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5 Tips for Shipping Your App

It's about time you show the world your awesomeness!

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Hey, you! Yeah, you! I know you've been reading post on Medium and dreaming of bringing that app on your head to the rest of the world!

It's only 5 tips because I want this to be quick. Less reading and more doing!

Ps. There’s a link at the very end of this post waiting for when you get there.

1. Think big, start small

I know you have great aspirations for your project. What if it becomes the next Google? or Facebook? Will you sell it for 100 million dollars?

OMG!!! I'm gonna be filthy rich!!!!!

Lets take a step back and think through this for a minute. It's great to see what it can become, but you still have zero customers. What if you create something small? Something that is not perfect but can still show your project's potential. Does it sound good?

Perhaps you can launch it in a week or two, maybe a month and start gathering feedback from your customers ❤

2. Don't reinvent the wheel

Seriously, please do not!

Humankind has come very far. We've created a lot of stuff, so let's use it to help you build your project. At the early stages the goal is to get the most users you can with a product that does it's job.

There are tons of libraries out there that you can use. You probably don't need to create your own framework from scratch. I am certain that you're an awesome developer, let's just focus on shipping the product for now :)

3. Open source it!

In many cases open sourcing the project can be very helpful. You can get help from the community and use many tools with zero cost just because your project is open sourced.

GitHub, TravisCI, PivotalTracker, CodeClimate, Heroku…

4. Do it!

DO IT!!!

There will always be a shining new Javascript Framework that you want to learn and use on your project.

Focus on what you know and are comfortable with. Now ship it!

5. Tell others about what you've done

You built something awesome, now it's time to show it to everyone. Post on Medium, Hacker News, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can to get your target customers to hear you :)

People may go "OMG!!! This is awesome!!". But if they don't, no problem. Perhaps you need to change something, or it may just not be relevant to other people. Yet, you've accomplished something. You got a project out of your head and learned a lot on the way. Be proud of yourself!

Bonus tip: Become a Rockstar

If you haven't yet, go get your own rockstar portfolio.

GitShowcase on ProductHunt

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