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5 Futuristic Jobs of The Metaverse

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Into landscapes of the internet.

The metaverse is here, and it’s not only changing the way you work with virtual meetings and collaborative workspaces, but it’s also introducing entirely new careers that seem like they belong better in a science fiction novel. The infinite possibilities of the metaverse will produce boundless new jobs, in the same way, the internet did over 30 years ago. Here are five metaverse jobs you may come across a job listing for in the near future.

Metaverse Stylist

Since your avatar is essentially a reflection of yourself, to some extent, and with so many metaverse companies creating custom avatars & augmented reality clothing, a metaverse stylist will likely be a very in-demand job. IMVU, a metaverse social network that grew by 44% the past year, allows its users to create avatars and dress them virtually with digital clothing created by designers.

Real-life brands like Gypsy Sport and Collina Strada are already engaging with customers in IMVU, and the site hosted the metaverse’s first fashion show earlier this year.

Companies like RTFKT, which has been described as the “Supreme of the metaverse,” and DressX, one of the first digital-only stores in Metajuku, a shopping district in Decentraland, are making digital clothing as coveted as any brand makes in the real world. Metaverse stylists will be like the personal shoppers and stylists that the real world currently has. They’ll be there with you when you stroll through a shopping district in your virtual world and purchase your NFT based fashion. They’ll shop for you to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest digital clothing drop, and they’ll let you know what’s in season and what’s out of season. After all, the metaverse is somewhere you can be anything you want and dress any way you want.

Metaverse Asset Advisor

With so many companies entering the metaverse and the explosion of NFTs, a metaverse asset advisor will be one of the most sought-after jobs in the metaverse. The advisor, much like a financial advisor today, will be able to suggest which assets in the metaverse make for sound investments. Should you invest in virtual real estate on Upland or Cryptovoxels, or Somnium Space? Should you purchase a CryptoPunk (like Visa just did), or does it make more sense for you to put your money into one of the blockchains that power the metaverse, like Ethereum or Solana.

Gucci partnered with Roblox and released a virtual handbag that sold for more than the retail price of the physical handbag, and Atari recently announced that it’s creating its own blockchain-based virtual world.

A metaverse asset advisor will have their pulse on the industry and these kinds of movements and be able to help you shift your investments around to find the best returns.

Metaverse Tour Guide

With an endless amount of possible environments to explore, your stay in the metaverse won’t be complete without the expertise of a metaverse tour guide. Your metaverse tour guide will jump with you from environment to environment, giving you insider knowledge on the rich history of the platform you’re in, unlock exclusive experiences, and perhaps even spend some time with you while you browse the Museum of Crypto Art.

These will likely be freelance positions for hire, much like the tour guides of the real world, or may even be employed by the blockchains or virtual worlds themselves as they build out an ever-increasing immersive environment. Of course, metaverse tours will likely come complete with their very own NFT tour tickets.

Metaverse Lawyer

The NFT boom of 2021 opened a door for digital artists, creators, musicians, athletes, & much more. It also accelerated another industry: metaverse law. With so much movement happening in the metaverse and with alternative asset classes, it’s clear the legal landscape needs to be able to adapt just as fast. Who truly owns an NFT? What about the copyright issues associated with digital art? Does trademark law apply to a virtual world built on Ethereum? Can you include an NFT in your will? Will your beneficiary have to pay taxes on it? These are all questions that a good metaverse lawyer will be able to answer.

A law firm even opened up a virtual location within Decentraland, a first-of-its-kind initiative.

Metaverse Marketer

A job title that seems to have popped up within the last few years is “Chief Meme Officer” - essentially someone who has their pulse on fast-moving internet culture and who will be able to strategize with a company on how to best connect their brand with their audiences. A metaverse marketer or even a Chief Metaverse Officer will do the same, but with the complex worlds of the metaverse.

Your brand will likely need to purchase billboard space in a virtual world, will need to engage with fans on a platform like Discord, and will want to collaborate with a company like Jadu or The Fabricant in creating virtual assets. They’ll be the bridge between physical companies and both augmented reality and virtual reality. A metaverse marketer will launch complex and creative advertising campaigns that blur the lines between the physical and digital. Your favorite artist will soon be (or maybe already has) performing an exclusive virtual concert in the metaverse, complete with virtual clothing that only attendees could purchase via limited drops. A metaverse marketer will be the creative force behind all of these campaigns and brand activations. There are now many different metaverse resources if you’re looking to enter the metaverse in some way shape or form.


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