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Originally posted on December 31, 2014 on my blog. This post was 1st on Hacker News for couple hours :) Now it’s interesting look at what was trending then. I added some comments in [EDIT] with my current view.

2014 is almost over. For some of us it’s time for new year’s resolutions, for others time to examine what they learned. As a ruby rails developer I watched a ton of videos regarding my favorite language in 2014. I thought it would be great to compile the best for rest of us.

  1. An Ode to 17 databases in 33 minutes — Beginner

Entertaining tour of databases. Jokes on MySQL included.

2. Debugger driven development — Beginner

Coding is about instant feedback. How to use power of debugger to sky-rocket your productivity?[EDIT: Still relevant, it’s amazing what you can do when you try this principles in action. You won’t believe how productive it is.]

3. All the little things — Intermediate

Sandi Metz refactors her code using OO principles. The most valuable thing is hearing her thought process and how the decisions are made, knowing when to break rules to achieve great code.[EDIT: For me it’s classic. Now we only focusing on event sourcing and microservices when speaking about making software scale. ]

4. JRuby9000 — Intermediate

JRuby will become a true beast in coming year. They are catching up to MRI with ruby version and if everything will go great drip will be natively supported on rails — no long startup time, the number one annoying thing in JRuby world.[EDIT: I was hoping that JRuby take over MRI. People from Ruby that want performance picked Elixir and Go.]

5.Unicorn unix magic tricks — Advanced


Ever wondered how unicorn does all this amazing things? This talk uncovers all the Unix magic used by unicorn and how it’s called using ruby.[EDIT: Funny. Do you remember times when we were excited about rainbows and unicorns]

Check my Shopify App Challenge. I want to build 6 apps this year, so there will be a lot to follow.


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