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5 Important Ways COVID-19 is Reshaping the Online Education Industry

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We all know that eLearning is big nowadays all around the world, driven by the pandemic and encouraged by technological advancement. But we also know that the pandemic cannot last forever, and already schools and universities are reopening, and people are able to once again take classes and training offline. 

Does this mean that online learning is a passing trend? Absolutely not. Not only has lifelong learning become a reality with online education, but it’s important to note that eLearning brings numerous long-term benefits to students, teachers, and institutions in general.

What’s more, it has also opened numerous opportunities for professional growth, business success, and more. Whether you’re hiring a business coach for your startup and you’re conversing online, or if you’re looking to get certified quickly to land your dream job, online learning is here to help you achieve your goals.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the most important ways that the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping online education and how you can use it to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Utilizing creative learning platforms

For business leaders looking to build an eLearning business, the possibilities are endless. You’re no longer restricted to creating a typical online learning center, because the modern eLearning market is hungry for more creative solutions and platforms that fill a supplementary capacity.

What this means is that you can nowadays create an online learning platform that aims to supplement the official educative curriculums used in schools and universities around the world. People are looking to internalize knowledge more efficiently, so the goal is no longer to provide your own curriculum, but to supplement what they’re already learning through engaging and creative exercises, guides, video tutorials, visual aids, and 24-7 live support.

For business leaders, this is an opportunity to differentiate their platforms from the rest. For students and professionals, this is an opportunity to leverage creative platforms to achieve new educational goals, progress quickly, and develop a knack for lifelong learning and development. 

Creating high-tier professionals at home

At-home learning and professional development has become the norm during the times of the coronavirus pandemic. Now that many countries around the world are under a strict lockdown, students and professionals looking to advance their skills have no other choice than to keep learning from home via online platforms. But that’s not a bad thing, and in fact, it brings numerous benefits to the table.

For one, online learning facilitates synchronous and asynchronous education, meaning that students and professionals can effectively learn at their own pace and consume knowledge more effectively. It’s also important to note that higher education has become more accessible due to digital transformation and that universities around the world are now offering their curriculums online, allowing everyone to access top-tier lectures at home. 

For business leaders, this is a golden opportunity to perfect their skillsets, and for students, it is the best way to keep advancing and set the stage for a successful career. Of course, getting access to this level of education and training online cannot deliver the desired results without the right certifications. 

Online training and certifications

Online certification is one of the most important ways that online learning is evolving, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when professionals are having a difficult time upskilling. After all, it’s not just about acquiring new skills, it’s also about showing the employers and the higher-ups that you have the certifications necessary to take the business forward.

Having the right certification makes you more appealing to employers, but it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, because getting higher certifications is always a good way to boost your chances of better employment.

That said, you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you from getting certified, because you can not do it online no matter the sector you’re in. 

Integration of AR and VR

Advanced technologies in online learning have been in use for some time, but only now are they reaching a level of adoption that can alter the course of the industry. As AR and VR technology becomes more accessible and effective, we can expect to see more VR classrooms pop up across the online world in the years to come.

During a pandemic, though, these technologies can help bring a more engaging learning environment to life, but also prep certain professionals for nuanced and delicate tasks. With the rollout of the first VR university that creates a more holistic learning experience, online learning will become more effective than ever before. 

Optimizing for the mobile learner

Lastly, it’s important to note that the modern online learner doesn’t always have the luxury of consuming knowledge at home. To keep up with the hectic modern lifestyle and still develop their skills, learners are required to consume knowledge on the go, which is why educational apps are on the rise so much in recent years.

While online and mobile learning are fairly similar, it’s the mobile learning platforms that are able to bring a more engaging experience to learners, and maximize the potential of gamification to achieve higher interaction, retention, and success. Business leaders need to optimize their learning platforms for mobile devices and roll out dedicated apps to address the needs of a mobile learning community.

Wrapping up

The pandemic is changing the way we learn in a big way, and businesses need to adapt quickly. Use these tips to capitalize on the new eLearning trends, or if you’re a learner, use them to maximize your time in the online classroom and take your career forward.


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