5 points to improve your programming logic by@germancutraro
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5 points to improve your programming logic

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Logic in programming is a fundamental key to be a good developer. Maybe, depending of your job place you are going to use more algorithms or not. If you are a web designer probably you are not going to deal with complex algortihms, but if you are front-end developer maybe a little more and if you are a back-end developer much more.

Here i will present you a list of 5 points, that in my opinion, with resources to improve our programming logic.

This article is for everyone, if we manage to develop a good logic we will be able to move through the different languages ​​in a flexible way, try to do not depend on the language.

1.- Think to solve


Programming is about solving problems, a good tecnique is to split the big problem in small ones to focus on each problem in a better way, you can use pseudocodes in a program or in a simple paper.

2.- Practice


The most important point is this: practice. An algorithm is nothing more than an ordered and finite set of operations that we carry out for the sole purpose of finding a solution to a problem. So try to practice simple problems to get a better logic.

3.- Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms


Learning about structures will give you a better plan to focus your problems and have an efficient software. You can play games like Chess and practice Mathematics.

4.- Learn programming paradigms


A very good point is to learn programming paradigms. Probably one of the most programming paradigm is the The Object-Oriented Paradigm (OOP). A programming paradigm is like a blueprint to follow to create our projects. You can learn Functional Programming to learn how you can develop programs and solve problems in a different way.

5.- Look at other people’s code


In programming we have many ways to solve problems, maybe another person solved the problem that you have in an optimal and simple way. Looking at other people’s minds is essential to advance as a programmer. You have Github to see a lot of great projects.

An remember, is completely normal that you can’t resolve a problem, but you must know that the community is a huge place to get helped.

Resources to practice:

Codewars ◾ CodeFights ◾ HackerRank ◾ CodinGame

I hope you liked it!

You have my Github if you wanna follow me, i will appreciate a lot!

Thank you 😊


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