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Posted originally October 25, 2014 on my old blog. A lot has changed since that time but I am still working in industry :)

I loved the computers and technology since I was a kid but never thought I would be one of this guys crunching code and doing all things that were for me amazing powers that could be used for creative expression.

Like rest of population I assumed you need to finish college with degree in computer science or at least be good at math. So I settled for studying sociology and maybe someday getting to work as advertising creative, I always loved the concept of working by making things.

I loved techcrunch and was spending way too much time on their website, one day I came around this article. So the foursquare founder learned to code by himself, I didn’t know that. That was inspiring.

So here is my list, what I have done to get my first job as programmer, no degree required:

  1. Codecademy — They were really small then, I did probably all their courses, sometimes my progress was reseted because of bugs. They were then offering just JavaScript, Html, CSS.
  2. Great free Ruby on Rails Tutorial — It’s a great course and you learn to build mini twitter. I went through whole course which is like 500 pages long in 3 days. Don’t try learning Ruby on Rails on Windows. Worst idea ever.
  3. Ruby first — I went there after reading the big book on learning rails. Learn essentials of ruby first, it would be easier for you.
  4. All amazing things from codeschool — You have to go through all the courses from this guys. Material is great and it’s interactive like codecademy.
  5. Do stuff — My first projects were making blogs, to-do lists and motivational posters app. Find exciting apps you and start with building simple features. Remember to post your projects to github. Ruby on Rails community loves open source.
  6. Send resume and go to job interview — My resume was infographic and stood out. I knew I could pull it off because company had startup spirit.

I did not know answer to every question at job interviews but asked a lot questions and was really engaged and curious about software development.

Finally codequest hired me. I don’t work there anymore but there is still my picture on team section [EDIT: Not true at all. They have taken it years ago :)]. Check them out, they are now responsible for codebeat project.

Only after year I learned why my boss hired me. He thought I am really passionate and fast learner.

Passion and hunger for knowledge is what counts at the end of the day.

7. One last point — don’t wear suit if you are going to company that develops Ruby on Rails applications, you will look stupid.[EDIT: I changed perspective. Wear whatever you want, they will look at your skills and passion, not clothes.]

Find me on twitter and follow. I have a project coming up. Stay tuned :)


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