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5 Roblox Anime Games to Get Lost In by@nicolasng

5 Roblox Anime Games to Get Lost In

Nicolas Ng Hacker Noon profile picture

Nicolas Ng

Journalism Student most of the time, one of HackerNoon's Junior Editors for the rest of it.

Anime gets pretty wild. There’s Attack on Titan, which pits humans against giant naked people in a gritty, tense world. There’s My Hero Academia, a story of a boy without powers in a world of superheroes chasing his dream of being the greatest hero. There’s Demon Slayer, a visually stunning anime about a young boy trying to avenge his murdered family and save his sister. Normally these are stuck in their original forms which is a bit of a bummer. Fortunately, some talented creators have made a Roblox Anime mixture that scratches some hard to scratch itches. 

Roblox Anime Games


It’s not surprising that there are plenty of Roblox Anime Games, when the platform is so flexible. The crazy stuff that goes on in Anime is just begging to be adapted and Roblox’s flexibility does a great job at doing it justice. These games have great animations, mechanics and even world design to really bring the subject matter to life. 

1. Downfall [Sandbox] By Films


Downfall puts players in something resembling the Battle of Trost from Attack on Titan Season 1. Just like the anime, Titans have broken through the walls and everyone capable of using 3D-Maneuver gear are zipping around the city trying to kill the invaders and survive. 

This game gives players control of the 3D-Maneuver Gear, firing off anchors and letting off bursts of gas with button presses. The controls can be clunky and hard to get used to as it can be unclear where the anchors have been fired off to or even where they’re aimed at.

There isn’t a dedicated attack button which can make it hard to time slashes, especially with the precision needed to get the nape of a Titan’s neck. But, with enough practice, it’s possible to dance around the Titans just as well as any Survey Corps member.

Play the game here

2. Survive ANIME in Area 51By EpikLevel


This is a very strange game. At no point in my life had I ever gunned down Zero Two with an UMP before getting ora-ora-ora ed by Jotaro. I had thought that I’ll try this game out just to see what it’s like before moving on to something more concrete. I believed that for the entire hour I spent playing it, peeking corners like Rainbow Six: Siege trying to clear out the various Roblox Anime Characters from the depths of Area 51. 

The controls really sell this. Using a firearm puts you into first person mode where everything becomes a lot like a modern First Person Shooter. There are the aforementioned lean controls paired with aiming down sights, shooting and reloading not many Roblox games match. 

There are secret weapons hidden throughout the map to find and even some secrets pointing to the origin of the anime outbreak. I thought it was a joke but it’s surprisingly solid as a game. 

Play it here

3. My Hero Mania by My Hero Mania


My Hero Academia’s official games My Hero: One’s Justice can be really fun with the cast bringing their best against each other. This game takes a different approach to the world, letting those same quirks get used against practically quirkless mooks. 

This game starts by letting you roll for either a very bland quirk like “super strength” or for one the cast has like Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow. Once in, it’s just farming for XP, developing quirks to get special abilities to grind faster and so on. 

It can get a little dull but special mention must be given to enemy physics. Some quirks, like Uraraka’s Zero Gravity, can send enemies flying. Some standard attacks can even send enemies slamming into walls with an appropriately meaty visual effect. 

Play it here

4. Demon Slayer RPG by Shounen Studio


This Roblox anime game puts you in the world of Demon Slayer, sort of. Some of the characters, like Tanjiro, are present in the game but essentially play a side role. Instead, you are put into the world to clear side quests like any traditional RPG to gain XP and eventually use the series’ breath styles 

It’s open-world and has a lot to do, though most of it is heading to a forest and killing everything that moves.

Play it here

5. Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone

This game is like if Jump Force was an RPG and a whole lot crazier. The premise essentially boils down to you getting abilities from JoJo, Naruto, BNHA, Attack on Titan and more. It’s possible to have Todoroki’s Half-and-Half quirk, transform into the Beast Titan and manifest Star Platinum all at once. It’s strange, wild and a lot of fun if you are willing to put the time and effort into the game. 

It’s got an open world map peppered with references to the various series it brings into the world. 

A lot of it is raising stats forever, through simple grinding activities to unlock more powers. You can use these abilities to fight bosses for rewards which can get crazy. 

Play it here

Final Thoughts on the Roblox Anime Games

These games are a lot of fun and, more importantly, free. Give them a shot!

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Nicolas Ng Hacker Noon profile picture
by Nicolas Ng @nicolasng.Journalism Student most of the time, one of HackerNoon's Junior Editors for the rest of it.
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