perfect recipe for a growing product. But marketing tools cost money, and growing businesses have tight budgets to keep. Use these tools to build a killer product marketing strategy at a total cost of less than $100 per month.

46. Deconstructing Content Marketing [Deep Dive]

Before the SaaS revolution started booming, software companies used to be incredibly sales-driven, and the processes they focused on were plain old-school — aggressive engagement with customers and persuasive discussions centered around the product were known to be the norm.

47. 7 Tips to Make your Presentation Balanced and Appealing

Did you know that your audience can judge the effectiveness/appeal of your presentation in as little as five seconds? Or the attention span of most people (during a presentation) is for about 10-15 minutes?

48. Hacking Your Product Hunt Launch [A How-To Guide]

If you still don’t know what Product Hunt is and why you should do your launch on this platform, I suggest you read this article, this is the official Product Hunt post, a must read.

49. How to Write Engaging Copy That Makes Buyers Fall in Love with Your Product

When I joined a copywriting agency, the first thing we did was learn how to use trigger words in our copy. One of my first projects was writing a product description for a sex toy. I had to write a copy that encouraged the target audience to buy “sex toys for couples.”

50. Product Marketer vs. Growth Marketer vs. Content Marketer: How to Choose Your First Marketing Hire

Product, growth, and content marketers all have unique roles to play in your tech startup, but which should you prioritize? This article answers that question.

Thank you for checking out the 50 most read stories about Product Marketing on HackerNoon.

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