5 Gameplay-Focused Blockchain Gamesby@bensoncrypto
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5 Gameplay-Focused Blockchain Games

by Isaac BensonMay 12th, 2022
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In this post, we'll take a look at five different blockchain games with a focus on engaging gameplay. The Sandbox, Arker: The Legend of Ohm, Star Atlas, and the Sandbox are some of the most popular games in the world. The games will allow players to earn prizes in the form of cryptocurrency in a variety of ways to monetize their games thanks to the Decentraland idea SAND, giving them more earning options than other P-to-earn alternatives.

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Blockchain games allow players to earn prizes in the form of cryptocurrency. Players also have the opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind digital objects that have in-game worth, such as those associated with characters, clothes, and even plots of land.

In this post, we'll take a look at five different blockchain games with a focus on engaging gameplay.

1. Arker: The Legend of Ohm

Arker: The Legend of Ohmis an online game with Play-to-Earn elements. Players control a hero who has a pet friend. Both PVP and PVE modes are included in the game, in which players will compete for dominance over the kingdom of Ohm.

Individual towns and equipment will be available to each player, with the ability to be customized with cosmetic enhancements. The settlement's mining regions, which will play a major role in the Arker 3D metaverse, are also available for rent. In the course of validating transactions on the Binance blockchain, Arker mining will provide participants with the opportunity to get returns and profits in the form of tokens.

As players go through the game, they may gather in-game items that offer the hero more life or energy during battle. Every hero will be able to customize their appearance by wearing a helmet, body armor, a weapon, or boots. Furthermore, players will be able to breed their in-game pets.

2. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is generally expected to establish a new standard in the play-to-earn space by combining massive space exploration, carefully crafted strategic gameplay, and top-quality visuals to generate what may be the first AAA-grade blockchain game.

Space exploration, mining, and development are the main themes of the game. As they travel around the cosmos, players may customize their ships, crew, and avatars, as well as build up mining operations. Ships also have warfare capabilities, letting their owners compete in PvP and maybe PvE fights for resources and control of various sectors.

The majority of in-game assets will be recorded as NFTs on the blockchain and tradeable on the Star Atlas marketplace. Some of the goods will be edible. Some fundamental game features, including the Star Atlas marketplace, in-game inventory (wallet), and factions, are currently available, but the entire game is anticipated to open in late 2022.

3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a voxel-style game with in-game NFT assets. It has swiftly grown in popularity as a 3D virtual reality crypto game that puts its twist on the standard Decentraland idea. SAND is the in-game money that may be used to purchase and sell virtual land. Because the number of plots accessible is now restricted to 166,464, demand for plots has soared, as has the value of those already held.

The visuals and interface are in block style, similar to the blockbuster classic Minecraft. The gameplay consists of doing in-game chores to acquire items and exchange land. Players may pick their unique approach to monetize their games thanks to a variety of earning options, giving them more flexibility than other P2E alternatives.

SAND also works as a voting-rights token in addition to being the in-game cash. It allows holders to vote on the platform's future direction.

4. Faraland

Faraland is a role-playing game (RPG) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where players can control different collectible characters. Faraland is billed as BSC's largest war game and has a diverse cast of characters and races, including humans, orcs, angels, dragonborns, demons, elves, and fairies. Strength, agility, intellect, and luck are all distinct attributes and metrics for each of them.

The visuals of the game are basic 2D motions with text indicating the outcomes of each action. Faraland allows players to assemble a team of characters and travel across the globe completing battles and quests. When you visit a certain location on the map, you may also choose from a variety of activities for your characters to partake in, adding to the roleplay elements of the game.

5. DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a retro/pixel-style game that takes a new approach to the plots of NFT land that can be found in many NFT games. DeFi Kingdoms makes use of the JEWEL token to allow players to purchase in-game heroes, kingdoms, goods, and other game elements. Unlike other NFT games, JEWEL may be used for staking, liquidity mining, and governance, making it a versatile token for individuals wishing to own a crypto asset that can be utilized outside of the game.

If you've ever played video games with markets, you're in for a treat. You may easily trade tokens in the in-game market. You may also acquire xJEWEL shares in the game's bank, which should increase in value over time.

There's also the game, which includes gardening, mining, fishing, foraging, vocations, missions, summoning, leveling up, and more. DeFi Kingdoms has gotten a lot of attention because of its unique position in the NFT gaming industry.


NFT games are still in their early stages. It's hardly unexpected that many people believe NFT games will take over the world, given their popularity and the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in them. Many people who have never heard of crypto before will be exposed to it in a fun way thanks to its appealing game format.

As NFT games continue to expand and improve, even the next generation may get used to crypto as a part of their everyday existence. This list will not look anything like it does now in 2, 5, or 10 years. It'll be fascinating to watch how far NFT games can go when pushed to their limits.